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Big Brother 21 – Monday Afternoon Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


I went out this afternoon planning to be home by 4 (est) because that’s typically when the feeds return from the veto meeting, but it appears the veto meeting already happened. I guess it makes sense, there wasn’t any real need for buildup. We all knew Tommy was going to take Christie off the block, and that’s exactly what happened.

One thing I wanted to talk about that was revealed on the CBS show last night was that Nick appears to be full team Christie again. We knew he was bouncing back and forth, but he confirmed it to the DR last night which makes sense. They are indeed the stronger side and the girl he has a crush on (Sis) is with them. It’s a win/win for him – until he gets out of the house and Bella kicks his ass for embarrassing her on TV.  No, he didn’t bash her, but I’m sure she’s embarrassed for doing the dirty deed in front of thousands of live feeders only to have him act like a teenage boy around Sis the second Jack leaves.

As far as who is going home this week, it’s still tough to tell. The house sounds like they want to send Kat home but the numbers make that hard. If Jackson, Holly, and Jess vote to keep Kat, she’ll only need 1 vote to stay. I can see Nicole voting to keep Cliff if it came down to it and that will mean Nick, Sis, and Christie all have to vote Kat out if they want her gone. I’m sure by the end of the week, they’ll have figured it out and all vote together but right now it’s a toss-up.


Here are your BBJ fan pets of the day!

These two good girls are Harley Quinn and Hanna Nanna submitted by Daina!



1:00 pm – Everyone is outside hanging out. Not much going on

2:15 pm – Nick is working Cliff while most of the girls are tanning

3:40 pm – Still a lot of sitting around the house. There is small talk of trying to get Kat out but it’s mostly just casual conversation.

Also, thanks for fixing my error. I was wondering why everyone kept asking about the veto. Apparently, I wrote that Nick pulled Christie down. Oops.


5:20 pm – Ok, the afternoon has broken up and now people have gone into their own corners to whisper game. I can finally start paying attention

Holly wants to talk to Tommy to try to find out the deal with Nick. Holly said before the veto meeting, Cliff said that he has Nick and Nicole’s vote so she doesn’t know what is going on

Holly is talking about how Cliff didn’t work with Jack which could have kept him safe but didn’t want to. She really wants him out (and for Kat to stay)

I realized the comments on this are getting long so I’m going to create a new thread soon!


New thread here!


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  1. Minkie

    Diane, your dogs are quite lovely!
    On a BB note, Nick gives me the heebie-jeebies…will be happy the day they send him packing!

  2. AIO_7

    “We all knew Nick was going to take Christie off the block,”

    I think you mean Tommy.

  3. Rita

    You said Nick took Christie down but you meant Tommy, unless something changed since I last watched the feeds.

  4. Nancy

    I love boxers..oh, and the breed too

  5. Nancy

    Your babies are beautiful, diana.
    I agree creepy mcCreepster needs to go, soon..I hope something major happens and uncle cliff stays..fingers crossed..
    When Iisten to the hgs talk, i just cant figure out what they want to do..

  6. danmtruth

    Such great happy pets thanks Steve for this new bonus
    These HG never fail to show how clueless they are Sun nite it was pointed out that a BB show was on Jess a believe ask do they turn off the feeds during the show Another HG pop up with they should give a signal when the feeds are on Just clueless

  7. hogwild

    I hope Jess Nicole or Cliff or Kat depending on who stays this week wins HOH and puts Nick up he really has become quite the little douche. I’m starting to dislike him more than Christie.

  8. WhereisPablo

    Watching BBAD, I studied JJ’s watermelon skills and wondered why they don’t buy seedless considering the quantity that he consumes.

  9. AIO_7

    Sis serves some deviled eggs ….


  10. Sophie

    I guess NN must have won Veto and took Christie down?

    Anyway, new here, been lurking. Finally decided to register and join in.

    Hello everyone!!

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  12. Charlotte

    Very cute doggies!

    Oh how I wish Nicole would stop hanging out with Nick!! His nastiness is going to ruin her sweet personality.

  13. WhereisPablo

    The dogs are darlings!

