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Big Brother 21 – Monday Evening Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


Well, that was one disappointing afternoon to cap off what has been a pretty disappointing season so far.

I will never understand how you can go on a show for a chance to win half a million, tell the entire house that you won a special power, and then not become target #1. It happens all the time on this show and it’s maddening. What happened to flushing out powers so they’re out of the game as quickly as they’re in it? It happens on Survivor all the time. If someone is rumored to have an immunity idol, you will see their name that night so they have to use it. Well, it doesn’t always happen, but that’s competitive reality show strategy 101.

Christie has been running around telling the entire house that she won her comp which gives her the power to turn any veto into a diamond pov. The diamond pov is when the person holding the veto names the replacement nominee rather than the HoH doing it. After being voted out of the house by 6 people (Christie included), Cliff won the HoH this week. He promptly got revenge by putting two of those people on the block next to each other. He then decided to swear on his children that he’ll nominate whoever Christie wants if she keeps him safe for a week or two.


The only possible logic behind this is that Cliff’s only goal is to make jury and this basically secures his spot if they do a 9 person jury. Well, unless they screw him next week which at this point I would find hilarious because it’s Big Brother karma for not playing the game.

I’ve been bashing Cliff quite a bit for taking a shot and then running away, but you do also have to give some credit to the 6shooters. Cliff didn’t just wake up and decide he was going to chicken out. He was worked by that alliance and offered a nothing deal and he took it. They could have been angry. Jackson could have burst out into roid rage. Nope. They remained calm and Christie did her thing. This kind of makes up for last week’s near-genius move because this time she actually did what she wanted. She got the HoH to do her bidding and didn’t have to waste her power in the process. That is good gameplay no matter how disliked that side of the house is and I’ll give her credit. If that alliance were well liked, Twitter would be gushing over this move.

Oh well.


On to the updates – But first: Join feeds | Donate

  • 3:00 pm – Most of the shooters are in the kitchen while everyone else is outside
    • Jack said that Sam and Bella can’t stop talking shit about them
  • 3:30 pm – They are outside talking conspiracy theories. Kat has some interesting theories
  • 3:45 pm – Tommy re-tells the conversation he had with Nick to Jack
    • They talk a little game then Tommy says he’s tired of talking game and starts having small talk with Jack. boring
    • Cliff is outside trying to convince himself that he made a good move to Nick and Bella. He even mentioned there may be a battle back lol
  • I switched comments back for now. Going to run it a few more days now and make a final decision
    • Outside, HollyBeth is explaining the situation with Jackson how he’s butthurt that she doesn’t want to have sex in front of cameras. Not sure why she even needs to explain herself to him, but he’s been mad at her
  • 4:30 pm – Not a ton going on. Jess and Kat chatting with Nick and Bella pouting on another feed.
  • 6:30 pm – Bella and Nick are alone still talking about the game and her going home.
    • Christie goes into the bedroom to whisper to Sis
    • Sis and Sam had a talk earlier and now she is reporting back to her leader.
  • 6:55 pm – Sam is chatting with Kat and Chrissie in the bathroom
    • Sam asks Kat when Nick came to her, did he namedrop Sam
    • Kat says she doesn’t want to get in the middle
    • But she does say she can’t remember.
    • Sam says he almost wants to call a house meeting to air everything out. Do it!
    • Christie keeps encouraging to do it. She’s such a troublemaker, I kind of like it. She’s good feeds
    • Sam is having doubts but Jess jumps in and starts it back up! She tells him he should do it now. Send it!
  • 7:45 pm – House is having dinner before the meeting
  • 8:20 pm – House meeting!
    • Sam mentions how his conversation with Sis made him feel shady because she doesn’t trust him
    • He asks Nick if his name was dropped at all. Nick was going to try to get Chrissy to go upstairs and tell Cliff she wasn’t going to use the power.
    • Sis asks why he used her, he just said he was talking to her about it
    • Nick says he came up with the idea and shot his shot and missed. Sam jumps in and said he had no part in it
    • Nick says he told Sis the fake idea and Kat the real idea
    • So far the meeting is basically Nick and Christie going back and forth praising each other. wtf
    • Nick begins to tear up saying he tried to make his move and it didn’t work.
    • Jackson jumps in with a pep talk to Nick after Jack pumps him up.  I want fights!
    • Cliff jumps in how they’re all family.
    • This is boring so far. We need Bayleigh bleeding out of her mouth

Well, that was a dud of a meeting, so I’m wrapping this post up and starting the overnight now that BBAD is about to begin.

Go to the overnight thread here



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  1. Avatar

    Oh, please share some of Kat’s theories with us! I find her very entertaining, but only because she is bat-poo insane!

