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Big Brother 16 – Is Frankie An Evil Genius With #RenomRule?


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Last night was clearly the Zach Show on the Big Brother live feeds. Around 6:25pm, the house started to discover they had items missing thanks to the Team America challenge this week. Naturally, they pointed their fingers at the one person who could possibly be behind it – Zach Attack! They accused him of being the saboteur this season, and actually made a pretty good case. So good in fact, I wonder if Frankie and Derrick are beginning to question whether or not Zach had his own little side missions going on.

Zach didn’t help matters when he decided to go along with it and steal the cue ball in front of Caleb. Just like the Amanda’s cousin rumor, Zach decided to play into it for whatever reason and the house was completely convinced they caught the saboteur. Later in the night, Caleb sat Zach down and had a long talk with him about how bad  it looks, and he surprisingly made a lot of good points. Of course we know the truth behind some of them, but things like describing the necklace that Victoria had go missing was weird.

Regardless of how bad Zach made himself look, it was a hilarious few hours that will make for a great show on Wednesday night. I tried my best to recap events as they were happening and you can read that here, but the best way is just to watch it.

Another big topic began after I went to bed. That was the trending of the word #renomrule. This is due to Zach approaching Frankie at the end of his conversation with Caleb and confronting him about this week.  This late in the season, it’s fairly easy for people to pick up on when they’re in trouble.  People start looking at you different, talking to you different, avoiding eye contact, etc. Zach has noticed that and has been worried about being the potential renomination at the veto ceremony today.

Well, Frankie decided to straight up tell Zach he was indeed going to be the replacement nominee and will likely be leaving this Thursday, and that set off a firestorm on social media even involving Frankie’s sister (whoever that is – just kidding). Telling someone they’re going on the block is against the rules, though it has been lightly enforced over the years. Big Brother Network did some digging and found the last time it was enforced was BB12. However, with #renomrule trending and Zach already suspected as the saboteur who gets special treatment, now may be the perfect time – if any – to enforce that rule.  It would certainly help spice up the season and keep a very entertaining figure around for at least another week.

Note – Ariana tweeted that Frankie knows the rules and suspects Frankie knows what he is doing by saving Zach. I disagree. Also, I am adding this as a note because I am too lazy to work it into my paragraph above

Will it actually be enforced? That’s unlikely, but we will find out in just a few hours when the PoV meeting takes place.  I will start a new thread talking about that, so stick around!  Hopefully it helps get you through your Monday!

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  1. Comments (1288)

    Isn’t telling someone they are not being nominated also considered a no-no? I thought it was Nom/Renom decisions had to be kept secret until the ceremony. No real way to punish it as the Renom rule though.

    • Comments (1446)

      Why even have rules?? Seems CBS has been playing pretty fast and loose all season. The HG’s are always being told things about comps and DR sessions ahead of time. I’ve seen them come out of the Diary Room with info from production that they share.
      Wouldn’t be surprised if CBS is setting us up for a Derrick/Frankie final two.

      • Comments (5)

        The producers have decided this season they will try to bore live feeders and show watchers alike by allowing Derrick to run the entire season making it the MOST BORING BIG BROTHER SEASON EVER. So enforcing their rules are off the table, if they did, they couldn’t make it this boring!

  2. Comments (198)

    I wish they could put up Frankie for breaking the rule.haha

  3. Comments (487)

    I hope BB doesn’t enforce the rule because it will teach Frankie a lesson about crossing a line to get what he wants. Just another reason for me to not like Frankie.

  4. Comments (25)

    If they enforced the rule, Zach could not be nominated by Frankie this time. It would be like Zach having a free POV.

  5. Comments (401)

    So going with Ariana’s idea, who goes in to DR to complain the rule is broken? Frankie? Because it won’t work very well if Zach doesn’t think of it.

  6. Comments (10)

    Can anyone give details on what happened in BB12 when the rule was enforced? Who was told they were going home? What happened in that case?

    • Comments (487)

      I can’t find what happened in BB12. But the rules state, if anyone breaks the rules they are expelled from the house. My interpretation is if BB production chooses to enforce the rule Frankie is out, will not be a member of jury and can’t play his way back into the game this week.

      • Comments (1092)

        Not that would be the twistiest unexpected twist of the season.

        Much better than the meager twists that bb have come up with so far.

        They should go with it. Maybe send him to jury with a chance to redeem himself.

      • Comments (1092)


    • Comments (1446)

      In BB12 Brenden told Britney that she was going up against Lane. Brenden was called to the DR, was told he couldn’t do that, and the noms were changed to Lane and Ragan. (From BB Network).
      Why even have the stupid rule if it’s not going to enforced?? Use it to get Victoria out of Derrick’s back pocket and into the jury house. And hope that Zach is still mad at Frankie for trying to get him out.

    • Comments (1)

      In BB12 Brendan told Brittany that her and lane were going to go up so he could break up one of the pairs, on the live feeds they got fish and brendan and brittany had to redo their chat in the hoh room and brendan nominated Regan instead of brittany and on BB afterdark Brendan said he got in trouble for telling brittany

  7. Comments (332)

    Well if Zach is a rule follower and read the rule, he may have trapped Frankie and him not know it. But I am guessing wishful thinking here. Still thinking Frankie will man up and choose someone else. I am not sure Frankie ever said he was doing it, he just stated you would be the best person and “everyone” wants you out not “me” or “I am going to do what everyone wants” Zach was very brave with his rebuttal and said, against Derrick no one is winning so he planted the seed for him to be nominated.

