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Big Brother 15 – Tuesday Updates

bb15-elissa-listeningI want to make a quick correction from my last post.  I said that Elissa came up with the plan, but I missed the flashback around 10:20pm that had Amanda talking to Elissa and proposing the option.  A lot of people are pointing out how Elissa agreed to the deal after her DR session, and I don’t think that’s coincidence either. Listening to Elissa talk to McCrae last night, she is pretty clueless and scared at this point.   I am pretty sure everyone in the house dissects every question thrown to them in each DR session, and it can influence decisions whether intended or not.

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That said, the skeptic inside me says the DR could also ask questions knowing it could manipulate the game, but that’s because I know they have their own interests in mind.  Every TV show wants and needs ratings, and pushing someone like Elissa and Amanda further in the game is a lot better than a GM and Spencer.   Those two in the finals would be like Carolina vs Jacksonville in the Super Bowl (no offense to fans of those teams… all 5 of you – just kidding).

Anyway, not to keep talking about my personal opinion.  I just know if I were in the Big Brother house for 2+ months with people who would like nothing more than to see me walk out the door, I would be in the DR as often as possible trying to pick up any hints or clues I could.  Of course, I’d probably pick up on the wrong stuff and get myself evicted, but that’s why I write about the show instead of compete in it.

Here are the updates:

11:45am – Everyone is still sleeping.  Shocker?  Nope.

12:40pm – Sleep City, USA… aka the Big Brother house

12:55pm – GinaMarie is up and putting on makeup.  I think I should wait a few hours for something interesting to happen.

1:44pm – Elissa has a small talk with Andy in the kitchen about the plans to vote out Spencer.  I can’t believe they don’t see how different Andy acts when he talks about stuff he doesn’t want to do.  He walks away from conversations, gets quiet, etc.

2:23pm – Indoor lock-down.  Elissa and GinaMarie think it’s weird, and it kind of is.  My guess is it will open in a few hours with an HoH thing to practice

The house randomly giving shout-outs to Howard and Aaryn for their birthday today.

2:45pm – McCrae and his new bff Elissa are chatting it up about Thursday.  All of it will be for nothing when Andy sticks with the pest control


Amanda and Elissa then exchange some jewelry as collateral to show they’re being honest about the week.  They hug and separate.  Amanda plans to show Andy it so he can see it’s really happening.

2:55pm – Amanda about Andy – “After everything I did for that f’in kid he better f’in vote for me” … sounds like they know where the leak will be if Amanda goes home.

Judd is wondering if there will be an early eviction this week, but McCrae tells him that’s typically final 4 and Amanda hasn’t received her suitcase yet.

3:00pm – Meeting of the exterminators, but GM has been called to the DR.  I have a feeling both sides are going to worry about Andy this week.  He is the person who will change the outcome of the rest of the season.

3:05pm – Judd hints the DR had influence.  Trying to decipher his mumble ‘She has different ideas every time she comes out of there’. Spencer is worried about Judd’s loyalty… this alliance would last 2 weeks tops if it started at the beginning of the season.  Too much paranoia.

3:15pm – Meetings broke up, Elissa is doing yoga while sounding like Darth Vader, some are eating.  Speaking of eating, be back shortly

3:45pm – Lockdown is over, nothing has changed outside.  The guys discussing Russell Hantz and the flaw in Survivor (and other reality shows) with the bitter jury members.

4:30pm – Andy, McCrae and Amanda are up in the HoH chatting about Thursday.  They are coaching Andy on how to handle a tie (because they think Elissa may be lying)… this should be interesting if Amanda goes and Andy gets off without blame.

5:00pm – Judd mentions how people on Survivor go like 30 days but cry like babies when they see their families, but they’re on day 70+.  McCrae said the living conditions on the island makes it harder, and he said Survivor people probably call them wimps for living in a houses.

5:15pm – Going to take a little break. Something came up.  I will update this thread before I go to bed

8:30pm – Doing a quick check-in.  Amanda is still bff’s with Elissa and chatting game. They don’t think they can trust Andy (which they can’t).  Anyway, have a family issue so updates may be a bit off the next few days but I’ll do my best.

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  1. Comments (41)

    Even if Elissa just gets McCrae fired up thinking Amanda might stay/Andy has finally flipped on them too – then knowing it’s a double eviction works best for her, if he wins HOH she won’t be his first or second thought!! Thursday night is going to be fun!!

    • Comments (86)

      Andy will act like Elissa didn’t vote for her. He will try and be so far up McCrae ass he will be the one kissing Amanda.

    • Comments (3)

      Best strategic game goes to Andy. He has te best skills, socially and mentally. He is probably the best BB player I’ve seen. Boogie didn’t have his wits, Dan didn’t have half his intelligence, Will didn’t have the great timing that Andy has, and Andy wins more than Janielle wins. Best all around BB Player.. Put him in the hall of fame already! That rat [email protected][email protected] deserve some respect. Bow down to ANDY!!!

      • Comments (26)

        Are we sure production isn’t coaching Andy, too?

      • Comments (682)

        Somebody please show 2 minutes of footage to Andy. Monday night, 10:23 PM Camera 2. Elissa has no fear of being evicted because she is certain production would keep her on the show.

        I have no idea what to feel right now. I’m between shock and anger yet leaning in the middle toward disappointed. And now I too feel duped by CBS. 15 seasons and we all knew production was involved in day to day game play but I find myself questioning every season. This is not the first time Elissa (herself) has mentioned production favoring her to remain on the show. So I think back at why Rachel came back for a second show. Of course she did, she was told from the beginning she would make it to the end.
        Rachel whined about not having a job and nobody would hire her (after her first whiny appearance I wouldn’t want that chick in my office). She knew everyone hated her and I wondered why she would come back but thought probably because she nothing else to lose.
        Then she won. Amazing! NOT!
        It’s all clear now.

        Who would give Amanda her WEDDING RINGS??

        I cannot believe this crap!

      • Comments (768)

        I think you’re referring to when Amanda was talking with Elissa when they were laying on the beds? Amanda mentioned that except for her, Elissa would have gone home in the first couple weeks. That’s when Elissa said, they would have just brought me back. I had to rewind it on BBAD to listen to it again. Yep. WTF!!! This has become a game run by production with a bunch of people who think they have some control in the game but in fact are just acting out what production wants to happen.

      • Comments (1076)

        Once I read that the FCC considers BB entertainment programming and it does not have to abide by the laws of game show programing I knew the jig was up. The producers of this show can do whatever they want to manipulate the outcome and they are not legally bound to do otherwise. I am now glad that I have remained objective and did not get emotionally invested in game play. I would have felt betrayed if I had gotten all worked up about this crap.

      • Comments (226)

        I struggle with this too, but since BB has all of the power, is it really wrong if they do influence the game? Dunno. I felt it the season that Jeff got the coup d’ta and this year they all keep openly talking about it…

      • Comments (1437)

        Yup – something has got to be up w/CBS production and Amanda/Elissa. Unless she is psychotic, the only way she would give Amanda her wedding rings and vote to keep her is by getting some kind of deal w/the Big Brother crew.
        Sooooooo disappointing. I guess that’s why it’s considered “entertainment” and not reality. Screw you Les Moonves and Julie Chen!!

      • Comments (18)

        this is worth reading again….
        A “game show” in which selected contestants (vs. members of the
        public) participate is governed by Section 509 of Title 47 of the
        United States Code (USC), and regulated by the Department of Justice.
        However ”Big Brother” does not appear to meet the definition of a
        “game show.” Rather, it is a ”for entertainment only” program,
        somewhat similar to professional wrestling in that it is a
        pseudo-contest in which the outcome is fully, or in some measure,

      • Comments (20)

        I agree, whether u like Andy’s strategy or not it’s worked! He is pretty good friends with everyone , doesn’t have to be any good at comps, has basically had no power, yet…..he’s still there and going strong. Like him or hate him his strategy works.

