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Big Brother 22 Monday Feed Updates For Labor Day

September 7, 2020 | 108 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

If you missed last night’s blog post, let me catch you up real quick so you’re not confused by today…

Last night, Tyler approached Bay and Day and told them he feels responsible for them being up this week. This is in regards to what was shown on CBS last night with Tyler telling Bayleigh that Dani was coming after her. He actually told Bayleigh that he half-expected the information he shared to come back to him (negatively), and actually felt worse when it didn’t. That’s because Bayleigh remained loyal to him and kept her source secret while Tyler was sneaking around talking about getting her backdoored. Because of this, Tyler told the girls he was willing to fall on his sword and offer to go up as a replacement nom and go home this week. Now, before we put the superhero cape on him, just remember that he’s been fairly miserable in the house and knows this is likely the last week to leave before he’s stuck there for another 2 months in jury. It’s a nice gesture regardless, but I just wanted to throw all the facts out there so people can have an informed opinion on him.

Now, what is actually about to happen is a mystery thanks to production. When Tyler went up to actually talk to Christmas about this plan, they cut the feeds and didn’t let us see any part of that conversation. The most we got out of it was at the very end where Christmas told him to sleep on it. I’m not exactly sure of the thought process behind that decision, but Tyler basically needs to go home now because of it. Why?  If he doesn’t, it’s going to look like production intervened to save him. Even if Christmas legitimately talked him out of it with extremely valid and rational reasons why he shouldn’t throw his game away, it will forever look like production saved their golden boy.

Before I begin, I want to give a huge thank you to the generous donation from the Focus on a Cure Foundation. This foundation is created to help raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease. This is a great cause so please check them out!
Also, If you have donated this season and would like a special shoutout link like that, please contact me.

Alright, let’s get into the updates:

  • 11:30 am – I expect feeds to drop in 30
    • A quick update from the morning. Bayleigh chatted with Tyler and said she doesn’t think Christmas is going to do it based on a feeling she is getting
    • She said she still wants to thank him for his offer regardless and if it doesn’t work out, she gives him permission to vote her out.
    • This is because she feels responsible for having Da’Vonne on the block as she (Bay) was the one who pissed off Nicole by saying “a couple tries and a couple guys” regarding her Big Brother history (which was a hilarious line, btw)
    • She is also the one who talked to Christmas about the ‘untouchable’ people and mentioned Da’Vonne as hers. That’s the excuse Christmas gave as to why she nominated them both together but that was a shit excuse to begin with. She would have nominated them both together with or without that comment as they have been clearly working as a pair in the game and haven’t really hidden it (despite what they think. They play it off as they barely talk but we literally see them talking all the time).
  • 12:10 pm – Tyler having a conversation with Christmas and they’re not cutting it!
    • Xmas says that Angela has Tyler for a lifetime, let the world have you for two months
    • Tyler says he has to squash his issue with Dani and Nicole now
    • Christmas says her loyalty is to Tyler then ‘The Committe’, then the girls
    • It sounds like she’s not going to use it
  • Tyler goes to speak to Dani who has been in a panic about this
    • She thinks Tyler has been campaigning to backdoor her
    • Tyler explains he wanted to go before jury so he kind of ‘feeds cut’
  • And feeds go to pets for the veto meeeting


  • 1:30 pm – Feeds back
    • Christmas did not use the power of veto. Bayleigh or Da’Vonne will be evicted this week.
    • Bayleigh is really upset at Christmas and we’ll never really know the truth because production fucked us last night
    • David comes in and Bayleigh re-tells him about the whole situation. I have a feeling Bayleigh is going to be telling everyone this week.
    • Da’Vonne pulls Christmas aside to talk to her and … you guessed it. Feeds cut
    • Feeds back to Bayleigh saying she got played by everyone
    • Christmas is telling Da’Vonne she easily has the votes to stay
    • Bay goes there – “Everyone is going to call her racist online. She has to know that”.
    • Bay tells Ian that Christmas said he was her untouchable


  • 2:25 pm – Tyler is talking to David privately
    • David tells him he feels like a dumbass because he told Bay she can trust Tyler
    • Tyler says she can. He tried to go on the block but production told him it was against the rules
    • Tyler explains how he told Day and Bay about Dani wanting to go after them
    • He continues that attitudes changed after that and it’s why Dani put them up head to head.
    • Tyler says the real reason is that Kasyar told Christmas something like Tyler should be backdoored and the Bay/Day want it
    • He also says that Bay indeed did go and throw Tyler under the bus to Dani
    • David asks about Da’Vonne trying to get the votes flipped in week 2 if that were true and Tyler said he told him the truth of what he heard. He doesn’t know if it’s true, but he definitely heard it
    • David digs and says Tyler has a power. Tyler insists he doesn’t. He asks David if he has one and David says no.  I think David was hoping Tyler would tell him so he can tell him about his. Unfortunately for David, Tyler is telling the truth
    • He insists Tyler has a power. David, come on. Tell Tyler about your power to gain trust.
    • David says he doesn’t have a power because he can’t see in the dark. Tyler asks if David thinks he has night vision lol.  David continues.  Stop bro. Stop
    • Tyler recognizes it and says ‘is this your way to tell me you have one’?
    • Tyler is starting to get frustrated and says ‘I can’t believe you don’t trust me right now. If anything, I shouldn’t trust you’ (referring to David spilling that secret a few weeks back)
    • It’s so frustrating watching David not open up. Tyler isn’t 100% loyal but he is pretty trustworthy and this would have been a great time to build some trust.
    • David asks who Tyler would put up and he says Nicole and Dani. Honest answer. Let’s see if this helps build trust

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