    • Comments (487)

      If Frankie had any ‘balls’ he would put up Victoria and not go with what Derrick wants. By putting both Victoria and Cody up he woule expose Derrick’s game. If Derrick tries to save Vic everyone would know he is using her as a pawn and if Derrick tries to save Cody everyone would know he has made a F2 deal with him. The smarter play is to put Victoria up.

      • Comments (843)

        If Frankie had ‘balls’, he would put up Derrick.

      • Comments (224)

        I don’t think that would expose his game. He has to vote for one of the two no matter what. Whoever he sent out, he’d just say he was going with “the house”. Only he knows that he is The House.

  8. Comments (1)

    Will someone please finally tell Caleb how irrelevant he is! I hate how he thinks he’s so important this season and he runs the house….please boy, you’re almost as irrelevant as poor Victoria, but atleast I almost like her…I. Can’t. Stand. Caleb….if Derreck doesn’t win this season I will not watch next year..he’s the only one who has actually played the game.

  9. Comments (692)

    I don’t know the rules. Big brother has rules and I should enforce the rules I don’t care who breaks them.I would love for Frankie to be evicted from the game and not go to jury and have no chance to win this money. I don’t care for him very much but I have pulled for him to stay in the game with Zack but if he is willing to backstab the best friend he has had in the game, who is actually a good friend, then he needs to leave.

  10. Comments (1799)

    Why should they start enforcing rules now . Is there no rule against Christine GIVING the other team her bones. When Caleb tried to throw the comp at first he just sat their . When he got up to try to mess with Frankie . He was told he had to sit down and not interfere . What is the difference with what Cristine did !

    • Comments (266)

      Very good point. I’d think what Christine did during the comp is more ‘rule breaking’ than telling someone they are going up. Wtf is up with these rules ? I thought houseguests told each other all the time whether of not they intend putting them up or not? Is lying about it against the rules too?

    • Comments (4)

      It is absolutely brutal that production told Caleb to sit down. Our family used to enjoy Storage Wars, but we haven’t watched in forever given our suspicion that items were planted (Yip guy accused them, then we were done). BB is (or has been) walking a thin line, may be my last season.

  11. Comments (843)

    They’ve been telling who nominations/renominations are all season so how can they enforce it now? They’ve also been cheating all season—throwing competitions. What has Cody done? He doesn’t win, he hasn’t been a HN as much as some of the others, he’s NEVER been on the block until now—he’s more of a floater than Victoria, but he’s a guys so hey….

    • Comments (50)

      I agree, he’s the biggest floater. He may have strong bonds/alliances with the guys but he has hardly won, and the one time he was HOH he let everyone sway him against his own instincts. He has no backbone and has let his alliance tell him what to do/carry him this far. He has not had to save him self like some of the other players. It annoys me so much that he talks negatively about Donny!!

  12. Comments (50)

    I had no idea that was a rule! Wow, I hope Frankie gets in trouble and isn’t allowed to put Zach up…

    • Comments (266)

      Yeah I’m confused on the specifics of the rule. What’s ok… What’s not ok…
      They all drew skittles for nominations and all 6 were sitting there listening to who was being nominated. This rule doesn’t make sense and I’ve never heard of it until now.

    • Comments (1443)

      I’ve watched every year and never knew that was rule. Stupid rule. More excitement if someone knows

  13. Comments (12)

    Nicole was told she would be leaving the house. The rule was not enforced there.

  14. Comments (5)

    I really think they should vote out Donny! Just because my tag name is *NotADonnyFan* doesn’t mean I don’t respect his game I just think Derrick has put more time playing the game!!!!!!

  15. Comments (69)

    I hope others on this blog will do what I just did – I went into CBS Big Brother and posted a comment under the blog of Nicoles – and stated that I hoped the producers are reading these blogs because this has been a season of rules broken and either for good TV or rating for them – they have closed their eyes to it – but not this time producers America is watching – definitely Frankie violated the Renom rules to Zack and either a new replacement put up instead by Frankie or Frankie goes – if your ratings are down this season wait until you see next season – maybe if enough people wrote similar blogs on their site IF THEY PUBLISH IT – mine has not yet – maybe some action will come from it. Just saying

  16. Comments (843)

    They haven’t enforced it all season. I would love for Frankie to be kicked out, but it would look bad for them to start enforcing it now. They need to redo the entire format of the show if they are going to continue—maybe get some new producers/workers. Contest where the first four out are on the block—no HOH and vote one of those out. Contest for prizes, trips, HN. Shake it up BB you’re losing viewers. There’s nothing ‘twisted’ about it.

  17. Comments (69)

    Thanks nnn3 – but would love for more people to sign up and post similar thoughts to have an impact on producers – if they think its just one person that feels that way – oh well – I am not a particular Zack fan – but am tired of all the weaving in and out of things this season with the producers – might as well be political commercials on TV. Just saying

  18. Comments (401)

    Apparently Britney Haynes tweeted there is no just renom rule.

  19. Comments (1276)

    I don’t believe for a second that Frankie plotted this one out to save Zach. Mainly because they’ve been talking about Telling Zach ever since his name came into play. BB would have let them all know that they weren’t allowed to tell him.
    So, if it was some evil plan, then BB totally allowed Frankie to tell Zach, so they could then say that he couldn’t be put up, to keep him safe. Which would prove that they are getting involved with the overall outcome of the game and therefore the winner. I am usually the last person to play into the CBS/BB is messing up the game… but if they did this, well then they are.

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