Good evening, everyone! It’s Thursday night and it’s time for the eviction ceremony.

Before I begin and while it’s on my mind. Does anyone have any good suggestions for home storage options? We are outgrowing our house and need to organize a little better, so I need cool things like a bed frame with drawers and other things like that.  Contact me if you are an expert at organization and can throw out ideas!

Back to the show.. it’s been a wild week inside the house and whatever we’ve missed in the lack of drama this season was made up for three times over during Haleigh’s house meeting. Feeling guilty from everyone calling Bayleigh the hacker, Haleigh decided to jump on the grenade and destroy her own game to reveal that she was the hacker. The only problem is that Bayleigh was also a target because she foolishly revealed that she has a power, so Haleigh basically jumped on the wrong grenade. She blew herself up and the person she was trying to save is still going home. Good effort though, Hayls


Another thing while I’m rambling – Football may impact your local listing. Check your local guide or you can do some McGyver shit suggested by Vegas on Twitter to watch online.

Back to the show once again – Barring a miracle, the queen will be making the jury house her new castle in a few hours so here are some updates…

  • Am hour until showtime!
  • Showtime!  And time with granny!!!
  • I really wish they showed granny on the feeds 🙁
  • They are now showing the Haleigh reveal to Bayleigh. The fight will be up next
  • Time for votes…
    • Bayleigh apologizes to Tyler for yelling. Classy move
    • Tyler blocked from voting
    • Kaycee – Bayleigh
    • Brett – Bayleigh
    • Faysal – Bayleigh
    • Scottie – Bayleigh
    • Haleigh – Bayleigh
    • Sam – Rockstar
    • JC – Bayleigh
    • Bayleigh is evicted
  • Shockingly, Bayleigh mentions race on the way out. She says something about no longer having the big scary black lady in the house
  • Julie tells Bayleigh how Swaggy went to her house. Bayleigh freaks out
  • HoH comp next
    • Knockout competition. Winner picks the next two, loser is out
    • JC vs Sam = JC wins
    • Rockstar vs Tyler = RS wins
    • Kaycee vs Brett = Brett wins
    • Haleigh vs Fessy = Haleigh wins
    • Scottie vs Brett = BRett wins
    • Haleigh vs Rockstar = Haleigh wins
    • JC vs Brett = JC wins
    • JC vs Haleigh = Haleigh wins HoH!

Check back soon