    • Comments (30)

      oh gosh i so hope that’s what is up her sleeve…. i will never watch BB ever again if amanda stays… take that shit to the bank

  2. Comments (357)

    I do not! I repeat….do NOT….want Amanda to stay another week! I am emotionally drained by her antics, crying, and behavior. PLEASE Elissa…don’t give her your vote to stay!

    • Comments (1437)

      If Elissa votes to keep Amanda she can kiss her “America’s favorite” prize goodbye. Sorry, Brenchel doesn’t have enough fans to outnumber the amount of Amanda haters.
      And, if she votes for her to stay Elissa will deserve it when Amanda goes manic again and starts berating her.
      Yup, Elissa has traded her vitue, morality and pride for $$ and camera time.
      I knew she would – not really sure if she had them in the first place.

      • Comments (41)

        Even if Elissa votes for her to stay though Andy won’t – that is why I think it’s a win/win for Elissa. Not because Amanda will stay but she will have exposed Andy to Amanda and McCrae and potentially swayed two jurors in her favor. Amanda will go Thurs I think for sure 🙂 Elissa is just realizing with a double eviction she has 3 people for sure playing for HOH that will prob come after her – why not try and get 1 person to focus on the others?!?

      • Comments (82)

        Yeah I think you are hitting the nail on the head. I am an Amanda fan….I know BOOOOOO me. Wait, I was going to say Elissa is thinking of voting Amanda to stay knowing Andy won’t…but I guess she doesn’t know that for sure, as she isn’t in the exterminators. Hmmm….so who knows, maybe Elissa is serious about it. Hard to say I guess. But to read this and think Amanda even has a shot in hell to stay is amazing. I would love her to escape once again muahahahaha…thats my evil laugh. 😉 Alright, I have babbbled enough. Good day.

      • Comments (293)

        The only way Amanda stays is if Andy AND Elissa vote out Spencer. Andy says he’s not doing that. He is voting against Amanda. However, Andy is going to tell McCrae and Amanda that Elissa voted against Amanda. Andy’s sure they will believe him because Andy has not betrayed them (as far as they know).

        Elissa’s best option is to vote against Amanda and that will expose Andy to McCrae and Amanda and help Elissa with the jury. McCrae and Amanda will feel more betrayed by Andy than they would by Elissa.

      • Comments (11)

        That would be the PERFECT plan! Two things must happen in this game: Amanda needs to leave. Andy (the rat) needs to get exposed, can’t stand him.
        Go Judd go!

      • Comments (26)

        Well, then Elissa should say that she doesn’t want to cast her vote in private and say she wants to cast it right there in front of all.

      • Comments (120)

        YES YES YES

      • Comments (1288)

        They will know if Andy has doublecrossed them, Elissa and Amanda have exchanged rings to show they are going to work together through the double eviction.

      • Comments (293)

        That exchange of rings is as binding to Amanda as her and McCraes mock wedding vows.

      • Comments (1437)

        Maybe “Andy the rat” should now be changed to “Elissa the rat.”
        So much for avenging Amanda’s eviction of Helen. Aaryn was HOH that week, but we all know who was behind it.
        Helen who??
        I hope Elissa votes to keep Amanda, Andy does not, and GM breaks the tie and sends Amanda packing. Can’t wait to see the look on Elissa’s face when she realizes that she really [email protected]&ed that one up!!

      • Comments (651)

        Then comes the 2nd eviction. GM can’t play for HoH and McStinky knows that it was Rat Dog that turned and will be gunning for him. So in HoH comp McStinky/Rat Dog/Perv/Judd/Elissa.

      • Comments (1076)

        Production will make sure GM picks Spencer to go home.

      • Comments (21)


      • Comments (124)

        What are you talking about? This game is about getting to the end and winning a half million $ … It’s not a game to determine who is the most moral, etc. The girl is going to do what she needs to do.

    • Comments (624)

      I hope Elissa’s just blankly agreeing (without really meaning it) to whatever MC is bugging her about just so they’ll shut up.

      • Comments (682)

        Well then how does she get her rings back?

      • Comments (4314)

        Who says they are her REAL wedding rings? My neighbor had 2 sets of rings, her real set and a set with fake diamonds. I asked her why. She said that when she travels or goes on vacation, she wears her fake set in case she loses them, she doesn’t mind because her real set is at home. Maybe Elissa did the same thing. Who knows, she didn’t know any of the people in that house, there may have been thieves in there. Just a thought.

    • Comments (120)



  3. Comments (74)

    The double eviction is definitely going to be fun to watch because by then, nobody is going to trust anybody else! At least, Elissa confused them all. I can’t imagine how their minds are going to start twisting around when they wake up sober! Fun! Fun! Fun!

    • Comments (1437)

      Elissa hasn’t confused anyone – Andy’s told Judd, Spencer and GM what Elissa’s plan is to vote out Spencer.
      All she has done is put a giant target on her back. McCrae will believe Andy and Elissa will be alone in the house and have a giant target on her back. Better hope she wins HOH. Her deal was made with AMANDA – I doubt McCrae would stick with her over Andy and the rest.
      She shouldn’t have made up her mind so fast and run to Amanda with a deal. She should have thought it over for 24 hours.
      But that’s how Elissa’s mind works – they have all talked about how she makes up her mind and sometimes it doesn’t make any sense.

      • Comments (1437)

        Wait…now I’m assuming that Big Brother will rig the next HOH for Elissa to win it.
        Any bet takers out there??

  4. Comments (1)

    Amanda might be mean but at less she knows how to strategize and save her own ass. I rather go for less Evil Amanda than a Super Evil/rat Andy who’s hiding in an image of a meek lamb. Sooner or later his double crosser character will be revealed. I can’t wait to see him outside ofBig brother house so he will find out the effect of his bad behavior. I feel so sad for all student that he will handle in his own class. Andy should be fired from his job because what his showing in BBH is not a very good example for the new generation. ShaMe on You Andy the RAT without a tail!

    • Comments (226)

      Way harsh, Tai! The one thing about Andy is that this has been his strategy from the start. He may be a rat, but he has been game playing the whole time. Doesn’t mean he’s that way in real life.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see his double agent-ness exposed as much as anyone but its a strategy, just different than Amanda’s.

      • Comments (1437)

        And I don’t recall Andy’s strategy involving going after anyone on a personal level or being a bigot.
        You can dislike his strategy, but he is playing the game and not getting personal.

      • Comments (651)

        Well Rat Dog stood by and laughed at all the racist comments, the talk about killing and raping other HGs, and last night GM was talking about Elissa’s son skin color and Rat Dog didn’t say anything.

        Judd told GM a couple of times to stop it but not Rat Dog–the educator. And let’s not forget he has talked about punching Elissa in the face several times. Though I don’t think Rat Dog has the guts.

      • Comments (30)

        Laughing at their racist words, makes him just as bad. There comes a time when you have too stand up for whats right.

      • Comments (302)

        Right you are Jackie & Michelle – Freakin’ little rat has gone overboard bashing Elissa. I’m no fan of Amanda but Andy bugs me more than anyone in the house. He sucks as a liar because he has to repeat everything 20 teimes. Why doesn’t Amanda get a little suspicious when he keeps saying if the vote is tied it’s Elissa not him that’s the rat. He spends way more times with the other half of the house than he ever does with Elissa and McCranda .. shouldn’t that be a warning signal? I want this rat crushed!

      • Comments (1076)

        He’s also used the c word a few times. Charming.

      • Comments (1162)

        I think calling Elissa a C**t is going after someone
        on a personal level.

      • Comments (226)

        The c word is inexcusable. There was no reason for the bashing that was done. I don’t recall past seasons being this mean to each other!

      • Comments (7)

        no Andy just does his attacks behind their backs (all the mean things he said about them to others) at least Amanda makes no qualms about saying it to ur face

    • Comments (2)

      Just wait until they all get out and find out most of them have lost their jobs over their behaviors.. wish we could see that

  5. Comments (56)

    Thank you Steve for making this old lady feel like she is not going crazy and hearing voices that are not there.

    • Comments (357)

      Gotta love your comments sizzors. LOL!

