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Big Brother 20 – Sunday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


First, I hope everyone is having a safe and fun Labor Day weekend! It may be incredibly slow in the house but hopefully, out in the real world, you’re all having a blast – once you’re done reading this site of course

Alright, time for Big Brother talk. This week appears to be a repeat of last week except for the guy on the block who is in love with Haleigh happens to be Scottie rather than Fessy. Like last week, Kaycee came up with a PoV win which is boosting her resume for the end of the season and once again she won’t have to use it. She’s looking better and better for that $500k if she makes it to the final 2, especially with the bitter jury that Mel discussed in this morning’s post.  Kaycee has had a great social game, didn’t shit on everyone in her GBMs, and has remained a background player – almost a floater – for her alliance. I’m reluctant to label her a floater because she has picked a side since the beginning and has been very involved in game talk. She just has the illusion of a floater.

Now that Kaycee is piling up competition wins, the illusion of her floating is fading away, but left in its place is still a girl playing a phenomenal social game. Needless to say, Kaycee will probably have to win her way to the final 2, or be lucky enough to have someone stupid enough to take her there.


I guess the biggest difference this week is that the person next to Haleigh on the block is unlikely to sit in the havenot room all week and sulk. Scottie will likely try to campaign a bit, even if it means doing another crazy strategy like throwing Haleigh under the bus to advance her game (his strategy, not mine).

Let’s get to some updates but before I do, I haven’t plugged this in awhile so I figured I would. Half of all donations go to my wonderful morning writer – Mel, but if you’d like to donate to her directly, use this link.



  •  3:30 pm – Scottie is in the kitchen talking to JC
    • Scottie is digging for any info he can get
    • He mentions how being away for a week has helped to clear his head. Another disadvantage for the house
    • Scottie says the nomination speech made it sound like he was the pawn, but apparently, Fessy thought the same thing last week (bingo)
    • Scottie mentions Brett taking credit for the RS vote but didn’t reveal Brett’s GBM
  • 3:40 pm – Tyler comes into the kitchen and JC asks when he woke up
    • Tyler said 10 and then said it’s bullshit that they let JC sleep so long.
    • Tyler leaves and the two resume talking
    • JC says he feels really bad about voting out Fessy. Keep working those jury votes, JC
    • Oh boy, more talk about the math leading to the end of the season. Nobody wants to think of the 2 evictions leading up to the final week. It’s not a ‘double eviction’ as it takes place over a few days
  • Production waits until JC is finished then reminds him to change his mic. They told him to change it like 10 minutes ago and he yelled at production and said he’ll change it when done eating. I’m surprised production didn’t beg him considering they basically fear him
  • 5:20 pm – Sam is having a rough time in the house today
    • Angela tells Haleigh about it and Haleigh says “join the fucking club” lol
  • 6:20 pm – Back from the CBS episode
    • Tyler is talking to Kaycee a bit
    • She asks if anyone has tried to make a f2 with him yet. He says no but leaves out how he has one with half the house
    • Tyler says the two bozos (JC and Brett) are worried about Kaycee and Angela getting too close and too close with Haleigh
    • She says Haleigh follows them everywhere
  • 6:50 pm – Haleigh made her way up to the HoH room again to break up Kaycee and Tyler talking
  • 7:40 pm – Haleigh is talking to Tyler in the HoH room and mentions the 4 person alliance (level 6) she saw celebrating. He denies it
  • 8:50 pm – The guys are out by the hot tub. Kaycee and Angela are together in the bedroom
    • Please don’t be as slow as last week

Check back for updates



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  1. JD

    I think JC should be on the block. He’s never had to experience it and be worried. The one time someone was going to do it he said no during the renom and someone else was chosen. He has a tantrum if he has to be a have not or otb.He needs to sweat and maybe get a little humbled. Just because he is an LP doesn’t mean he should act like a 3 year old when he doesn’t get his way. I wonder if his parents are normal size and how he was taught growing up.

  2. Avatar

    If what Scottie has said is true about the bitter jury voting for the person they hate the least, Angela is guaranteed $50,000. She’s the player they hate the most and Scottie has told everyone that. It would be crazy for anyone on L4 not to take her.