  2. Minkie

    Yes, Kats “theories” might be more interesting than whats going on in the house.

  3. Russell James Yost

    I’d also point out it is Bella’s fault for making herself a big target.

    It is easy to forget the past few weeks, but that girl ran around the house allying herself with others and then turning on them. Then last week her behavior towards Nicole when she attacked her personally just did not sit well with others.

    Nick and Bella last week reminded me of Jess and Cody a couple of seasons ago. She created this massive target on her back and to make matters worse she became arrogant, entitled, and unlikable.

    However, Cliff’s lack of gameplay could potentially wreck next weeks HOH as well. What if Nicole pulls out a miracle win? Well, then Christie can threaten to use her power all week to save someone in her alliance. This was such a wrong move on so many levels. You can’t just leave power out there floating around.

    It is just inexcusable.

  4. Avatar

    I am hoping Nick can convince people to at least tie the vote or flip a couple people. I hate Bella but Jack has got to go

    • Colby

      Welcome to BBJ, Sammy!
      But I wouldn’t hold my breath that Bella might stay.

      • Avatar

        I won’t hold my breath, but I am hoping people realize that they will still have to live with Jack in jury and he will still be an ass. He also will be so much harder to get rid of after a certain point, plus I hate him. I would prefer watching Bella in jury. Happy to be here, hopefullly people get paranoid and vote the jerk out.

  5. Helen

    Sam tells Bella if he wins HOH next week he is putting up Nicole and Jess so that he does not make any waves to ensure he and nick at least make it to jury

  6. Samiam

    Thank you for changing it back.

  7. AIO_7

    If you think about it, you could make the case that Cliff was protecting Nicole, or even Sam or Jess, by giving Christie her way. Say Cliff pressed Christie to use up her power, then she could just use it and instruct Jack to put up one of those three. I wonder if she threatened him with that.

    • danmtruth

      No she never had to it was Bella or bust In fact by not making her use the power If by chance a non sixshooter wins HOH That persons HOH will be limited with Christie hovering with her power

  8. LO1004

    I hope Michie’s BB Comic has something to do w constantly drinking out of the cartons so he knows how big of a dick he is.

  9. Avatar

    For a minute I thought Cliff had some balls!

  10. AIO_7

    O.K. Something is wrong with the thumbs. I’ve had to up vote Russell James Yost 3 different times. Because every time I leave, then come back to the page there is no thumb there. Also the last page had no one over 2 up votes. Something weird is going on.

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  12. Good Dog

    Alright, back to chronological format. I like to read the posts as an ongoing story. I said Cliff was a “P”. but he changed my mind, now he changed it back. Wonder what his family thinks?

    • Colby

      His family is probably happy that he made a deal to keep himself safe a couple of more weeks, instead of falling on a grenade for others and getting sent home next week when the numbers just aren’t there.

  13. hogwild

    This will be the 23 comment here does that tell how quick today took the air out of this season.

  14. hogwild

    Since it looks like nothing interesting will be happening tonight or for some time to come here is the 17 minute live version of Let there be Rock by AC/DC.

  15. Good Dog

    I guess credit is due to the six to pull off this Jedi mind trick on the rest of the house. I believe at this point, regardless of who wins Hoh, they’ll do their bidding. Oh, it’s I’m my best interest to nominate someone from my little alliance? OK.

  16. Helen

    Tommy seems to have his little hand in everyone’s pie doesn’t he….he is involved with almost every conversation

  17. HappyHippo

    So frustrated. I hate the 6 so much that I cannot wait to see them crumble and pout like Bella and nick. I still like Sam and Nicole but good grief the rest make my skin crawl. Kat has her decent moments… Jess gets dumber and dumber by the day. I can already tell that I will not be happy the day they “crown” the winner. What a disappointment after last season.

  18. Sunny

    I don’t know – I may be tuning out in the next week or two. It all depends on what happens. I’ll probably keep tabs through this website to see who is evicted. If it appears that it’s turning around to an OK winner, I’ll check back in to the show. Right now, I don’t know if it’s worth wasting 3 hours each week. This is the first year that I’ve thought this. Even with the Evel Dick season and the 2 “friendship” Paul seasons I kept watching. I just don’t think you need to treat people this way in order to win. It’s a sad outlook on society these days.

    • Ronduh

      I’m with you! I thought this season could be salvaged with Cliff but…no! It’s so frustrating and I really can’t stand 90% of the houseguests. It’s like a new version of Big Brother…the last 2-3 yrs have been crap with production basically running the show and honestly maybe longer since I’ve only been following the feeds the last couple years so I can see what’s going on that isn’t aired on tv. People that don’t follow the feeds don’t really know what’s going on.

