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Big Brother 23 – Wednesday Feed Updates

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Well, yesterday was a tough one as most here know.  I do want to say Mel’s story on Nickie was absolutely beautiful as were all the others shared in the post. And as Mel stated, Nickie may have been a private person but there is one thing I know she’d want from us and that’s to keep focused on this season so that’s just what I’ll do. But as I said, if I get more information about her and permission from her family, I’ll post more.  Also, a huge shout-out to the Karen raging in the comment section last night because I cut my blog short LOL. He/She shouldn’t even see this because they demanded I resume updates within the hour or they’d leave but thank you because I had a good laugh from them.


Oh and another note – for those who subscribe to email updates, if you got an email last night about a post that was blank, ignore it. My main gig is digital marketing + web design/development and tried to clear my mind by working on that but clearly, I wasn’t focused because I’m an idiot who sent out a mass email instead.  I never mention that but seeing as I did, I’ll drop a plug and say if you work for someone who needs that type of work done, contact me 🙂

Finally on to Big Brother –


While I didn’t blog the feeds, they were on and a lot of scheming was going on. Not about Frenchie, as the image above shows, he’s being shown the door tomorrow. The house has been planning for next week and the usual divide that happens every season is beginning to form.  You have Brent, Whit, Alyssa, and Christian with DX tagging along on one side and a majority of the girls on the other (Claire, Tiffany, Hannah, Britini).

Alyssa was just about to become the #1 target for the girls next week until she comes in the room and starts dropping some details on her side of the house. Tiff and Claire were a bit shocked that Alyssa clearly can’t see the divide forming, but they decide keeping the mole around a bit longer is ideal (even though the mole doesn’t realize she’s being a mole). But they do know they need to get out as much of the trio of Xavier, Alyssa, and Christian before jury as possible because we all know what happens when a bunch of friends end up in jury together. Ask Tyler.  Most of the alliance he schemed to get out of the house ended up as the people voting for his chance to win, and clearly they took the butthurt route and voted against him.

Not that Kaycee was a terrible winner. She at least did turn up her competitive game when it mattered which helped her alliance advance. It’s not nearly as embarrassing as the jury members who voted for Nicole and then Josh to win because Paul is a big meanie.  But, you never really know how bitter the jury will be so it’s best to get out the friends before they even have a chance to screw you over on finale night.

So that’s basically what I missed last night. Let’s jump to today:

  • 11:30 am – House mostly sitting around still kind of waking up.
    • Frenchie is making rounds hugging people because he needs as much camera time as possible before he’s out
    • Big D was asking him advice on what to do if he wins HoH. Bro. Frenchie is second out the door and you’re asking him advice? lol
  • 11:50 am – Britini going around making her hollow pitches to stay even though she knows she’s staying
  • 12:15 pm – In the bathroom with Hannah and Tiffany, Frenchie says “I’ll never campaign against Britini…”
    • Tiffany jumps in “That’s it?  Oh…” and he continues of course….
    • Keep in mind I never considered you two last week. Hannah seems VERY uninterested in that pitch and changes topic
    • He starts talking about a bloody nose he got from his plane ride to LA and the girls change the topic again to the covid test giving Brent a bloody nose
    • So Frenchie winds up for his hail mary play… he goes for it… his target is the charity pitch!  Charity goes for the catch…… and drops it. Game over
    • Seriously, Frenchie’s campaign this week has been to consistently mention how he has been playing for charity and how he was going to donate most of his winnings to that
    • When the girls brush that off and completely ignore his pitch, he leaves.
    • Well, I should say Hannah said she’d consider it.
    • Don’t get me wrong, doing charity work is great, but it’s pretty clear when someone does charity work versus when someone uses it to advance their own cause
    • Now that Frenchie is long gone, Hannah shares a story with Tiffany about season 18 with Nicole, Da’Vonne and someone else during the disco competition. Frank told Da’Vonne ‘if I give you info on Nicole will you consider dropping’.  Frank told her and she didn’t drop. He asked why didn’t she drop and Da’Vonne said ‘I said I’d consider it and I considered it’ lol.  Basically referring to her line to Frenchie.  Hannah is lowkey savage I love it
  • 12:25 pm – Frenchie moves upstairs to give a fake pitch to Big D.  D says ‘why should I keep you’ and Frenchie says ‘because I make you laugh’ and D is like ‘you don’t make me laugh’ lol
    • They’re obviously joking around with each other.  D says ‘I hear you have a final 2 with Travis’
    • D gets serious and tells Frenchie he better start pulling people aside and actually giving them pitches like Britini has been doing
    • He goes back to Hannah and says ‘For real we need to do a one on one’ and she’s like ‘oh that wasn’t it?’  – savage.  He says no and she offers to do it now but he’s off seeking Alyssa
    • As he’s leaving the bathroom she’s like ‘yea, just come…’ and he walks out and she stops like wtf lol. Frenchie is a master at this game. That’s how to win votes. Walk away from people mid conversation
    • He pulls Brent into the storage room ‘I made a mistake. I’m probably going home. I won’t talk against Britini’
    • But he does say if he does stay, he can make an alliance smaller and tighter and stronger.  Too late
  • Frenchie is done and finally catches Alyssa. Brings her to the HN room
    • His pitch is fairly weak and Alyssa isn’t really caring.  I mean she’s at least making an effort to listen but the writing is on the wall
    • The most interesting part of that pitch was him mentioning how both of them were basically on BB22 so it’s nice they got this chance (BB22 was originally going to be newbies until covid made it easier to cast returning players because they didn’t need to screen them as heavily)
    • Frenchie leaves and says to himself ‘just may be able to do this’.  Alright
    • In the bedroom with Tiffany and Azah, Frenchie talks about how they should play music and cut live feeds for 10 minutes. Sorry, feeds are down enough without your personal requests
    • And now Frenchie starts talking about how he can’t wait to go home to see his wife and talk about smashing.  Tiffany casually says she’ll likely go upstairs in the HoH shower and use the showerhead later. Alright then.
  • 1:20 pm – Frenchie making a pitch to Xavier. He wants to re-form the Slaughterhouse lol.
  • In another room, Brent is telling Britini ‘I can’t tell you how safe you are this week. It should be unanimous’


  • 2:20 pm – Frenchie gives a quick simple and to the point campaign to Hannah
    • His campaign is he’s okay with going out the door. That’s it
    • Of course, he continues…
    • After he watched 21 (season), he was pissed and threw some furniture around (unlikely true).  He came in the house to change what happened that season and he accomplished his goal of preventing old men, women, and minorities from going home first.  So in Frenchie’s logic, white young men have to be the first evicted every season?  Let’s just cut the social justice warrior stuff. The house isn’t going to keep you because you are ‘woke’. We get that it’s all good you want to change things up. We also understand how it typically turns into the ‘cool kids’ versus the ‘outcasts’ every season and you wanted to change that. But stop trying to be a woke hero. He simply could have evicted Travis without the fuss and without all the praise rather than let the whole house know the specific reason he wants him, Christian, or Brent out first. By him consistently telling the house over and over and over that was his goal, he looks like he’s pandering rather than just being an ally.
    • Sorry for the long rant but it drives me nuts when people try so hard to be the ‘ally’ when they really just come across as fake.  You can be an ally and do supportive things without letting the world know that’s why you’re doing it.  It’s like working for a charity and telling everyone rather than just working for the charity – oh shit, Frenchie does that, too.
  • Feeds keep dropping because that’s just what they do
  • 3:00 pm – Alright, Britini is catching up with Azah
    • She tells her that Hannah is thinking 5 steps ahead
    • Brit says Brent can’t win this HoH because she is vulnerable as is Azah, Claire, and others in this all-girl alliance he believes is happening
    • Feeds cut. Cool

I also noticed a weird caching issue with the site that apparently had my updates on delay for those logged out. I never noticed because I’m always logged in but I’m going to look at the settings later and see if I can speed up the cache refresh for users not logged in

I’m going to close this thread, eat dinner, and start an evening thread. I expect even more whispers tonight.  I still think the fight radar is super low but hopefully it’ll increase next week.  Check back shortly!


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