  14. TeeJ

    Not sure who I want to win BB21 but I am sure who I don’t want to see win. No one from the remaining six shooters or Nick. *Hated the way all of them treated everyone else.* I completely agree with most of you which three should go next. Just not sure we agree on the order. Christie and Tommy, planned or not, have an unfair advantage. Nick is…so many adjectives…creepy as creepy gets is a good start.

    Christie annoys me about the same as Rachel Reilly. Hugely annoyed by both. Rachel was a gamer and won a lot of comps. Maybe Christie can surprise and do better in comps though I think that it more likely she continues to implode in comps. Picture her game without Tommy. The B-team (B-team is anyone NOT named Nick or a former six shooter) needs to keep her, tough it out, and get rid of Tommy first as he is a much bigger threat to win the game. Christie *Nick too* would be aimless without anyone to manage them. Jack was a prick, selfish and full of himself but the others followed him (often without questioning). Tommy is playing hard and trying to keep them aligned. Tommy leaving turns this into more of a free-for-all.

    This probably works best if Cliff stays. And someone from the B-team needs to win HOH next.
    Just my 2 cents.

  15. Avatar

    Has anyone commented on Christie accidentally revealing that she only lives three exits away from Tommy and Cliff made a joke that those two aren’t wrong.


  16. Pink13

    If only they could hear us!!!

  17. Avatar

    Has anyone commented on Christie accidentally revealing that she only lives three exits away from Tommy and Cliff made a joke that those two must know each other.


  18. nancy

    I’m hoping later in a private conversation someone will divulge they saw “the look.” And then try to catch them again.

  19. hogwild

    Sis reaction if Kat goes to jury house next and has the week alone with Jack.

  20. ShoeLover

    Thanks y’all!!! Those are my girls!!! They make me laugh, daily!!!

    I wish CC’s punishment should have included that the third place field trip person had to be put on the block and could not be taken down with the VETO!! As much as I love Kat and all her spunky antics, i would prefer for her to go and not Cliff.

  21. TeeJ

    *Off topic*
    Drinking oot of containers and putting it back in the fridge is disturbing to me. I live alone and don’t do that. I don’t recall seeing the women do this but will try to pay more attention. That was an early lesson learned for me – lots of sisters willing to clobber me growing up.

  22. RebeccaC

    Okay I love, love, love this blog and all the diverse opinions. But I have a pet peeve (for what it’s worth!) Bloggers and commenters alike have a bad habit of saying a version of the following:

    “Nicole has told so-and-so she plans to vote for Kat”

    I always have to do a double take to try to determine what exactly that means. What does that mean, voting FOR Kat? Is she voting to keep Kat? or Cliff? Is she voting Kat out?? It’s very confusing.

    If you can reread your own post and make sure we can follow your logic, it will make your comment so much easier to understand! Why not just say it like the live vote? “Nicole has told so and so she plans to VOTE TO EVICT Kat. Simple. Understood! What a concept! Okay okay I’m off my soapbox now! 🙂

  23. Mary

    Laughing, that chicken (Sis) doesn’t sound anything like my neighbors chickens who come into my yard.

  24. Sunny

    I wonder what Julie Chen-Moonves thinks of the job the casting people did this year. You have 2 people who know each other (and it’s not part of a twist), 3 other people that know of each other, one who is/was on steroids with anger issues as well as an eating disorder and night terrors (serious mental health issues with him and the BB house is not the place to deal with those issues), and one who is a total pervert. Did casting not do any kind of checking up on these people? I can’t believe there weren’t real people who wanted to be cast on the show and not all these wannabe social media influencer types! How did some of these people make it through the psych eval that I thought they were put through? Somebody needs to lose there job over this season’s casting. Just my opinion though.

  25. ElaineB

    If Cliff has to go because he didn’t take the deal with Jack-Ass, I can accept that. I would rather lose Cliff to jury, than have Jack-Ass still in the game.

  26. Patricia

    Wow first time i heard that jj has night terrors. Has it been caught on a feed at night. Is there a video of it. I so agree these people suck this year. I like most of yall lime cliff n nichole too. I will be so upset if the keep kat. Ugh

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