    • Holla Derrick

      Im not convinced this bitter jury revelation changes a whole lot. The whole idea coming from the first 2 jurors with 7 more to join.

      L6 discussed that they werent going to get those votes anyways. I highly doubt that the hive will agree on who should win so I don’t see it as a problem.

      Anybody left in the house will deserve to win if they are in final 2. I feel the game is a balance of comps, strategy, and social. If Angela has the worst social game, then why should she win?

      Bitter jury or not, there will be a deserving winner. (Unless Sam wins)

      • Sassy

        I agree with you. 6 of the 7 still in the house deserve to win if they make F2, Sam being the only one that doesn’t and I’m counting Scottie as part of the jury already… Bitter jury aside, there is a valid argument for each of them to win on their own merits on how they played the game in totality.

  3. Joy

    I made a comment on the other feed that I would like to see Fessy do the right thing for all of Foutte by talking and calming Bay and RS down. It could redeem their seasons play by showing that the can overcome their bitterness. I do believe Fessy is capable of this IF he can stop looking at himself in the mirror (something shiny reflecting his face and he gets lost). Fingers crossed. Oh and please put that shithead JC OTB ASAP

  4. Avatar

    I’ll be really disappointed if Scottie goes along with the jury hosue. He is supposedly a huge big brother fan. Anyone who really is would vote for the best player. Let’s hope they change their minds or Scottie made up the story.

    • Jay H

      I don’t get Scottie. At times he seems intelligent and clear headed and other times he’s immature and vindictive. He hasn’t been able to take any kind of control with any of the people he’s wanted to align with, so me thinks he will just go along with the bitter group when it comes time.

      • Sassy

        Scottie has been used and abused during this game. He was to easily manipulated and once he told on himself, there was no overcoming it. Scottie Is childish and petty, he showed that during the POV 2 weeks ago when he piled JCs cloths up and dumped milk on them, threw the soles of Haha’s shoes away and tried to scavenge what he could from the storage room. Sore loser and vengeful. He may jump on the wagon of the hateful, but he is going to have to vote for one of them to win…

  5. Helen

    It’s good to hear JC at least is paying attention to how much time Haleigh is spending with KayCee and Angela…asking Tyler who he wats them to vote out…

  6. dfdsgs

    I believe it was Mel that said the other day that JC is getting a great edit and he is. Some of the recaps have made it seem like he is the mastermind behind L4 and they are his puppets, but in reality, everyone that watches the feeds knows that most of the time he is just reiterating what L4 had already decided among themselves. I will give him credit for getting Scottie out bout outside of sharing way too much information while trying to play the “middle” he hasn’t done much but annoy production, sleep, and be the comic relieve in the house.

    • Joy

      the only thing that I will give to JC was the one time he imitated Rachael’s walk. I lost my mind on that because she walks like a penguin and it was weird to watch. He can be entertaining for very brief moments in time but for the most part he is just a PIMA (pain in my ass)

    • danmtruth

      In tonights episode it was very much a hero edit for Jc As dfdsgs said outside of the move to help get Scottie out Jc has not been the mastermind he pretends to be Or production portrays him as It might have been more interesting to show the conversation about the bitter jury plan that Scottie told Hay about Than Hay told TY about it How the old FOUTTE was planing on being the deciding vote

      • Holla Derrick

        He told the house that Bay and RS were going to be bitter votes and convince the jury to vote with them? How does this change anything?

      • LindsayB

        I think it could make people reevaluate their final two. Instead of bringing someone everyone likes like KC, they would bring someone who’s played harder and made enemies.

      • Holla Derrick

        Have the next 7 jurors also decided to vote bitter and vote the same?

        What happens if KC wins hoh and hay is evicted? Does KC lose all the votes because hay is bitter?

      • LindsayB

        Well gee, I don’t know. Because they aren’t here yet. You asked how this could change anything. I gave an answer. You seem to be very sensitive about this subject. Bitter jury is a thing. Knowing that it’s already leaning that way will be part of the decision making process going forward. I’m sorry I don’t have a crystal ball to tell you exactly how it’ll play out.

      • Holla Derrick

        Sorry if you misread the tone of my question. I asked a question, thank you for a response. I dont think im as sensitive as you are about it. If they know that a bitter jury is a part of the game, getting confirmation that the first 2 houseguests will be bitter doesnt change much.