      • Comments (56)

        I realize I’m exchanging ideas with people on the “confuzzer” and the mere hint that I may have “made up” games play about a TV show scared the crap out of me! Need to see the doc soon…..Reminder to self…make appointment.

      • Comments (1162)

        LOL – Your “doc” might be posting here, too.

      • Comments (56)

        I used a fake name….but thanks for heads up…I’ll look out for him…..He’ll use “take two” or “call me in the morning” or “do you have your insurance card..”

      • Comments (1076)

        Really? I thought you were my old girlfriend from public school, sizzors Rosenberg.

  6. Comments (6)

    I can’t believe Elissa is even considering saving Amanda!! I didn’t think this show was rigged but if this happens, I’ll beleive it!!

  7. Comments (610)

    I sure hope we the viewers & fans aren’t blindsided on Thursday!

  8. Comments (41)

    * A good chess strategy is to Avoid Making Exchanges which Develop Another Piece for the Opponent. *
    Long term people… it’s all about who will help/hurt me next HOH (double eviction happens very fast) and who will help me in the jury at this point!

    • Comments (610)

      Interesting article, but for some reason I see “PR damage control” written all over it. CBS only included the racist etal comments after the backlash from what the Live Feeds had shown and due to BB fan outrage. Otherwise it would have been swept under the rug. (Oh, Aaryn’s mom, don’t forget there is also You Tube so don’t forget to include them in your PR campaign).

    • Comments (651)

      Yep yep yep…that PR firm is trying really hard to deflect from Aaryn and on to CBS. So I guess the family is getting their monies worth.

    • Comments (293)

      Gries attended her senior prom with an African American man, “one of her closest friends through high school,” Owens wrote.

      A blond beauty queen went to the prom with her friend, a black man. What’s wrong with this picture? Couldn’t she get a date? Oh, maybe he couldn’t get a date and she did him a favor.

      • Comments (158)

        “A blond beauty queen went to the prom with her friend, a black man. What’s wrong with this picture?”

        That statement right there is just as racist as anything that Aaryn has said.

      • Comments (293)

        How so?

      • Comments (12)

        Because your statement indicates you think there is something wrong and unusual about “the blond and the black man” going to the prom together. Why else woul you be questioning it?

      • Comments (293)

        You bring your assumptions to my comment. Your reaction to what I say exposes your thoughts and feelings.

        There is nothing in my comment to signify I think it is unusual for a blond and a black man to go to the prom together. (BTW, some black women are blond.)

        Generally (not always), a person goes to a prom with a friend or relative when no one asks him or her.

        Generally (not always), a blond, beauty queen would have no problem getting a prom date because blond beauties are highly favored.

        So if a blond beauty goes to the prom with a friend, I wonder why.

        If a blond beauty goes to the prom with a black friend in a predominantly white school, I wonder why.

        If a blond beauty goes to the prom with a black friend when her friends are predominantly white, I wonder why.

        If you believe my wonderment is racist, you don’t know what racist means.

      • Comments (12)

        Really. Look back at your own comment and think about what you actually said. “Couldn’t she get a date?” Why ask that? Who cares who she goes to the prom with? What makes you even contemplate that?

      • Comments (1076)

        Shirley, I advise you to stop talking. Your statement was racist and your explanation is ridiculous. Please, STFU for your own good. You still did not explain the “what’s wrong with this picture” part of your statement. If you meant why did she go with a friend why didn’t you say exactly that?. I am waiting for you to say “some of my best friends are black”. A word to the wise, try proofreading your comments or learn how to express yourself in a clearer fashion. The way some of you mangle the English language just baffles me.

      • Comments (1)

        What does being a blonde bombshell have to do with anything? This whole comment and reply are racist! who cares who anyone went to prom with? Black, yellow, blue, white, brown, who gives a sh*t?! It’s 2013! Get over the the racist BS! The white race is the minority now anyway! So going to the Prom with a black man is an honor for the “Dumb Blonde Bombshell” and yes I said Dumb! Just like your stupid comment! Predominantly white school? Really? Get over yourself and off that high horse and smell the coffee idiot! You should really learn what life is REALLY about!

  9. Comments (5)

    I think is a GREAT game move by Elissa! With no pressure from production. And I believe that even if Amanda does leave Thursday then Elissa and mccrae could possibly work together and possibly be inal two because the way this game is going right now we’re looking at the final two being Andy and spencer with a Judd in third! So Elissa and mccrae PLEASE work together

  10. Comments (2)

    Amanda has to go!! She is the most childish immature person their has ever been on this show. I’m not sure if she thinks its cute to BULLY someone, but think about what type of role model your being on the show not only to the young people, but everyone else watching. I will enjoy the show much more after she is GONE!!!

  11. Comments (57)

    I don’t think CBS can deny that this year was a total stinker. It started off really well with the (unfortunate) controversies and some surprise evictions. Then it all hit the fan. MVP was quickly proven to be a bad idea. The house began voting unanimously. And the most hated players were nearing the end without a clear person to root for.

    I think the Golden Power of Veto needs to be scaled down to just the regular Power of Veto. This way, alliances will think twice about using it and a sacrificing themselves, causing alliances to shift and change more.

    • Comments (1288)

      The season has not been a stinker according to the ratings – and that is where CBS really cares.

      • Comments (110)

        The ratings in the TV guide shows it at number 9 when they used to be
        in the very top of the ratings like Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday
        show now the ratings show just Sunday show in the top ten and it is
        number 9 so what do you say about that you pro Amanda.

      • Comments (1288)

        TV Guide? Really? I am OK referencing the ratings compilation at the Wiki page:


        BB has consistently been 1 or 2 in its timeslot and has been the #1 show for the overall night a number of times.

        I am pro “good strategic” play so yes, I have been admiring Amanda’s, McCrae’s and Andy’s play so far. It is also nice to see Elissa finally make a move that makes sense.

        show show show [I just decided to add all my extra words at the end.]

      • Comments (233)

        When it’s this late in the game and the cast is mainly people we wouldn’t give the time of day in real life, Elissa is going to have to align with the people she’s tried to avoid throughout the game. The Exterminator alliance wants her out anyway, so why should she be loyal to them when they’re trashing her behind her back? Backstabbing her when she’s been loyal and really trashing her now that she may flip…that’s not very smart of them. Elissa may not get much farther, but at least she isn’t staying in her room anymore to avoid the trashy players. Those saying she is throwing away her morals just don’t get the idea of the game. You can play strategically without sinking to the level of racism, etc. Game on!!

  12. Comments (82)

    I commented on Sunday or Mondays thread, that CBS needs to figure something out to somehow keep Amanda. I guarentee ALOT of their ratings at this point are in fact Amanda haters. Steve you are exactly right, I said that watching the floaters the next 3 weeks being nice to each other and boring as hell will kill the ratings/feeds….well lets just say MONEY to CBS. I am personally an Amanda fan, have been since week 1. She is good for TV, she honestly is the only HG that has done anything to make this season interesting. From her antics in the DR, to her outgoing personality….then for the haters all the things she had said and done, or her Evil Dick method of playing the game at times. So I am sure CBS is hinting things to the HGs to sway their opinions maybe….and hopefully they continue to do so. Rigged….no….smart business….yes. Have a good day.

    • Comments (316)

      I couldn’t agree more Kurtis. She is a good game player and after all, this is a game.

      • Comments (57)

        So game play outweighs atrocious behavior? No wonder society is so horrid. We are willing to reward the wrong thing.

      • Comments (316)

        A lot of the remaining players have said horrible things. My suggestion is that they cast better people next time. This whole season sort of stinks but it is what it is.

      • Comments (45)

        Yep, this cast is really crappy!! I agree with Stevebeans that having GM and Spencer in the final 2 would be boring and bad. I hope Amanda gets to stay.

      • Comments (120)


      • Comments (1076)

        Are you deaf?

