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Big Brother 23 – Friday Afternoon Feed Updates

July 9, 2021 | 52 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Where will the Frenchie show go today, and how boring will the house be when he’s gone?  Those are the questions of the day. Feel free to write your responses in 300-word essays, please!

I hate to keep focusing on one person, but the guy is the show so far this season. He’s been a fantastic train wreck of fun. Comes in the house guns blazin, plays victim, sets up many alliances, sets a target on someone (Brent) and then flips on the target after a 10-15 minute conversation with the guy. It’s been wonderful. A true gift after whatever the hell last season was.

The question on everyone’s mind is – who will he actually nominate? And who is his target?  To that I say, I really don’t know. He has dropped so many names out there this week that I have no clue where he stands.  He said he didn’t want to nominate a female or person of color (see discussion here about that ridiculous comment) and he wants to get a jock out first.  That basically leaves Christian, Brent, Travis, and DerekX (again, see my previous post). He immediately wanted Brent as the target but as I mentioned above, that changed after a quick conversation. Frenchie loves the guy now. In addition, just before leaving for noms, Frenchie was sitting in the room with Brent, Travis, and Xavier forming what seemed like a base of an alliance (yes, another). If he wants to align with Travis, that leaves Christian and DerekX.

However, now we’re in a tricky situation because Christian won the wildcard competition which makes him safe and Frenchie has been moving away from DerekX after realizing how pissed he was at Christian. This leaves, well, nobody.  And this is before nominations!  Right now 6 out of the 16 are guaranteed safe this week (Jokers + Christian + Xavier).  They will have a veto competition which could in theory add two more to the safe list if someone wins and uses it on someone else.

  • 11:15 am – Frenchie comes out of the DR with tears in his eyes.  Xavier and Brent give him a hug
    • Frenchie rants about how he could hear game talk from the HoH room and how he (still looking for who) lied to him to his face
    • He rants and says America is going to hate when he is about to do
    • Travis makes his way in and the talk goes up to the HN room for privacy
    • Frenchie says Brent was his week 1 target (in front of Brent.  Honesty isn’t always the best policy)
    • Frenchie is upset nobody offered to be a pawn
    • Frenchie says the person he really wants to gun for, he can’t (Christian)
  • Frenchie says he doesn’t want to work with jocks.  Ends up forming a bond with Brent, Travis, and Xavier lol
    • Xavier plans on telling Alyssa to distance herself from Christian because she is becoming a target as a result
    • Frenchie tells the group that Britini is his mole basically.  lol.  This guy is so bad
  • Conversation finally ends
  • 12:30 pm – Feeds down for Noms
  • 2:00 pm – I was going to wait until feeds returned to publish this but may as well do it now because we have no clue how long they’ll be down today.  Between it being the first nom ceremony and production blocking us from good feeds, could be a bit.
    • Feeds back!  We have noms
    • The guy who said he wasn’t going to nom a female or PoC nominated Alyssa and Kyland lol I can’t with him
    • Alyssa is in the HN room venting because she’s pretty pissed about being nominated.
    • Meanwhile, Frenchie is explaining to Kyland that he wants someone strong playing veto with him
    • Know this, the reason Frenchie targeted Alyssa is that Christian has a thing for her and he (F) wants him (C) out.  Makes sense!
    • Alyssa asks Christian if she picks him for veto will he save her. He says ‘I guess’.  lol what?  Smooth move. Sarah volunteers to play for Alyssa
  • Frenchie is such a gift. It’s sad he’s likely gone next week
    • Alyssa says that during the nomination speech, Frenchie said something about catching a big fish. Christian speculates that this is a backdoor plan because Alyssa can’t be the big fish


