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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Feed Updates

July 17, 2019 | 210 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Well, yesterday was quite the day inside the Big Brother house. It was detailed in my live feed thread plus the recap this morning, so I won’t elaborate too much, but I’m still in shock so I need to summarize it.

I started the day off talking about how this is till Christie’s house and the person going to camp on Thursday will depend on what she wants to do. I then thought I was watching Big Brother brilliance when she began randomly freaking out over some paranoia that got into her. She was completely sure she would be the replacement nom during the veto ceremony and began to lose it. The thing is, I thought I was watching another Dan Gheesling’s funeral taking place because it made complete sense. To us, Christie had nothing to worry about as she was never even considered an option. She also had a power and wanted Cliff out this week.

When you put all those pieces together, it was pure genius that she’d freak out about going on the block, convince Kat not to use her veto, and then vote out Cliff. This makes her keep her power for a more important situation and she won’t have to deal with splitting the house by campaigning to keep Nicole when the HoH wants her out. It just eliminates that entire situation before it starts which was some next level thinking. She gets her target and doesn’t need to show her cards to Nick quite yet.

However, it turns out she actually was paranoid which means it appears to be a real freak out. That’s not as fun. We see freakouts all the time. What we don’t see are next level genius moves. Oh well, it was a fun hour while it lasted.

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  • 10:00 am – The house was given it’s wake-up call and everyone is slowly rolling out of bed
  • 11:30 am – It’s tanning day.
    • Oh, and someone linked me something that was dug up about Jack.  The only reason I’m posting this at all is that the tweet said he was arrested in the past for assault. It wasn’t assault. He does have an OWI on his history but nothing about assault. I am not sharing opinions on it, just clearing up facts. Take it for what you will.
    • Nicole and Kemi are walking laps around the yard. Kemi is a little worked up today for some reason and says she just needs to stay cool today.
  • 12:45 pm – People are just hanging outside. Kemi is still whispering a lot to Nicole but it’s hard to hear what she’s saying
  • 2:00 pm – Slow afternoon check-in. Still sunning and eating. Nothing else going on
  • 3:15 pm – Christie is talking to Tommy and Jack in the bedroom
    • They are making plans for the future. Tommy says if he wins HoH, he is going to stand up and say he’s now taking sides. He is taking Nicole’s side over Nick and Bella.
    • She (Nicole) was interrogated and bullied by you two and your stories just don’t line up
    • He is going to pull them up with Holly and Sis and tell his additional plan.
    • But, those two are not his targets. He wants one of them to win the veto and pull themselves off so they can backdoor Sam. This is so when it comes down to 8 or 9, they know Nick and Bella are forced to be with them and not have Sam as a safety net.
    • So, Tommy’s ‘genius’ plan (according to Christie) is to piss off Nick and Bella but still get them into the final 8?  I’m not seeing the logic in this. What does he think happens at 8? Does he think the show gives prizes for 8 person alliances making it through half a season?
    • Unless he’s planning on using Nick and Bella to go after Jackson (since he is apparently the only one not mentioned in this plan so far), what is the point?
    • They also talk about how keeping Nicole is better for their game which is another dumb move (I want Nicole to stay, but it’s smarter to get her out over the non-threat)
    • The three begin to talk about how great the three of them are at this game
    • Tommy leaves and Jack and Christie say they now need to figure out how to convince Nick to side with getting out Nicole. Which is exactly why I thought she was brilliant yesterday so they could avoid that
  • 4:00 pm – Cliff is chatting with Nicole outside while Ovi and David are chatting in the camp room. Nothing special.
  • 5:30 pm – Christie and Sis are in the bedroom getting dressed trying to figure out where Christie’s missing laundry bag is
    • Meanwhile, the DR is taping Jackson’s ankle for some reason which is freaking out the house
    • He hurt his ankle during the last PoV or something but they think it’s random they are taping it now like there is a competition coming up. It is kind of weird but it probably has something to do with a medic’s schedule than anything else
  • 5:45 pm – 15 minutes later, Christie found her bag after speculating someone (Kemi) took it
    • Oh wait, she was only pretending to find the bag to get Kemi to admit she did it?  wtf
    • David told Bella he found the bag in the storage room but he didn’t want to say anything because he didn’t want people to think he took it
    • 30 minutes later Christie says she’s annoyed because she has to give the bag back. It’s not hers. Only the HoH can have a bag (which means production probably took your bag back)
    • Meanwhile, Jack is explaining the big blindside plan to Sis and Holly to screw over Nick and Bella then let them off the hook to backdoor Sam
    • Sis and Holly aren’t really loving the idea (because it’s stupid)
  • 6:30 pm – Nick and Bella are outside talking game
    • They want David back in the game so they can work with him.
    • They’d have a solid 5 with Kat and David (and Sam) then Christie and Tommy (hahahaha)
    • Oh, Nick thinks they can grab Sis too after Jack is gone.
  • 8:oo pm – Slow day in the house, going to binge on some Stranger Things. I’ll try to recap a bit before bed
  • 9:35 pm – Was going to head to bed but checked in on feeds
    • Nick, Tommy, Bella, Sam, and Christie are all sitting around the hammock having a bitch session about Kemi
    • They are upset because Kemi said something about the couples early in the game and Nick is sick of her and wants to spit on her.
    • Nick repeats over and over how she’s a piece of shit and he doesn’t care if it’s taken out of context
  • 9:50 pm – Apparently Nicole overheard the spit comment about Kemi and told her
    • She isn’t 100% sure who said it (it was Nick)

Now I’m off to bed for real. Update in the AM


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