      • Comments (82)

        This isn’t the real world Fred! Its the BB house. Guest after guest, year after year has lied, cheated or worse to remain in the game. People that outside of the BB house wouldn’t do these things. SO yes, in this case money goes to someone with atrocious behavior but happened to play a killer game…then so be it. In the REAL world Amanda is probably not as bad as she has portrayed on TV, and in the REAL world most of us would not condone atrocious behavior. This is a GAME. Amanda and Aaryn were the best gameplayers BY are in that house…and should be rewarded accordingly for that gameplay. But, this is BB and often times the best players don’t win…they are evicted because the other HGs know they are the best. Anyways, have a good day.

      • Comments (52)

        Sorry, but most of the opinions of Amanda here are NOT “how she is portrayed on TV”, these opinions come from 24/7 live feeds – and NO ONE, especially Amanda, can deny their true nature 24/7 for more than 90 days. You’re seeing (and/or reading about) the REAL AMANDA.

      • Comments (57)

        Tell that to those offended by the racial slurs and the bullying.

      • Comments (1076)

        I think it was Idi Amin who was the first to claim he was edited poorly.

      • Comments (1288)

        OK, I laughed.

        But I thought it was Nixon.

      • Comments (224)

        You can’t be that offended if you’re still watching the show that had all those racial slurs and bullying. The more you watch it, the more you contribute to it.

      • Comments (82)

        Thanks yearbooks, not many agree with my posts on here once I say I am Team Amanda….even if my post makes sense haha. She has played a great game. But she might have gone too balls to the wall too early. She may use people to get her wishes with evictions and stuff, but at the same time she is, and has been loyal to the people she aligned with. She turned on the somewhat Helen deal, but we and everyone knew that had come down to who strikes first…and Amanda did. She has done everything she can to protect Andy and Aaryn the past several weeks. Devising plans to keep them there, the GM on the block plan failed but she tried. She may say dumb things, or act a fool sometimes..but she plays a solid game, and is loyal to her people as long as possible. GO AMANDA!!!! Convince Andy to keep you, Elissa vote to keep her….and BOOM….win this thing! (one can hope, I know she is leaving Thursday, but come on…humor me….)

      • Comments (682)

        I think Amanda COULD have played a great game. Instead she blew it with the personal attacks and bullying.

      • Comments (7)

        I must be watching a whole other BB than you. To say Amanda “may say dumb things, or act a fool sometimes” is pretty much saying It’s All Good ; it doesn’t matter how nasty you talk, look or act; or how much you bully and threaten people, It’s not like people will judge you for it. Oh wait, it is exactly like that.

    • Comments (74)

      I don’t really think there are any ‘floaters’ left this year. These guys are fighting to get to the end! I’d say the last ‘floater’ was Jessie. Everybody else has won and/or strategized to stay in the house pretty hard!!…

    • Comments (17)

      She still could have been a good game player without being so absolutely disgusting! There was no need for the things she has said & done! She is a bully & a cry baby with a filthy, ignorant mouth. She is a racist & a hater! It wasn’t necessary for her game, nobody can “act” that way unless they truly feel it..

  13. Comments (166)

    When are ANY or ALL of the HG going to out Andy..my gosh its soo apparent & soo obvious how he fades right out & high tails it to the other side, how has he NEVER been caught..when is someone going to follow him & call him out & catch him in the act..he will piss down both legs & turn 50 shades of red!!

    I’m soo ready for Ratny to get busted!!!

    • Comments (11)

      I think that’ll happen as soon as Amanda leaves. The HGs have bigger fish to fry right now. Andy will get exposed when he votes against Amanda. He’ll become MC’s target. Can’t wait for Thursday night.

    • Comments (90)

      this one (posted in different thread here) is better:

      • Comments (166)

        Wow Susie what an incredible video to watch..thanks for posting it!

      • Comments (90)

        you’re most welcome.

        I don’t get the live feeds and can’t even watch After Dark via my cable system. (figured there had to be other fans here in the same boat, so love to share whatever.)

      • Comments (87)

        I love how Andy tells Spenser and GM they cannot say a word to anyone… because of they will- he should know that better then anyone…he he re-tells everything he is told in confidence.. he truly is a rat

      • Comments (55)

        My mistake on my post earlier to this feed. Just listened again and Elissa didn’t swear to God. She said “I’m on board, you are safe”. Amanda said swear to God.

      • Comments (23)

        Wow, if this doesn’t show Andy’s rat face I don’t know what does. He’s planning to “frame” Elissa? What a creep! I hope it all backfires on him!

    • Comments (17)

      No longer available. What was it??

      • Comments (90)

        It was a shorter version of the vid posted below it.
        I think both were from the After Dark show..or perhaps the shorter, now-deleted one might have been from live feeds.

  14. Comments (8)

    To begin, please forgive the posting name. It was meant to be sarcastic but also a possibility if the Rat is not exposed soon.

    If Elissa’s hidden agenda with this “save Amanduh” ploy is to expose the Rat, it will only work if she doesn’t vote for Amanduh either. That way, with only McPussy voting for his skank to stay, it will be obvious to McRanda who the Rat really is. The Rat plans to “frame” Elissa by claiming her vote as his so what can he do if she votes to evict Amanduh? Two less jury votes for the Rat!!!!!

    • Comments (682)

      It really only works if she tells someone else in the house what her plan is before she does it.
      I thought it might be a ploy too until the ring exchange. Unless she brought in phony rings just for this purpose, which I highly doubt.

  15. Comments (1)

    Rumor on other pages Amanda won Diamond veto when they were popping balloons and she uses it and Elissa is put up…. any one know if there is truth on that?

    • Comments (1162)

      Rumor –

      When the HGs began the Busting Ballon Comp – they were told there was
      ONE PRIZE in the mix. $10,000 for the HG who could find the 3 wooden
      tokens required. Spencer won the One and Only Prize.

      IF there had been any other prize(s) to be found, Production would have
      given the HGs some hints and the hunt would have continued even
      after Spencer won.

    • Comments (82)

      That can’t be true. Amanda is begging to stay, and she is crying alot for a person that has a diamond veto. That would be awesome though!

    • Comments (1076)

      There’s a rumor that Angela Lansbury is having an affair with Catherine Deneuve and every time Catherine says Jete d’Adore Angela says the door is already closed.

  16. Comments (651)

    I’ve been thinking about this. If Elissa gives Demanda her wedding rings to hold and production has Elissa vote last. Elissa can leave the DR and walk to Demanda and with her hand out and say “I kept my part of the deal” turn to Rat Dog and say “let’s see if he kept his”

    Demanda gone, Rat Dog at the top of McStinky’s eviction list and Elissa safe from McStinky if he wins HoH.

    I’m trying to think of ANYTHING that would make sense and still get Demanda out of the house.

  17. Comments (651)

    1:28 PM GM requested to head to the HOH bedroom by BB. She opens the door and says, “yay”.

    Oh NO!! What now? What? What? What?

    • Comments (90)

      thanks so much to everyone who posts updates, especially steve beans,of course! 🙂

      am guessing GM got Pandora’s box.

    • Comments (56)

      I’m having a beer, outside on the deck with dogs….before I look to see what has happened…Jackie, you know what they say about the messenger? Even Steve flinched in telling us Amanda won the veto while on the block….

      • Comments (651)

        This may be the final straw for me. I’m not sure if this will be my last BB day or not. Will see what production has done before I decide but between the casting and all the DR interference, I just don’t think I can bring myself to watch anymore.

      • Comments (166)

        Jackie hang in there..we’ve all made it this far lets see this thing to the end!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Oh Lassie, please come home….

  18. Comments (651)

    When GM was called to HoH, Elissa was called to DR.

  19. Comments (90)

    OK, fans, wth is this?

    Video showing Helen quitting the comp to re-enter the house..because BB wanted Judd???



  20. Comments (651)

    okay someone posted the other day about having AT&T and he was going thru his channel guide and Thursday BB said Demanda and Elissa on the block head to head. That was like Sunday so if this does happen, everyone needs to re-think watching BB because that means it’s not a game anymore.

