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Big Brother 23 – Friday Highlights

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Good morning/afternoon everyone!


It’s an early one for me today. Couldn’t sleep so I figured I may as well blog. I’m going to start by saying that today will likely be a slow day in the house, so there won’t be an afternoon live feed update thread. Saturday afternoons are almost always slow because it basically is the house waking up, drawing names for veto, and then sitting around and waiting for the comp. Then the comp is played and feeds are down for hours.  Anyone new to the live feeds, don’t expect much until 6pm est at the earliest.

With that out of the way, recapping Friday is tough because it was basically all about one person – Frenchie. I went into his first 50 hours in the house last night, so there isn’t a whole lot new to report. He’s an alleged superfan who shot out of the gate far too fast and it will be a miracle if he’s not at home watching the feeds like everyone else before the end of the month.  It’s still early to say who will be going home this week but unless things change, Derek X is almost certainly going to be the one unless he wins veto today.  There just aren’t many other options left in the house because Frenchie is basically in an alliance with everyone else.


Looking around the rest of the house, there isn’t a ton to talk about quite yet.  There was a little connection going between Brent and Whitney, so keep your eyes out for that possible showmance. Fans have been shipping Xavier and Alyssa whenever they talk, but there is nothing there yet, either. It’s actually incredibly slow on the showmance front which is what makes Frenchie’s week that much more hilarious. His goal was to get out jocks and showmances yet he ends up aligning with a jock (Brent) and targets a nonexisting showmance (Christian and Alyssa) because he’s worried they may turn out to be one.

Perhaps that was his game plan heading into the season, but good players adapt on the fly.  Even if you exclude his ‘people of color’ plan (not to nominate one), adding women to the mix was foolish. He never should have excluded anyone from nominations because he didn’t know the pool he was going to be able to choose from by the time nominations rolled around. In this case, had he included DerekX in the ‘people of color’ category, he limited himself to two people as nomination options – Brent and Travis. Neither of which were actually nominated which makes him look like a fool for going back on his word. Week 1 and he’s already known as someone who can’t be trusted.  To future BB players, this is everything you shouldn’t do.

BB23 Alyssa not happy

Moving on, now that we’ve had some time to actually see the players on feed, I’m going to go through a few early impressions…

  • Azah and Tiffany are playing very smart early. Amazing social games, not under the radar while also not a threat. Whitney is pretty much in that category as well
  • Hannah seems to be struggling to find her place in the game so far. She’s not doing bad, but not great either. She’s basically been invisible.
  • That leads me to Sarah and Britini who have also played lowkey games but have been far more involved in the social aspect of the house.  However, I can’t rank them up with Tiffany, Az, and Whit because their social games just aren’t as good.
  • Finishing out the women, I don’t have very many thoughts on Claire or Alyssa yet. They’ve been more social than say Hannah but not on the level of the others yet.
  • With the men, there isn’t a ton to say because so far they’ve mostly been what I’ve expected.  I’m surprised that DerekX has alienated himself so much but that’s about it.
  • Big D (Derek F) has been phenomenal so far.  His social game is on point and he’s going deep into the game.  Christian and Travis are basically the same person to me. Kyland is also playing a very strong social game as we’ve watched him suffer through many super boring conversations already.
  • Xavier is doing well, not much can be said about him. I think he may be getting too involved in the Frenchie mess as he’s had probably more camera time than he’d like so far.
  • I’m holding off on Brent for now. I wouldn’t really trust him if I were in the house because he seems a little too charming. Like he’ll say anything people want to hear. I’m waiting to see how he is when the new car smell fades.
  • I think that just leaves Frenchie who we all know is doing everything you’re not supposed to do and would be a great study for people looking to avoid early issues.

Again, this is still very early for all of them. I don’t think Brent is the only one with the new car smell still. Once we get through the comps and the veto meeting, I think we’re going to finally start seeing glimpses of the real personalities come out. But if I were to group the house, it’d look like this:

  • Going far:
    • Azah
    • Big D
    • Tiffany
  • Neutral positive:
    • Kyland
    • Whitney
    • Hannah
    • Xavier
    • Brent (if his current personality sticks)
  • Neutral:
    • Britini
    • Claire
    • Alyssa
    • Sarah
    • Travis
    • Christian
  • Early struggles:
    • Frenchie
    • Derek X

How would you rank the house so far?

Check back later on for the veto competition results and have a great Saturday, everyone!


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