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Brandi Glanville Celebrity Big Brother

Brandi Glanville – Celebrity Big Brother Cast

Brandi Glanville Celebrity Big Brother


I’m not going to lie, when I first heard that Brandi Glanville was going to be on Celebrity Big Brother, I immediately thought it was this Brandy and was disappointed. Not because I wouldn’t want to see that Brandy in the house. It’s just that she seems like she’d be on the Mark McGrath level of boring which we don’t need for such a short season. A quick google search showed me that I was wrong, and it was actually the Brandi from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I became very pumped for the season.

Real Housewives is not something I’ve watched – ever – but I only live in a partial cave so I am aware of the show’s existence and know how full of drama it is. In addition, as some of you may know, I Uber when I’m bored, and some of my passengers mention Real Housewives and how much they love that show, so this is great news! From what I hear, this girl is a pure trainwreck so I can’t wait for the fireworks which will air out on all the live feeds (get them here).

One other thing I noticed is that Brandi will be the first returning houseguest of the series! Well, that wording is a bit misleading seeing as this is the first season of this specific series, but she is the first Big Brother veteran as she appeared on last year’s British version of Celebrity Big Brother. She finished 11th out of 15 people so I doubt she’ll be sharing any words of wisdom, and it wouldn’t be at all shocking if she finished 11th this season as well (out of 11 people).


People have been disappointed with the cast so far, but the more I do these profiles, the more I am looking forward to this season. Omarosa and Brandi?   Yes, please!

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  1. Rita

    I watch Real Housewives (that’s hard to admit) and I am not a fan of this one. I assume BB will provide alcohol to these “celebrities” which will ensure this ones quick departure.

    • Jannie

      Yeah Rita, I watch RH too, just Beverly Hills and OC. I hope Brandy and Omarosa are out quick. While the drama would be great, I just can’t stand either one of them. It would be drama for drama’s sake(not game play) with those two. And yes, lots of alcohol!
      Happy New Year, everyone! You’ll be happy to know srevebeans, that I will be rooting for the Pats on Sunday…this old Vikings fan was NOT happy with the fans in Phiily last week. 😉

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