  21. Comments (83)

    I’m telling u if the diary had a long talk with Elissa, Amanda will be staying, this game is so fixed, I can not believe cbs or BB would want a racist big mouth tramp that America wanted gone, to win the game,

  22. Comments (1288)

    Around 1:30 BBT GM was directed to the HoH bedroom, opened the door and said “yay” and then no more camera coverage. Pandora’s Box?

    • Comments (1162)

      Could Be ………

      However, if she had a chance to meet with Nick – an ambulance would
      have been called to the scene. She would have fainted outright or gone
      totally over the top.

  23. Comments (110)

    Don’t get me wrong I do not like Spencer at all because what the things he has said in the house but he ask GM to put him up thinking that he would not be voted off it would be wrong to do somebody that way but if Spencer get
    to stay Thursday then they need to go after Ellissa then McCREA.

  24. Comments (8)

    As much as most of know how Amanda would love for production (or anyone else for that matter) to back door her lol I have a feeling production is going to back door Elissa. Arghhh the things they do for ratings.

  25. Comments (875)

    This plan that Elissa has put forward has all the earmarks of Producer Allison Grodner, & the DR (production.) There is NO viable reason otherwise for Elissa to keep Amanda!

    One positive that may come out of this is Andy being exposed as a RAT/ Double Agent, for McCrae to see.

    • Comments (1162)

      McCrae already knows Rat Andy is good at ratting out other HGS.

      I so very much want to see Rat Andy exposed but if it takes AG and Production
      to put a plan in motion to do this – then these Wuss HGs are 100% Dense
      & totally lacking basic Common Sense.
      Productions hand holding had got to stop.

      Andy told them Spencer & Judd, how he put some of his items in every room
      so he had excuses to enter whenever he wanted to spy.
      Good Grief! Spencer & Judd complimented Andy when this should have been
      a Light Bulb Moment –

      * Hmm – How many times did Rat Andy come into a room where I was having a conversation with
      another HG? He said he was looking for something of his …….. yet when he found
      it, he didn’t leave the room. No, he lingered there for a long time ……….

      • Comments (1076)

        If Andy stays loyal to SP/GM/JU will you all stop calling him names?

      • Comments (302)

        Midwest Middie – I think you hit the nail on the head with “these wuss HGs are 100% Dense and totally lacking basic Common Sense.” Andy is so eager to prove he’s big player in this game he’s been bragging about his rat escapades. Spencer, Judd & Gina Marie are just witless wonders. They even go along with Andy when he wants to make sure whoever goes to jury doesn’t know what a rat he is. They blindly agree as they’re too stupid to realize that would hurt them in the end. He sprints from room to room asking “what are you guys talking about?” ready to immediately rush off to spill the beans. Yo Amanda & McCrae .. if you freakin’ didn’t sleep so much you’d see Andy plotting with Judd and Spencer most of the day(well actually just bad mouthing Amanda & Elissa because they’re too stupid to have an adult conversation).

  26. Comments (45)

    I won’t post the link but there was this woman who went to Mcdonalds and it was too early to serve chicken mcnuggets so she threw a tantrum and hit the workers and broke the window before speeding away. Did anyone see this on youtube? Anyway, this reminds me of some of you posters on this board who don’t get their way and stamp their feet and say they will stop watching the show because the game didn’t turn out their way. C’mon people!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      OMG – I’m on You Tube!!!

      : )

      • Comments (45)

        did you watch it more than once like i did Midwest Middie? That woman was a whackadoo!

      • Comments (1162)

        I just watched it.
        Can you imagine being the driver in the car behind her car?
        I wonder if that driver managed to get her driver’s license.
        Hope so ……..

      • Comments (1162)

        Correction – Car License Plate …….

        See, I’m still shook up from watching that video
        and now I want Chicken McNuggets!

      • Comments (1076)

        This is an old story. The woman got jail time and probation. Her excuse was that she was drunk.

      • Comments (1162)

        There are several YouTube McDonald
        videos showing customer outbursts,
        however this one is only 3 days old.

  27. Comments (8)

    Elissa is just trying to help her cause in the house & jury! I think she knows amanda is leaving & is trying to get mcmanda on her side for the double eviction! Just getting better odds for her & exposing andy in the process & maybe get a few jury votrs out of it! after this Thursday, amanda could leave with andy right after her & McCrae as her ally! If so than Elissa is playing the best game in the house!

    • Comments (651)

      Just had a vision of Demanda watching Rat Dog follow behind her into the jury house. All the others can sit back and watch her go psycho on Rat Dog and just laugh at them both.

  28. Comments (43)

    Do the HG’s know that this week is a double eviction ?

  29. Comments (1288)

    So if Andy goes with The Pests Co, during the DE he has Elissa and McCrae out for his blood while Spencer and Judd have his back[GM cannot compete]. If he sticks with 2AM and Elissa he only has to worry about Judd looking for vengeance while McCranda and Elissa are looking to go after GM and Judd. Plus Judd would not see Andy as the target in any event with McCranda and Elissa standing against him.

    Andy does think things thru so when he sees this I think he will be sending Spencer home. This serves Spencer right for offering himself as the pawn. The Pests Co should have put up Elissa when McCrae came down and drawn the line in the sand between “us” and “them”. Instead they have tried to finesse it and left some options they won’t care for.

  30. Comments (162)

    OMG… If Amanda stays these folks have lost their minds…

  31. Comments (30)

    Omg…..I feel like a fool………..was duped by BB all summer long by production influencing DR sessions which impacted game play WAY too much!!!!!!! I can understand Q and A sessions to hype them up or whatever…….BUT DON’T GIVE THE HGs STRATEGIES ..!!! …….geez…..

  32. Comments (1)

    If any of the houseguests had an ounce of “gameplay” in them, production would not have to step in and “help” the game move along. What gets me is that Andy has been a rat since day 1, and no one has seen it. I won’t threaten to stop watching when Amanda stays on Thursday….(no one wants a Jacksonville Carolina Superbowl, especially CBS). I just won’t be shocked when Amanda and Elissa are the last two contestants left on Finale Night. Or be surprised when next year the “The Power Duos” return. Evil Dick & Danielle, Jeff and Jordin, Amanda and McCrud, Rachel and Elissa just to name a few. The talent pool for this show has gotten shallow just like all other reality shows, and this season has shown it. I just hope that my blind faith that this is truly a reality show won’t be ruined, and Amanduh does go home with Elissa’s wedding rings in her bag. Would like to see Elissa explain THAT when she gets home….”sorry honey, but you know that mean girl that verbally assaulted me and our family for the last 60 days? Well she has my wedding rings because I actually made a deal with her.” pathetic!!!!! Sorry for the essay folks! 😉

  33. Comments (162)

    I agree…Just get rid of the b!?$h and be done with it.. Elissa open ur eyes..

  34. Comments (6)

    UNBELIEVABLE….This new alliance would be great for Elissa’s game but Andy is the one that cannot be trusted and someone and I don’t care who it is…. needs to set up Andy ASAP. This will force him to stick to Elissa’s new alliance. She can then get Judd to secretly work with her to get to the final 2. Did everyone catch GM’s comment about Elissa’s oldest son’s complexion- call it what you want but she is not fooling anybody. CBS would be insane to hand any amount of winnings to the players that have made severe racist comments. Elissa & Judd are the only 2 that have not made any racist remarks….that’s why they deserve to go to the end. C’mon production, if you are secretly telling players anything- please make sure Elissa is informed that Andy is not on board.

  35. Comments (27)

    For some reason I feel Elissa is still setting up Andy even though she handed over some jewlery to Amanda. If she is wealthy she don’t care about it as long as its not her wedding ring. She knows Andy is not going to vote for Amanda which will make him McCrae’s number one target and no others will want to take his place if he gets put up. I also feel Elissa will let GM in on it before they vote and GM gets to say see ya Amanda and Elissa gets her jewlery back.

  36. Comments (1162)

    Amada showed Andy Elissa’s rings.
    He freaked out!

    Later, he cried to GM that Elissa is putting him in a compromising position.