      • LindsayB

        There was definitely a tone and that is what I was sensitive to, not the bitter jury topic. If it wasn’t intentional, then we are all good.
        Bay and RS will likely not be the only bitter jurors. Fes and Hay have spoken about being bitter as well. Put them together and you have 4. All it takes is one other bitter minded person that could be swayed by a group dynamic then, boom! You’ve got a bitter jury.

    • FW aka CY

      Do you think there are very many left in the world who trust ANYTHING said by big media as truthful? Skepticism is what drove me to the internets and, eventually, BBJ. There aint no Gospel anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGE381tbQa8

  7. dfdsgs

    Also if Scottie is genuinely targeting JC, L4 might be better off voting out Haleigh and let Scottie take the JC shot if he wins next week. Not sure Haleigh wouldn’t put two of them up together if she wins but I think that Tyler could talk Scottie into targeting JC is he did. If he doesn’t get HOH, then you can vote him out next week.

  8. strwar1

    It is looking like Haleigh is going home btw? I am watching Big Brother 20 my God. Tylerand Agela are really attracted to each other right now. Lol if me and gf were in that house? I think we lose our minds cause we won’t have time with ourselves in the house cameras watching our every move. Lol

    Edit: I was away for couple of weeks with my gf so that’s why I wasn’t here for a while.

  9. hogwild

    Is it jusr me or does Brett seem to almost yell a lot in those DR clips? Come on man that is like typing in all caps it doesn’t make your point aym more valid.

  10. Avatar

    Does it really sound like they will vote out hayleigh? Oh I hope so!!!

  11. Helen

    I can’t not handle another week of Haleigh…I just can’t…
    Why Tyler thinks she will only put up one of L4 and has pretty much convinced himself of that is crazy…

    • LO1004

      I was just thinking this when I saw her glued to his ass again for the 80th time in 3 days. I can’t take another week of this. How does she not expect him to put her up after all she’s done to him. She tells him talking to him is like pulling teeth. Newsflash little girl, it’s because he doesn’t want to talk game to you. I can’t. I just can’t.

  12. mona77450

    Wow….watching the feeds and I think Hayleigh is up in the HOH room this week with Tyler more than Angela. If I was Angela I would kick her butt all the way to the Jury House.

  13. Helen

    Must not be any have nots this week…maybe they are done for this season…

  14. Shivani33

    It’s only Sunday evening. Tyler has time to make sure that Haleigh leaves this week if that’s what he still really wants to happen. At first he said he did want Haleigh to go, and he might be biding his time to set it in motion. If he could tell Kaycee to take down Scottie from the block, then Tyler can replace Scottie with JC. He can ask Kaycee, Angela and Brett to vote out Haleigh. Sam would be easily a vote against Haleigh. That would leave only Scottie as a possible vote against JC.

  15. Helen

    Did I just catch a snarky comment from Angela to Haleigh? Haleigh finally came down from HOH and said something to Angela about doing nails..Angela has already done hers…she said..Well you’ve been upstairs for like 6 hours!! Lol

  16. FW aka CY

    OOo – it’s just starting here. I can already see what people were saying about JC getting an undeserved hero/master mind edit. I have to watch my sodium or I would get a bigger grain of salt to sustain me through the episode.

  17. Shivani33

    JC, Sam and Scottie are have-nots, the first 3 to drop in the comp.

  18. Jenny

    Seeing Kaycee talk about coming out to her parents was sweet and sad. She had talked about being really emotional from the DR’s that day. Does anybody know what happened with Angela when she had her meltdown? It almost sounded like some sort of abuse had happened, but I can’t imagine the DR wanting to pull that out to put on the show. I think someone said before she’d been pushed so hard into gymnastics that she didn’t really have a childhood?

