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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


What’s up with this six-person alliance thing people are obsessed with this season? Is it because Kaycee was part of a six-person alliance and she won last season?   People do realize that the only reason that alliance was as effective as it was is that they were all loyal throughout the entire season, right?  They didn’t fill people in when Rachel or Brett left. It was six people who fought to the end with four of them making it very far in the game.

This season, whenever people are kicked (or voted out) of the six-shooters, Tommy has been adamant about having people fill those missing spots so they are always six strong. I mean it may be a strategy that ultimately works in the end, but it’s just weird.

I mention this because Cliff, Nicole, and Nick have apparently replaced Jack, Jackson, and Holly in that alliance which means they will be next to go as well as Jessica assuming that 6 wins HoH this week. This is assuming Cliff indeed does stay which is seeming more and more likely now that he has made a deal with the devil for safety. Cliff is somehow surviving and every week he survives just proves everyone wrong that he was dumb to not backdoor Christie when he had the chance. I went through the likely outcome had he made that move and there is an extremely good chance that Cliff would have been out the very next week considering Holly won that HoH.


Before I begin today, I have to once again mention Analyse’s difficulty with the length of days because that’s hilarious. I know Mel touched on it this morning, but never forget that someone said: “since we’ve been in the house, the days have been getting shorter” and Analyse was happy because that means less time inside the house.

Oh, and I’m going to start plugging the donate page because I have added Mel’s donate link and soon I will have NK as soon as she gives me the link (check your email, NK)

And I can’t forget the BBJ Pet of the Day!

This good boy is Chandler sent in by Jenny! Thank you Jenny, he’s beautiful!


12:00 pm – Quiet afternoon in the house. Most are outside

1:13 pm – Tommy is talking to Cliff in the HoH room. He is saying they’re on the same page but he wants to pump the brakes a bit. This is because he told Kat he’d keep her informed so he doesn’t want her getting suspicious.

Tommy says he’s going to pitch to Jackson how Cliff is generally better to keep because he’s injured.


He’s also shocked to find out he was the #1 target from people this week. He (Tommy) thought he was good with everyone. Cliff explains it’s because they wanted to break him away from Christie

They say they won’t talk much this week about it and just lay low. Christie joins and the talk breaks up

Now Cliff is explaining how he has no problem working with Christie and he only wanted Jack out because he was so strong.

Christie is still filling his head with bullshit how much she really did want to work with him blah blah blah. No, you didn’t. You’ve been trying to get him out since you heard him say your name in his private conversation with the camera


Christie says how she is beginning to think Kat and Jackson have a fake hate so people will just keep thinking they’ll go against each other but never do. She’s right.

2:30 pm – Nick is downstairs cooking what I think is banana bread. I know this because he discovered there is no bread in banana bread (as an ingredient)

3:50 pm – Nick and Sis are close in the boat room talking which make me think of this recent tweet:


Needless to say, good luck Nick. RIP

Oh, and Nick thinks there are 9 people in the house so there could be a tie.  This guy is dumb

Cliff joins and talks to Nick about the conversation he had with Christie. However, the 5 remaining ‘6-shooters’ plan on meeting up tonight.

Here is a random picture of Nicole in a hat


They are speculating on what happens during a DE. Hopefully Nicole is playing dumb when she speculates that the second HoH of the night happens on Friday.

And Analyse is so bored she’s plucking her arm hair.

5:00 pm – Kat is talking with Tommy. She says she’s going to campaign to everyone tomorrow but wants to see where the house is at


She is nervous about it being a house vote and her not on the good side.

Tommy plays dumb to pretty much everything she says like the alliance getting back together or even what a house vote was. He acted like he didn’t know. She asks if they’d keep Cliff because he’s injured and he actually does say it’s possible.

Kat keeps saying she hopes America doesn’t think she’s wishy washy. I can’t listen to Tommy’s fake laugh much longer.

6:30 pm – Nicole and Jess are having a casual conversation in the bathroom. Tommy and a few others are talking in the bedroom but I am done with Tommy’s laugh tonight

Thread closed. Overnight here


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  1. AIO_7

    ….”that he (Cliff) was dumb to not backdoor Christie when he had the chance.”

    No doubt.

  2. hogwild

    I don’t know that Cliff is all that loyal to this new six he knows when it gets down to 6 or 7 people left he and Nicole are at the top of evict list. I suspect if he gets a chance to take a shot at then before then he will.

  3. Nancy

    Jenny, he sure is a handsome boy..who ever he is looking at, you can see the love in his eyes
    Thanks steve

  4. WhereisPablo

    Chandler is beautiful Jenny!

  5. hogwild

    Labs are the best dogs just saying.

  6. ElaineB

    Thx Steve! I have said the same thing about the six-person whatever. I have settled on Stupid Six, whoever is included. Jenny, Chandler is adorable!