  37. Comments (1)

    Did Elissa give Amanda her wedding ring?? What if they don’t believe that she actually voted after Andy betrays them and leaves the house keeping her wedding ring? A wedding ring is not something to barter with. If she did use it for collateral then that will be her karma.

  38. Comments (3)

    Amanda and Elissa is 100% the best thing to happen to TV! They are the best! And this show is not rigged! I’m too in love with the rehearsed plots and climaxes to believe that it is rigged! This is the best season ever, in terms, of drama, entertainment, and strategy. If you call yourself a fan and call this season boring, you are hiding the impression as a fake fan of the show.

    Have a nice day, good luck to Amanda and McCrae, I hope they win, 500k and 50k respectfully! They definitely deserve it! Big Brother is prob. the most fair reality tv show game there is

  39. Comments (16)

    Hope Andy the rat votes out Amanda then no matter who (not Elissa)wins DE HOH elissa wins POV, Andy gets voted out in DE Thurs, and then Elissa wins final HOH Thurs… Then it will be interesting to see the E bashing turn to E butt kissing. :p

  40. Comments (21)

    If Elissa is fine with Amanda winning than so AM I!! Unless she is hoping to go final 2 with her and is sure shell win most of the votes over Amanda, hmmm delicious!!!!

  41. Comments (88)

    I think it might be Elissas best move to date and in my eyes that’s saying a lot. If I was Elissa I would keep Amanda too. I feel no one can go wrong sitting next to Amanda in the final two. I strongly disagree with a lot of stuff people are say about Elissa. First off I know everyone thinks she has an unfair advantage being Rachel’s sister but that has done nothing but worked against her in the game. Then the mvp twist. yeah it was just given to her but she made bold game change moves with it. the first four leaving blow my away i was positive nick and Jeremy would be there a lot longer. Every power she has got in the house was smart and changed the course of the game. Elissa is nothing like her sister. personality or game wise. so i think people need to stop comparing and focus on Elissa. She is making smart choose unlike 90% of the house. Every calls her dumb but she was the one how sees everything from Amanda running the house to Andy being a rat. she may not be the most social but she has made friends with all the right people in all the right times. She doesn’t have final two deals with everyone in the house. lastly she’s thinking about jury which no one ever does ever. in all the seasons that has always bothered me. its like people you do realize that this people choose who wins so why are out always making so many enemies.

    • Comments (1076)

      It would have been a great move if she had bothered to secure the votes first. Elissa has been treating Andy like dirt since Helen left and JU/GM has no sign that they would vote out SP in favor of AM, so I still don’t understand what she hopes to accomplish.

  42. Comments (4)

    The wedding ring changes EVERYTHING for Andy. There is NO WAY Amanda & McCrea will believe Andy that it was Elissa who voted against Amanda when Amanda is holding her wedding ring. He better hope McCrea doesn’t win HOH…he’ll put up Andy and some other Exterminator… although, then the question is, who do the other Exterminators value more… the ones who are off the block may very well keep Andy because he will have proven his loyalty far more than any of the others… I can’t BELIEVE Amanda would hand over her wedding ring! Maybe production gave her a replacement one to barter with… haha Just kiddin’

  43. Comments (82)

    This would be incredible. Andy may just decide to go back to 2am after seeing this ring. He won’t be able to as easily pawn the vote against Amanda on Elissa. So he may possibly flop again to the other side. If so, Amanda puts another notch in her belt as a great gameplayer, and Elissa also makes a good move as Amanda is loyal, and will then carry her as long as possible until of course everyone has to turn on each other. Not to mention sitting next to Amanda in the final 2? You are almost guaranteed a win, especially since Elissa has won things herself and strategized as well. I know we all look ahead, but just imagine the viewers that only watch the TV show crapping themselves when somehow Amanda stays….haha, much more exciting TV the another Spencer escape from death row. The only thing next is surviving a double eviction, but…only Judd would be playing against 2am + Elissa. Pretty good odds for GM or Judd to go home. Spencer 1st, then GM or Judd…oh how sweet that would be!

    • Comments (316)

      I can almost taste it….,.

    • Comments (82)

      I am pretty confused. I use to post anything good about Amanda and have 20 dislikes within 10 minutes….with maybe 1 or 2 likes (one being mine). I find it interesting that today, I have had more likes on my posts cheering Amanda on. So…..leads to the question, are suddenly more Amanda supporters online….or maybe, just maybe the haters have realized that her staying on the show would be incredible and make for great TV. Hmmm….interesting stuff. I gotta think just as many haters are here, but suddenly secretly…..want Amanda to stay…..

      • Comments (12)

        Cuz we all realized we hate Andy & Spencer even more!

      • Comments (1288)

        Face it, it is the Elissa factor. Previously Elissa has been the target of Amanda so any pro-Amanda comments meet with the grand thumbs down. Now the two are together so you get the thumbs up.

        This is the inverse of comments about that precious little racist GM. Up until last night she was the misunderstood yet rehabilitated spunky girl. Now she has returned to her former status of gutter-mouthed bigoted freak.

  44. Comments (45)

    Thinking back to season 13 isn’t it odd that Shelly of all people was the deciding vote that made Rachel win. They hated each other. I always had in the back of my mind that maybe Shelly was paid off to vote that way because Production didn’t want floater Porshe to win.

  45. Comments (74)

    People complain about how people switch it up or flip flop, but we’re seeing the outside perspective. We wouldn’t know who is lying who is an Andy ~never trust red heads~ just kidding lol. I’d be so paranoid I’d end up isolating myself in a room afraid what I’d say and do would be used against me or twisted.

    I don’t know why Elissa changed it up and sometimes I’m guilty of thinking production has a hand in keeping certain people or making things easy for a fan fav or villain to win for ratings! I like Elissa and want to see her in the F2 with maybe Judd? Or Howard? Oh wait,……. Btw if anybody Googles or Bings Elissa Slater be prepared for a full on nudie of Howard LOL OMG I googled Elissa to see a pic of her an Rachael to see how similar they are and omg whyyyyyyyyy ! I can’t undo that

  46. Comments (4)

    I stole this from someone else on another site – thanks *Pandora*… too good… Scenario 4 would be AWESOME (won’t happen… but it’s fun to imagine)!! LMFAO

    Scenario 1

    Elissa, with help from her sister, brought in fake rings in case she needed to bargain. She does not care what happens to them and votes out Amanda.

    Scenario 2

    McCrea decides it is time for a divorce and assuming that both Andy and Elissa are voting out Spencer, He votes out Amanda to make a tie for GM to decide (and vote out Amanda). He is good with Amanda for jury since she will assume either Elissa or Andy (most likely Elissa) flipped on her.

    Scenario 3

    Same as 2, but Andy votes out Amanda. Now Amanda thinks that both Andy and Elissa flipped on her and has a minor breakdown.

    Scenario 4 (Best)

    Same as 3, but Elissa also votes out Amanda making it a 4 – 0 eviction. McCrea will go into panic mode and Amanda has the major breakdown.

    I really do not believe that Elissa would give up her real rings in any situation. I have a feeling that she just wants to say, as Amanda is walking out the door, “You really did not think I would bring my REAL rings into the BB House did you? You silly girl!

  47. Comments (4)

    Andy is an idiot. If he votes out Spencer, he has a better chance of surviving double elimination. Spencer would be gone. Ginamarie cannot compete for HoH. That would be Judd vs Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Elissa. Judd sucks at comps so any of those four wins HOH puts up Judd and GinaMarie. Vote out GM and Judd is alone next week and will be gone. Like I said, Andy is dumb.

    • Comments (1288)

      Andy has already said that intellectually, voting out Spencer is his best play. Right now he is caught up in the emotions of the game and so is playing emotionally. There is plenty of time before the vote for him to decide if he wants to get closer to the $500k or if he wants to play in a manner that he as a fan would not respect.