    • danmtruth

      It showed such a vulnerable side to KC

    • Tinkerbell

      Jenny, Angela said she was raised by Marines, and not her parents. I understood her to mean not actually Marines, but her coaches…..who are like Marine DIs, Drill Instructors. She cried and cried, opened up to Tyler, and then to others. She has a lot of very deep pent up emotions from how she was raised, and sports being forced upon her. I hope nothing sexual happened to her, but possibly it did. We just had many-many female Olympic gymnasts come forth with horror stories, and thank goodness, he is finally in prison. It sounds like the stories so many super athletes and Olympic champions talk about when they are a little older. Very sad stories. Being pushed to their limits, and beyond. Pushed by their families, and coaches…some from 5 years old. Ice skaters, gymnasts, etc. When we hear the stories of these almost supernatural athletes, many are messed up, and have deep emotional wounds. That’s Angela. I haven’t been a fan of Angela, but when she told a little of her tender years, it is easier to understand why she is like she is. I believe what she talked about is only the tip of the iceberg of what she has endured from family and coaches. She said this is the first time she has ever allowed herself to talk about any of it. She said she keeps it buried. I’m not an Angela fan, I don’t want her to win, but her story is sad. I don’t dislike her. Early in the season she was telling someone that in her family they don’t show emotions, were taught to not show emotion. She was talking about her Dad, Mom, brother, and herself. Taught to not cry, show sadness, not overly happy, etc. Shame on her parents. Now that she has opened up the floodgate, I hope she will seek counsel in a good therapist. I guess this has touched me deeply because I’m overly expressive. I love to love, show affection for everyone I love, I’m a hugger. When I’m sad, it’s devastating and very difficult to pull myself out. It isn’t good to be overly emotional like I am, but I would rather be the way I am, than to have no feelings like Angela has been taught. I believe that goes along with super athletes…..be tough, don’t let anyone or anything get you down. To me, it seems like a very sad and lonely life. Sorry for writing a book. XO

      • Tinkerbell

        P.S. Just want to add that I do see a little difference in Angela since she opened up. She smiles more readily, laughs a little more, and seems more at ease. Don’t misunderstand me…….I’m still not on Team Angela ;))

      • danmtruth

        Tinkerbell very well put She seems like a girl who all her life adult figures put her into a categories and she felt like she had to do that People saw her and just imagine what she was like without getting to know her Its hard to feel sorry for the pretty girl

      • Jenny

        Tink, thanks for the response, and no need to apologize for the length of your post, I appreciate the details!

  19. LynnD

    Well it looks like JC Scottie & Sam are going to be moving i to Angekas new apartment with bad plumbing horriavke bedding and xrap food instead of Angela moving in Haleigh is just glad she didnt move back in.

  20. Mr. Beardo

    Also kinda irrelevant to the game but you’ll be be a better person after you hear it…


  21. LO1004

    I am very intrigued by Brett’s mcGregors. Not sure where the next comes from, but I’m gonna have to give it a try.

  22. Shivani33

    JC is very mad to be a have-not. He went off to shake a tower ( take a shower) and can’t be seen at all but you see the stream of water and hear him cussing and crabbing.

  23. Shivani33

    Sam gave Scottie the biggest disc bed and JC tried bargaining and insisting that HE get the biggest spot. Meanwhile, Angela has dug her nails into Haleigh a few times for glomming on to Tyler for hours and hours. Even Tyler got a smidge of cool shoulder. Just enough. Lol. Haleigh gets a look on her face at Angela’s little digs just like our cat, Mario, when we tell him to get off a table. “I have no idea what the heck you’re trying to tell me.”

  24. Shivani33

    One aspect of JC is that he studied calculus. It is noticeble how he uses that thought processing in his game strategy. There are plenty of calculus jokes to apply to him, and I’ve started a small list of bad JC calculus jokes. Some of these little jokes are evolving into theories.

    • FW aka CY

      I wanna hear ’em! I wanna hear ’em!

      • FW aka CY

        Or are they of the pi r not square(d), pie are round. Cornbread r square(d) variety? I know those ones… heh

      • Shivani33

        The list is short. Hahaha. Infinitesimal. It deteriorates rapidly as I sit swearing at the screen as he applies the method of exhaustion to human beings instead of to time and space.

        It’s already bad enough that the very word “calculus” is derived from Latin as “small pebble.” Small Pebble, as in abacus, kills me, JC-wise. The theories involve observing the different, and conflicting, facets of his personality try to operate and function as a whole entity. He could be an entire thesis.

        Yesterday he was seen licking a banana. Someone had written JC SUX on the banana. Tyler looked like the author.