  19. LO1004

    Apparently there’s a mass of people canceling their feeds. Anyone know why? I’m assuming it was a ‘rice pudding’ comment Jack made, but I didn’t actually hear it. Just read about it. He’s so racist it makes me ill.

  20. Kari

    It has gottento the point where all I want to do is watch the Sunday eviction. Watch the door slam Bella on her bitch ass.

    I watched the episode when I heard the cliff made some funny facial expressions and I’m glad I saw that. But beyond things that I’m told her watching? I’m just done.

    Again just do not understand how CBS can allow this kind of crap, continue to recruit these kind of people, and not make any changes. Drama is great but this goes above and beyond that.I wish I could work there because I’ve make damn sure everybody that came had some knowledge of the game and wasn’t just there to extend their modeling career or what not. I’m sorry but it’s absolutely disgusting.

    Side note:

    I’ve seenpeople talking about CBS and having problems getting the station locally. The last time I checked you could go to the regular website, not the paid for sight, just cbs.com, and see the episodes the next day. At least you can with the soaps and I know last summer I did with big brother. To be honest I haven’t checked recently bet some of you might want to at least try that route.

    Another side note. Or maybe a whine. I hate it when there’s nothing on TV. #Bored

  21. Purring

    I’m really really hoping Bella can drop some good bombs on everyone before leaving and get some paranoia started, then maybe it will get interesting. If Cliff would have made a big move, he could have gotten more of the house on his side.

  22. Purring

    Bella never does what people tell her do, she does the exact opposite.

  23. Colby

    They are getting ready to have a house meeting. May be interesting?

  24. Helen

    BB21, where they’re so afraid of offending each other they don’t bother playing the game of BB, yet they keep making headlines for being offensive #hamsterwatch BB21

  25. LO1004

    Kat at the house meeting: I want no part of this


    We feel you, Kat. We feel you.

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  27. hogwild


  28. danmtruth

    The only thing we have to look forward too will be them turning on each other
    Mix up the jury vote first 6 evicted get a vote each Next 5 vote based on final 3 winner of that vote gets 1 vote 3rd place gets 2 votes thats 9 total votes Just to change things up and lessen the people wanting to make it to jury Plus the first six can be like fans watch as much or little of the feeds Be bitter or not Just changes things
    Bellas eviction will be the first normal eviction of the season Im sure we will get the tesrful Nick goodbye mesage Tommy will be fake oh i love you so muvh
    Random thoughts
    Kat telling Holly to be careful because she is staring in porn Reminding her they are on camera 24/7 Is odd coming from someone who does not wear underwear yet is opening her legs while wearing lose fitting shorts Ohhh im flashing i did not know that
    1:23Jacks morning quicky with Sis the other day Congrats minute man
    Glad i miss the HOUSE meeting as Snackson CC Kat Tommy are all laughing and making fun of the others As they are so smart

  29. Laz

    IMHO, why don’t people who aren’t fans of this cast stop watching live feeds and stick with just the real shows each week? Why dig into the deeper meaning and need to know every detail? I’m sure most of our favorite actors, athletes, musicians and so forth do and say things in the life that we’d despise. You have the option to still watch BB and just accept the narrative that production wants to tell. I have the feeds but they are dirt cheap and its really for incase of a major fight or blow out occurs. Otherwise I just watch the real show and will read catch ups occasionally but reading a review doesn’t anger me. If you really love a houseguest I get watching the feeds but when you don’t but your still a fan of the show why not just watch CBS 3x a week and let them tell the story? You want the real deal but you cant handle that some people are mean and nasty and that’s just that, not a reason to be nasty back just a reason to not follow their every word so closely. I’ve enjoyed this season via the CBS show and I suggest any long time real BB fans give it a try 1st before constantly threatening to stop watching. We control what we see as much as CBS does, I chose to let them draw an entertaining picture and they tend to manufacture it successfully most of the time. Mob mentality runs deep on forums like these just as much as in the BB house. All in all I enjoy this site just like others I check in on but the negativity and complaining is getting to be a little much, and its not just here but I wish I could get everyone who cares to just try to ignore what CBS doesn’t show you and be okay with that… its a TV show after all.

    • Alf

      We all have the right to watch the show, watch the feeds, read the comments, share our opinions, be a quiet observer, or not, to comment or not, to agree, or respectfully disagree. It is the choice everyone owns. All the while, I enjoy the show, and enjoy the banter presented in this forum, knowing that I have the choice to continue, or to sign off. I choose to enjoy this forum.

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