  7. Katheryn

    It would be more eventful if Kat stayed. If Cliff stays it will go back to the same stupid 6 alliance thing and Nicole would definitely be at the bottom.

  8. Annabelle

    I don’t know if it was on purpose or sloppy BB production on many of the guests living close to each other. On day one Jackson was all nice to Ovi and said something about Tennessee guys sticking together. Then Ovi didn’t meet the AD standard of worth and Jackson dropped him. I also overheard one night on bbad Jackson saying in high school he lived in Knoxville and had never been skiing even though Gatlinburg is so close. So that seemed odd but now really odd with all the others. Lord don’t let this be a set up for some stupid twist! If I heard anything wrong let me know. Have to keep volume down cause of Chistie voice waking my hubby. Blonde Nicole caused same problem.

    • Nancy

      I’m gonna say sloppy BB production..oh, I’m with you..no crazy twists..

    • danmtruth

      Volume control has been an issue all season it was worse when Jack was in the house He and Jackson loved to do yell and response We have not been treated to the yeh baby yell in a while The worse was the circle of love People would say what they were grateful for then everyone pounds the table and yells Anoying as F*ck

      • Nancy

        But put their ass on BBAD and they make sure I cant hear a damn thing with all the half whisper/no whisper mouth movements..

    • hogwild

      I go with sloppy production BB really has to start casting people from wider area. I lost track of how many were from NY/NJ Cliff and Kat both from Texas along with the Tennessee connection already mentioned.

  9. danmtruth

    That looks so much like my Fin A lab beagle mix That smile is great thanks never fails to bring me up
    Now on to Sis For her sake i hope this is all an act Because everytime i hear her speak i flash to this

  10. AIO_7

    It’s slow in the house. Me, I’m Jonesing for a new Baby Lady vid..


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  12. AIO_7

    Sis and Chrustie scheming and all happy about the new 6 …


  13. Sophie

    Never got a change to comment on this because I wasn’t a member here then, but the moment that made me the most upset this season was when CC accused JJ of “yelling at a girl”. That really pissed me off. I *HATE* that type of stuff. Females playing that card! It’s soooo manipulative. If she was any type of real woman, she’d be able to handle that. She first accused Jack of bullying her and trying to force her to do what she wanted. She was bad mouthing him so much during her HOH. THEN she did the same with JJ. I can’t stand the way she tries to make guys look like d*cks so she can be a victim. All the while CC *Chucky Christie* murderously stabs her friends & associates in the back for her own gain. Bwahaha

  14. Avatar

    How, in the name Of all that is holy, can everyone stand to listen to the feeds all day? I listen to BBAD for 2-3 hours and I want to stick an ice pick in my hears. Nick with his f bombs ever 3rd word, Tommy “I love you “ all the freakin’ time. Like Jess like all the time. Sis doesn’t have the brains God gave a piece of toast. Christie sounds insincere every time she opens her mouth and chewing with her mouth open is driving me crazy. One day I was listening to Christie for a good half hour and she never let another person get a word in edgewise. I was walking through the house yelling “Shut the f up”, my husband thought I had lost my mind. Jackass is one of those guys you avoid in high school because he thinks he’s god’s gift to women. I’m ok with Holly, although she has terrible taste in men and Cliff, Kat and Nichole are fine. And here’s a question. I saw on FB that there might be a little something going on with Nick and Tommy. Any truth to that?

    • danmtruth

      Its funny people are quick to point out when women play the sex card Yet all season Nick has been using sex talk touching as a strategy to keep people off balance He loves to lay on people and stroke them Hair arm or wgat ever He has gone as far as use his feet on people backs ,butts and groin As long as the person stays quiet he keeps pushing it Even Tommy is confused as what hus orientation is Again straight gay or bi jyst be honest about it That seems to be the thing Tommy is trying to figure out about Nick Just one more thing not to like about Nick

    • Nancy

      My sista !! Agreed with everything you said..
      I doubt anything is going on..just two little boys , exploring..discovering…haha.I’m of the opinion nick is fluid, sexually..and tommy likes to cuddle..perfect match

  15. Minkie

    Jenny, Chandler is so cute! He looks like he is smiling.
    What a happy picture!

  16. Patricia

    Oh jenny. He is so precious and Nancy is right u can see how much he loves u n how happy he is. He has such a great smile.

  17. hogwild

    Since we now have pet of the day I had to do this apologies in advance.

  18. Avatar

    CBS and Viacom want to merge back into one company again. If it goes through please send the piece of trash that is called Love Island to MTV


  19. AIO_7

    My wish came through! The Baby Lady’s latest video …


  20. hogwild

    Since not much happening in the house just like to say it’s 101 here with heat index of 110. Its to dam hot!!!