      • FW aka CY

        A small stone? You’re kid’n’me… yuk yuk (I was in medicine – calculi are (among other things) accretions or “stones” that form in various organs: kidneys, gall bladders, livers, brains, etc.) That’s right. Brains. You really do probably have rocks in your head. Me too. But, you knew that already…

    • danmtruth

      please share and enlighten us Shiv

      • Shivani33

        Well, we all see how Napoleonic he tries to be, scattering ideas which sound almost like demands. He operates fast but not deep. He will point out a logical fallacy to someone, all the while trying to make sure that no one sees that all JC has got is a set of Russian nesting dolls, all alike and all JC, all the time. He excels at fabricating chaos and, self-admittedly, cannot stand silence. He regards it as an enemy.

      • danmtruth

        TY pick up that Jc was using tricks on him that he used on other people Jc is not as slick as he thinks he is

  25. jimbo

    A said here 5 weeks into this that KC was playing a good game and could come out stronger if she lasts. So far so good, and that is exactly what’s been happening. Ive NEVER picked a woman to be the one primed to win — never because of sexism, I could care less about their sex, but because of the way women often play. Not since Vanessa, who I hated, has a woman been in such a good position (though its still to early to call her my “choice;” lots can happen). Aside from a football-jealous Fessy, she seems liked, and is involved in a discreet type of way, on top of winning challenges. She’s liked and not a bitch, and that’s where she departs from Vanessa, who was hard to stomach.

  26. Helen

    Brett and JC have left the HOH room. Tyler and Angela in bed cuddling. Brett and JC in bathroom talking about how Angela and Tyler were acting mad toward them and they believe they are a showman and need to be dealt with

  27. Shivani33

    Brett and JC wouldn’t leave the HoH room when Tyler and Angela got up there alone. It was nearly 2 in the morning BB time when they left. Angela said, ” I am competing with a small gay man.” She and Tyler were laughing about how crazy/funny it is. Haleigh has been somewhat nuts all day and cried up a storm tonight. Then she was cheered up by first Kaycee, then Scottie and made the rounds being a pest again. She tried to ask Tyler a “would you rather” and he looked at her hard. “Enough!” Finally he said it to her, after she monopolized him in the HoH room for 900 hours, suffocating his Sunday. She gets like human superglue. She’s done this with almost everyone in the house.

    But she knows that her long assailment of Tyler got her big fat nothing. She had a fit over it. JC, meanwhile has been having a shitfit all night. Everybody else is a mean, stupid, goddamn puppet. He yelled out that production makes the weak ones weaker by making the first 3 comp losers have-nots. This is how he is often. He’ll say something that sounds like it makes sense, and in the context of the game, it makes no sense at all. Both JC and Haleigh have been requiring almost constant attention.

    Scottie tried to tell Brett again tonight that Fester and Haleigh the Impaler were never in a showmance. I don’t know how Brett managed to restrain himself from laughing in his face. Scottie will be talking away, all bright and squinty-eyed about the game, and all of a sudden you see once again that he is off in his own huge misunderstanding of what’s happening. There’s no way for anybody to to trust him to have much common sense. He has put his foutte in his mouth one too many times. It looks hopeless. Still, he has a trip to Greece, 5k, stipend and jury pay already, so he doesn’t need to run off with the toothpicks, Advil or mouthwash.

  28. Shivani33

    A swift last peek around the house just showed Angela and Tyler progressing with more intensity. He gave her a kiss. The snuggling is getting a little heated. The HoH room is steaming. Will they be able to hold their horses? JC shown elsewhere glaring, wide awake in some bed pod. He too is steaming. Brett is shown, restless and uncomfortable looking and oddly crass. He’s doing nothing and still has a smug leer on his face. Fratboy.

  29. danmtruth

    ok Cheery Meatloaf dashboard lights is good for them but how about ,,,,,,,

  30. Edsel

    The latest controversy that has Twitter in a tizzy is that Tyler should not have won HOH because both his feet were off the disk at least once. Disagreements on whether the rules stated that feet had to be on the disk. BB fandom is nuts.

  31. danmtruth

    I think it said you could not sit on or have your feet go bellow the disk TY pulled himself up I’m sure production would have said something

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