  • 2:30 pm Kyland, Alyssa, and Frenchie in the HoH room
    • Alyssa asks why she has been nominated.  Kyland leaves to let them talk
    • Frenchie says it’s because she lied about being in an alliance.  She asks him what he means and he says she’s in an alliance with Christian. She points out how he’s her teammate.
    • He claims they’re allied same with Sarah.  She says she’s her teammate as well
    • Frenchie claims that Christian is coming after Alyssa
    • Frenchie claims that Big Brother screwed him this week.  Yea, Big Brother’s fault
    • Frenchie mentions the big fish comment and he says she’s part of the big fish.  She immediately knows he is talking about Christian.  She claims she’s a guinea pig and he says yes
  • Alright, now we’re talking.  Frenchie, Christian, and Alyssa are talking
    • Frenchie is worried because Christian played when he should have thought he was safe.
    • Alyssa explains that was a team decision.  He didn’t want to play but the team made him because they felt responsible for him not being safe (for dropping the puzzle during HoH)
    • Frenchie tells Christian and Travis are assumed in an alliance as well. Mostly because he’s making such an effort to look like they’re not an alliance
    • Frenchie basically tells Christian and Britini told him Christian wanted an alliance with her. Christian denies it
    • They keep asking why Alyssa and not say Sarah, he explains because they were showmancing it up.  Christian and Alyssa laugh and denying that.
    • So again, Alyssa is the target this week because she’s prettier than Sarah and more threatening as a result lol.  (my words not Frenchie)
    • After much discussion, Frenchie tells Christian he’ll pick him to play veto. To help save Frenchie’s target.

Also, don’t forget that I created a spoiler cheat sheet this year you can also access from the menu

  • 3:00 pm – Frenchie goes to get Big D and Brit
    • This is so they can get to the bottom of the Christian/Alyssa ‘showmance’
    • Britini says Frenchie has been told numerous times that Christian is coming after him.  D says it’s funny because he’s not.  Alyssa then asks D what she’s said about Frenchie and D says only good things
    • Azah enters. May as well so Frenchie can throw his whole team under the bus with him
    • Christian and Alyssa say the reason they went to bed early is because they felt safe and trusted Frenchie
    • Azah mentions she wants to know who is being nominated especially when a teammate is doing it.  She’s not thrilled. Frenchie is on an island now
    • Frenchie asks Christian “Do you think it’s possible the house is pulling us apart because they are scared to death of us working together”.  Oh man.  Imagine Frenchie an interrogator… “Now, is it not true that you committed that crime as an act of self defense which should allow you to get free”
  • They call Brent into the room. Closer and closer to a house meeting
    • Brent tells Christian that he’s walked by Christian who has been working on alliances. Christian asks to clarify and Brent says ‘well, not alliances but talking to people’.  So Christian was caught talking to people lol
    • Brent tells Christian he knows that he’s Christian’s target. Christian is shocked
    • Brent says DerekX has been plotting against him. His own teammate
    • Alyssa comes out and says it. It’s likely just DerekX causing all this. This is wild
    • Brent explains that he has zero loyalty with DerekX and even told him.  Poor Whitney, her team is screwed
  • In summary, so far, Frenchie completely screwed his season to get out DerekX (who will likely be the backdoor simply because Frenchie will flip again). He pissed off most the house to get out the person who has essentially been a floater
  • 3:45 pm – Hahahaha. It took minutes for this to happen
    • Here is Frenchie telling Kyland and Alyssa they both need to win veto so they can nominate DerekX.
    • This week we watched Brent and Alyssa spend a combined maybe 2 hours talking themselves out of being the target.
  • 4:05 pm – They get Christian up to the HoH room. I feel like we’re repeating 90 minutes ago. Are we repeating 90 minutes ago?
    • He calls Whitney in as well
    • He asks Whitney to use the veto if she’s picked to play.  Christian jumps in and says ‘yes, I will. I hate your nominations. I will use it’ they laugh
    • Brent joins the HoH room. We’re closing in another half house meeting again

All right. The plan is coming together. Frenchie is going to call on his alliance (the whole house minus DerekX) to throw the veto tomorrow because they want to backdoor X.  Stepping away for a bit. I’ll open a night thread soon!

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