  48. Comments (110)

    I think Amanda will go home Thursday this what they want people being scared in the house like Andy and Spencer if production has anything to do with this they wanted Judd back in the house for a reason because fans like him and so do I and he has a chance to win it all so stay off his back he hasn’t done
    anything to anybody like Amanda she is nothing but a b.t.h why would anyone
    want her to stay in that house if Ellissa and Andy flip they are going to be
    in big trouble you can’t trust McCrea and Amanda and just maybe the ring that
    Ellissa gave her wasn’t her real wedding ring and don’t care if she loses it if she is lying to Amanda about keeping her.

  49. Comments (166)

    By no means do I like Amanda at all..but I do like Elissa, with that being said Elissa is like all the other HG in this game, she wants to stay & go as far as she can..she really doesn’t have anyone in the game talking strategy with her..GM, Judd, Spencer & sadly Andy are gunning for her, she will not go far with them, so her only other option is Amanda, McCrae & again Andy..so either way she’s only trying to get farther than 5th place..if she can get to final 3 or 4 who knows she may at least have a chance of getting to finale.

    I hate that Ratny will be the deciding vote, but like someone posted earlier McCrae should believe that Elissa did vote to keep Amanda & that it was Andy that flipped on them!!

    Finally for once in this game Andy will have to pick a side & betray the other side, I’m loving that bcuz this vote will finally out him for the rat that he is!!

  50. Comments (10)

    When did Amanda get married? If it’s just a fake ring why would she care? Therefore she doesn’t have to stick to any plan.

  51. Comments (110)

    To me this isn’t a game because it is unfair I don’t think that CBS know how to play fair they only care about the ratings and how much money they are making with these racist pigs and they don’t care what the fans want writing these comments doesn’t do any good because they don’t read them and they just
    don’t care I guess the only care for racist people and bullies all you
    Amanda and McCrea fans take a hike.

    • Comments (293)

      Interestingly, Julie is on Letterman tonight. I wonder if his questions will be about Big Brother or The Talk.

    • Comments (293)

      Judd says about Amanda: I hate her, I hate Elissa and most of all I hate ghosts.
      A few minutes later, after Andy says Thursday will be rewarding, Judd says, “Unless the ghosts give her a power.”
      Andy says, “They won’t.”

      Are the “ghosts”–the producers?

  52. Comments (82)

    Music to my ears Thursday night? Julie Chen “By a vote of 3 to 1…..Amanda….you are safe, Spencer you have been evicted from the Big Brother house, you have one minute to say your goodbyes and gather your belongings.” Oh the looks of shock and awe in that room!!! BOOM!!!

  53. Comments (407)

    I have a question that may have been answered earlier today, but I have been taking care of my granddaughter and really do not want to go through all these posts. Did anyone know why GM was directed to her HOH bedroom around 1:27pm BBT and when she opened the door she yelled “yay!” This was on jokers. Do you think she may have gotten pandora’s box? If this has been posted, then please just fill me in. Thanks.

  54. Comments (87)

    I think that was the best after dark conversation all season- with Elissa and Amanda…. I hate that Amanda is not onto Andy. I do appreciate how Amanda is right out in your face with what she wants.. as opposed to Andy who smiles and lies to your face..everybody’s face..

    • Comments (1288)

      All of Amanda’s attacks on Elissa last week were part of a plan to keep Andy off the block [he would commiserate and ingratiate himself with Elissa after Amanda upset her]. That attempt did not work and has placed the target on Amanda. She is expecting Andy to repay that loyalty and she may be sadly disappointed.

  55. Comments (293)

    suzyq, there is was no reply button by your card, but I wanted to say this: my best friends are black.

  56. Comments (17)

    I hate her but still think that Amanda has played her own game. YOU know what your physically capable of doing and she knows herself and sees she is not strong enough to win competitions. What to do? What she has done! She can lie like a champ. Sex doesn’t mean much to her so latch on to some backward player to blunt the hate and plan behind the scenes. How much of the hate is planned? Yes, I think some is really her but remember that she set herself up for a major confrontation with Elissa by yelling, banging on the HOH doors, blowing her horn etc. Why? So Andy could follow up with Elissa and be her protector and savior to keep him off the block. It did not work because Elissa knows Andy is a “RAT” but that was all Amanda doing what she could to protect her people, get GM put up and so save Aaryn..
    This was her plan, Smart. So how much is of what she has done is real. Maybe the racist slams, because that goes back to her basic being but anything else is all game. She is like a cobra who hypnotizes their prey and then strikes. No HG disputed her own claim that she was responsible for 9 people going home.
    Andy had a plan. Again, does he look like he can win anything? He figured “no” that was not how he could win, so how could he stay in the game and become valuable to others. Be a tattletale. Think he has used this before in his real life. He was stupid to tell a few people like Judd but they did not hear or understand what he said and ignored his confession and allowed him to continue to spy. Everyone ignores him as he bounces in and out. His game is made for him.
    Sorry for the long post, but to many of you need to look at how these people made it this far, we have all said of both, they can’t win anything. Yet here they are. McCrea is the one that will hurt after as she has bigger plans and they do not include carrying him as an anchor.

  57. Comments (110)

    I hope this is the end of Big Brothers can’t wait until Survivor comes on
    that my best show.

    • Comments (768)

      🙂 Two weeks from tomorrow! On the night this mess ends, Survivor starts!!

      • Comments (1162)

        BB15 is so bad that even when we get a little exciting game play, the thrill is
        over very quickly and then the boring HGs begins boring BB Fans again. Torture!

        Hopefully BB16 is not as long as BB15.
        Just think if the BB15 was using
        the old schedule …….the end would be sooooooo close.
        Or would this be over by now? Ugh!!!!

    • Comments (875)

      The Amazing Race is starting soon also, I like both of them…Big Brother made a LARGE boo boo in their casting of HG this Season.

      As for Big Brother, I will take another look next Summer to see if they have learned anything from this Seasons mistakes.

      • Comments (1076)

        I love Amazing Race. My DVR does not. The show comes on a different time every week and I end up with 1/2 of “The Good Wife” most weeks…LOL…

      • Comments (233)

        I always set the DVR to catch the 2 shows that follow AR and Survivor every week. Then you just have to remember why they are on your ‘recorded list’. 🙂

    • Comments (1076)

      Survivor is my favorite reality show. My best show is when I came in 3rd (win,place,show) at Belmont.

      • Comments (1162)

        Due to Sunday sports, which often run past a projected time, you
        need to DVR, past your favorite shows schedules.
        If CBS is showing a Golfing event or a Football Game, I set the DVR
        for The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and beyond….. for example,
        record The Mentalist as well as the local late night news, sometimes
        even more.
        On some Sundays, it is the only way to DVR some favorite shows in full.

  58. Comments (61)

    YEA Elissa is Schooling Amanda on how Disgusting what She did to her was BIG TIME WRONG!!! WAY TO GO ELISSA!!!

  59. Comments (61)

    I cannot believe the conversation between Andy, Spencer & GM right now talking about or rather bashing Elissa =[ How TWO-FACED they All are saying Elissa is always bad mouthing everyone duh You IDIOTS what are You 3 Hypocritical Morons doing RIGHT NOW!!! & Andy talking about his Goodbye Speach for the millionth time just Shut-Up!!! + Spencer’s VULGAR name calling is DISGUSTING as usual with Everyone Happily joining in what I call the “I want to do it but You can’t because We Are Better than You Attitudes !!! btw What do they expect Elissa to do come up to the HOH room & have You All be fake & phony to her acting like You have Her back, how CRUEL are You Andy, GM, Spencer & now sadly add Judd =[ If I was Elissa I would STOP cooking for them & doing the other nice things She does for them NOW!!!

    • Comments (1437)

      Oh, that’s right, Elissa can do no wrong and is a victim of everyone else in the house.

      Meanwhile, she is planning on voting to keep the one person in the house who attacked her family on a personal level. How will Elissa explain that morality move to her son, Reilly.
      “Gee, golly wiz, son, Mommy let a crazy woman bash you on national TV and then I teamed up with her for a little more $$ and camera time – because you know how much Mommy loves fame!!!!