  21. Avatar

    Rockstar from BB20 had to comment on the Jack supporter that said that she needs to stop talking about Jack and know her place as a BB alumni


  22. hogwild

    I know he won’t win but I do love that Cliff sees right through Christies bullshit.

  23. Patricia

    Its 99 with heat index of 109 here in nash tn.

  24. Joy

    OMG, Jenny Chandler is beautiful!

  25. WhereisPablo

    We are at 89 with index at 102, with humidity at 5000% in southeastern Virginia.

  26. nancy

    Pleased to see Bella has some self respect.

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  28. HappyHippo

    I was asking on the previous thread if anybody had heard from Bella thanks Steve! Lmao he deserves everything he gets!! Such a perverted person! Also jobless

  29. hogwild

    Nicole can rock a hat.

  30. Punkytripster2

    So I was just on twitter and today in the house CC and Tommy got caught saying that they only live 3 exits away from each other. Christy tried to talk circles around it saying each exit was 6 miles away but Cliff commented and said something along the lines of “if you guys live that close you must know each other” … Tommy starts yelling “no” … please oh please let this be the discussion of the night. I don’t want to see Cliff go but there is now a chance that Christie might want Cliff out for saying that they must know each other.

  31. Jenny

    Thanks to Steve for posting his pic, and thanks to all of you for the nice words about Chandler. He’s been gone for almost 4 years now but he was the absolute love of my life! He was happy ALL THE TIME. My vet called Chandler the Happiest Dog on the Planet! I was lucky to have 12 years of smiles with this sweet boy.
    Looking forward to seeing more of my BB family’s furbabies!

    • Nancy

      Condolences..that made my heart sad..but he was handsome

    • Alda

      Sorry Jenny.Ny cousin has a black lab.Stuart turned 7 yesterday.He is such a happy boy too.They rave a beautiful coat for sure.

    • Jenny

      Thanks Nancy & Alda. I grieved hard for him but we all know dogs don’t stay long enough. I couldn’t get another lab because I’d want it to be Chandler and of course it couldn’t… so I adopted a puppy from a shelter. Tinley is a 95 lb hound/lab/weimeraner mix, crazy smart, big and silly, and wonderful in all her own weird ways. Labs are great but I love all kinds and sizes of dogs. Because dogs are awesome. Also cats. Everyone needs a dog and a cat or two.

      • Nancy

        Amen..I love both. Glad u got ur new love from a shelter..I’m huge on “adopt dont shop”.. I know that deep felt grief when ur furry family passes..I also believe we’ll see em again..hug

      • Alda

        My brother got all his beagles from a shelter.They are down to one now-Puddin.But,their granddog beagle-Cooper visits when their son goes on business trips.I was lucky to see both of them this past weekend.

    • mm22

      Jenny that’s so sweet

    • ShoeLover

      Lovely and Happy picture of your furbaby Chandler. It is so hard when they cross over the rainbow bridge. We used to have two labs before we rescued our boxer. We lost Old Lady Abbi last year, she was Hanna Nanna’s big sister and we miss her daily. Even Hanna will look for her if she is mentioned in a conversation. She sleeps with Old lady Abbi’s blanket and sometimes Hanna Nanna will drag the blanket in to the family room to snuggle on it. We two had almost 13 years with her. It’s still hurts!! I wish I knew how to post pictures, I have a favorite one of when Old Lady Abbi and Hanna Nanna met for the first time!!! After that they were inseparable!!!

      • Nancy

        So sweet..kinda teared up for a second.

      • ShoeLover

        Awww!! Nancy, I still do. I am a doggie mommy. I also have to boys, 24 and 20. But my girls are the dogs!!!

      • Jenny

        Thanks, Shoe. So those were your babies yesterday, right? Boxers are so funny! I’m so sorry about your sweet Abbi and my heart goes out to Hanna missing her buddy. I’d love to see the picture of them meeting!!!

  32. Avatar

    Oprah’s magazine just wrote an article about Bella’s tweet about Nick


  33. Punkytripster2

    Happened about 1:08pm: Christie lets it slip that she lives only three exits away from Tommy. Cliff (jokingly): “You guys must know each other!” Christie gives Tommy a look.

  34. Avatar

    Poor Kat she cleaned the HOH shower and tub today. CBS give her some money for having to do something that America doesn’t want to do.


  35. Avatar

    Well it looks like Robyn Kass is getting ready to ruin BB Canada now


  36. LO1004

    I wish Beth would stop pulling on her hair. I can’t watch anymore. I can’t look. What is happening!

  37. Ronduh

    Speaking of Christy…. well not really and I’m sorry if this was posted but I actually laughed so hard at this…found it on Twitter

    #bb21 #BBChristie says it drives her crazy when people make certain sounds when eating. Like slurping and licking their fingers.

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