      And Andy, GM and Spencer are the disgusting ones?? Okaaaaayyyy…

      • Comments (1162)

        “Gee, Mommy could have stayed with Crude/Rude Spencer, Rat Andy,
        Unreliable Judd and Disgusting GM, but they had already planned on
        evicting Mommy.
        I was there to play. What could I do? Play the Game!
        Looking around the BBH, I was left with only One Option – joining
        forces with Mean Amanda and Smelly McCrae. Ugh!
        I, also, made certain that I verbally took down Mean Amanda
        for her slurs and hateful comments. She apologized but most
        likely only for her own benefit and I knew that.
        So joining up with McCranda was not ideal but if I wanted to stay in the Game, it was going
        to be my smartest move and at that time, the only move available to me.
        BTW- all of these Scumbags had ridiculed me and those I dearly love.
        None were good choices, so I had to make the best case for myself out of the
        most awful choices available to me.

        Would I have preferred to have Candice, Helen and Jessie there with me?
        Yes- 100%!!!

        Mommy’s Payback to the Scumbags – Becoming the Winner of BB 15!!!”

      • Comments (1437)

        “Yes, Reilly, because I want to teach you that fame and money are more important than integrity and scruples. Heck, I even gave her my wedding ring, because I have to prove that I am as good as my sister…”

      • Comments (1162)

        OMG – you’re jealous of Elissa.
        Too funny!!!!

        Why does anyone want to be on Big Brother?
        Fame & Fortune –
        One or Both

        Why select Elissa for your scorn and not the others?
        Did you chastise Helen, also a wife & mother, for being on BB?

        When it comes to judging the values and scruples of the BB15
        HGs, Elissa wins for being the most steadfast to her beliefs and solid
        moral code.
        IF you think you can dispute that, you must not be able
        to comprehend what is happening on BB15.

        I don’t expect Elissa to win BB15, but I can envision her
        taking 2nd place and winning Fan Favorite.
        If that happens, I will think about you and hope
        you have plenty of chocolate milk on hand.
        : )

  60. Comments (27)

    Expanding on the idea that the DR is influencing Ellisa, maybe they suggested to her that she tell Amanda she’s voting to keep her just to prevent an out of control meltdown and self eviction by Amanda.

  61. Comments (293)

    Does anyone think McCrae and Spencer might still be in their original alliance–The Moving Company?

    • Comments (293)

      Before you verbally attack me, remember Danielle and Jason of Big Brother 3.

      • Comments (1076)

        Why would anyone verbally attack you? It’s not like you said McCrae was going to take Spencer to the prom but he refused to be seen in public with a redhead.

      • Comments (293)

        LOL. It was right on the tip of my tongue. But seriously, because they are the only two left of that alliance, it is possible they have kept it secret, but I’m probably giving them too much credit.

      • Comments (1162)

        IMO, you’re giving them too much credit.
        : )

  62. Comments (357)

    WTH is Amanda always talking about Howard for? Is this not the same dude you accused of harassing you? The same on you were soooo scared of Amanda to be in the house with? Let it go and keep it moving! Damage control not working here!!!!!

  63. Comments (1076)

    In all seriousness, what’s with Rodger Federer? He looked sick the other night at the open. I have never seen him so thin before. It was quite disturbing. I hope he is OK. Federer is a class act and it would be so sad if he was seriously ill.

    • Comments (293)


      I may get in trouble for this. You know what happened when I wrote about Breaking Bad.

      • Comments (1076)

        Thanks for the article. That picture of him is from only 3 months ago. He looked about 20 lbs. lighter on Monday night. No healthy person looses that much weight over the summer unless it is intentional or he is sick. He’s a nice guy and I really hope he is OK. And, who cares what these crazy people say about only talking about BB. stevebeans talks about all sorts of stuff and he/she even lets us know when he/she is having family problems. That is what normal people do. And, if you really want to see a black man who is gorgeous and a great actor, Luther is back on BBC America and Idris Elba is well worth watching. I’m watching right now.

      • Comments (1437)

        Can we stick to BB talk – you’re again sounding like someone from the past…

      • Comments (293)

        You’re welcome. Federer does look unwell in the post game interviews. Because I was sure he would beat Robredo, I didn’t watch that match.
        I never started watching Luther because I had so many programs on my list when it debuted. I hear Luther gets a girl and, oh my gosh, she isn’t black! (I think that will put us back on topic–LOL).

  64. Comments (143)

    FCC response in me question BB practices a game show:

    “A “game show” in which selected contestants (vs. members of the
    public) participate is governed by Section 509 of Title 47 of the
    United States Code (USC), and regulated by the Department of Justice.
    However ”Big Brother” does not appear to meet the definition of a
    “game show.” Rather, it is a ”for entertainment only” program,
    somewhat similar to professional wrestling in that it is a
    pseudo-contest in which the outcome is fully, or in some measure,

    Well there you have it, it is a rigged show OK, its not a conspiracy theory. It is in the same league as pro wrestling. Saying Amanda was rigged to win is like saying stone cold steve austin, mc foley or the rock and rick flair were rigged to win. Its only inaccurate because it is not a rig it is the intended outcome of the pre-written script.

  65. Comments (143)

    So is that “anonymous” cbs employee who gave their name still a conspiracy theorist?

  66. Comments (110)

    I was watching BBAD did you all see Judd giving the cameras the bird I thought that was funny that who he calls the ghost in the house.

  67. Hayden on survivor
    Comments (13)

    Hayden winner of big brother 12 is going to be on survivor blood vs water

  68. Comments (1162)

    Interesting – McCrae just told Amanda that he believes Elissa will
    vote to keep Amanda, however he isn’t sure about getting Andy’s vote.

    • Comments (1288)

      They might get Andy back with a “nuclear option.” If both Elissa and McCrae tell him that if Amanda goes out both of them plan on targeting him and GM if they win HoH. So he will have to rely on himself, Judd or Spencer winning HoH to be safe.

      On the other hand he can save Amanda, send out Spencer and if Judd wins HoH he will be more interested in going after Elissa or McCranda before he thinks about Andy.

      • Comments (1162)

        Option 3 – McCrae might try to bring Judd into the fold, something
        Andy wouldn’t dream of ever happening.

        Tell Judd how “sketchy & unreliable” Andy’s word is.
        Sure he worked well when he was with McCranda but right
        now, Andy is working to get to the Finale and it is more
        likely Andy would choose Spencer over Judd because Judd
        could win more Jury votes than Andy.

        Judd has little reason to trust Andy and working with
        Elissa, Amanda and McCrae just might be his best option,
        and due its surprise factor, would be considered
        a Big BB Game Move, something Judd’s Game Resume is
        currently lacking.

        If offered, can Judd mull it over and not ask
        Andy his opinion ……LOL

  69. Comments (90)

    Slightly off topic: wil heuser’s latest vid is about Aaryn’s eviction
    done as a parody of both BB & the VMAs.

  70. Comments (220)

    Hi all. So, after reading updates here and on the net, it seems Elissa has defected over to the McCranda camp. At first sight, I was thinking, ‘what?!’ But if you’re in the house with an alliance (Andy, Judd, Spencer and GM) and its certain that the major couple is about to be split up, its doesn’t take a genius to realize that Elissa will be the odd woman out.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Exterminators are treating her a certain way and have made her feel like she needs to grasp onto whoever else is left: McCrae. I hope she wins HOH, so that Andy goes up on the block.

  71. Comments (233)

    Time to shake up the house, and I’m glad Elissa is stirring the pot. She may not last much longer, but I like Judd, too, so maybe he’ll also make it through the DE Thursday. Hoping the evictions will be Amanda/Andy on Thursday, then Spencer and GM, with Judd, McCrae and Elissa in F3. That’s what I think this afternoon, anyway.

  72. Comments (6)

    Does anyone else realize how much Ginamarie stuffs her big mouth, god I can’t stand first of all hearing hear chew for god sakes. It’s so disgusting!!! And second she just eats and eats all the freaking time!!!

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