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Friday Updates; Care Package and Nominations

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Good afternoon, everyone. It is Friday, so that means not only nominations, but we get to see who wins the care package. If you’re a fan of Nicole, well you’re in luck. In addition to a week of safety, she also gets to wear some special suit. Let’s just hope it is a t-shirt that says “I’m with stupid -> ” which will be very fitting when sitting next to Corey.  Congrats to her, but it sounds like it will help make Victor’s decision that much easier – assuming he goes the route he plans to. Last night, he pretended he was all about his boys, but after Paul got in his head throughout the night, he realized “his boys” will certainly not take him to the finals, and will probably cut him sooner rather than later. This gives me hope it is not just a boring week with something stupid like Michelle and Natalie on the block. We will find out later on, #butfirst, Big Brother had to give the last of the remaining vets a treat.

At least we won’t see Nicole walking around pouting this week because she didn’t get the reward (like the last 2 weeks). However, she’ll hopefully be pouting for other reasons.


  • 11:45am – Feeds return after being down for about 15 minutes to see Nicole opening up the care package this week.
    • She is thankful, while everyone else looks on probably a bit frustrated that they had America vote on game changing twists when there were veterans in the house.
    • It’s similar to Rachel’s sister winning America’s Favorite despite doing next to nothing all season long. I seriously can’t even think of her name, that is how insignificant she was (Eliza?) – And yes, I blogged that season and still can’t remember her name. Shit, I remember the girl who got evicted before spending a night in the house (Jodi), but can’t remember the sister’s name.  Oh well
    • Feeds down again
  • 12:30pm – People sitting around now waiting for Nicole to get out of the DR with her outfit. They are guessing some sort of superhero crap. Not fun.
    • This is boring, I want noms to happen.
  • 12:50pm – Feeds switch to upstairs with Paulie practicing his nomination speech.  Oh wait, he’s not HoH.
    • The fact that Paulie is even trying to give Victor a speech makes me hope even more that Paulie’s face is on the screen today. If it’s two women, I’m going to lose any respect I have gained in Victor over the past few weeks

Quick thank you once again to everyone who has donated for my trip!  <3  (yes, I did the heart emoji because you guys deserve it). Here is the link if you want to contribute!!

  • 12:55pm – Nicole has her suit!
    • Super Safety Suit……
    • I kind of want to wear that outfit next week.
    • She said every time she pees, the entire thing has to come off. Damn that’s a lot of work
    • Bigger shot of the costume…
  • 1:05pm – Paul joins Victor in the HoH room and they’re talking about how the house is going to be blindsided
    • Victor mentions how Paulie was talking shit, but Paul said it’s also strategic. He said “Who would you rather be against them two (Corey/Paulie) or Natalie, Michelle, and James”.
    • Paul mentions how Natalie can’t win a comp to save her life, Michelle is also pretty bad.  That whole side is much easier to beat than Paulie, Corey and Nicole
    • Paul points out how Paulie was all cool with Z going home (to the boys), but freaked out when she actually left.  Plus, he’s been trying to keep Nicole safe ‘for their own benefit’. Paul calls him a liar
    • Victor said what Da’ whispered to him about the backdoor was true
    • victor-bed
    • I guess James confirmed that to Victor. During Da’Vonne’s eviction, if it was double, Victor was the target
    • Victor – “He evicted me before” (referring to Paulie)… good job finally realizing
  • 1:20pm – Paulie enters the room and the guys humor him on nominations.
    • Paulie was planning on standing up after the nominations and giving his own speech slamming Michelle, and they tell him to do it if he wants
    • Paul asks Paulie if Nicole is still pissed about what Michelle said, and he said yea. However, Nicole said this care package thing was a zing to her because America likes Nicole more
    • Talk breaks up, Paulie says he thinks he’s going to go back to bed. Sounds like we won’t have noms for a little while. I guess there is really no rush
  • 1:45pm – Natalie is still working the friendzone with James.
    • nat-james
    • He is asking to email her after the show and hope he gets her number.  She says he’ll get her number for sure
    • Random thought about the conversation earlier. Paulie was talking to the boys about how Michelle tried to blow up his game but failed. It’s going to be hilarious if he’s nominated because that means she really did blow up his game.  Big Meech for America’s Favorite?  Maybe, but James will win because the large majority of fans are casual viewers who just watch it on CBS. Not that James is a bad guy, but he’s clearly playing it up this season to win again.
    • James and Nat head into the bedroom and talk to Paul. Paul lets them know that the plan is indeed happening.  Paul also tells him how Paulie called James a ‘D-Hey’ if he wins and pulls off Natalie.
    • James says Nicole knows something is up because she hasn’t said a word to him all day. They just pass each other without saying anything.
    • Paul says how he is STILL talking about Michelle and how he can’t get over it.
    • I never thought I’d say it because she was annoying as hell early in the season, but I am totally on board with Michelle winning either the game or America’s Favorite. Her and Bridgette did something girls of many previous seasons refused to do – notice the power in the house and actually take a stand against it before it was too late. I’ve said many times that BB likes to cast weak female players (and they do), but I definitely endorse Michelle as a strong player (even though she cries every day).
    • Paulie walks into the bedroom and the conversation breaks up.  Time for me to step away for a few minutes.
  • 3:45pm – Feeds currently on James/Nat sleeping and Corey/Nicole playing chess.  Not a very exciting time in the house right now
  • 4:30pm – Still no noms. Right now Nicole and Corey are chatting together
    • Corey is saying how Paul and Victor need to go soon.  Oops, looks like they’ll beat you to the punch
    • nicole-corey
    • Corey – Guys alliances don’t last.  Nicole says they definitely work
    • Corey mentions how Corey may go up as a pawn. Nicole says if he goes up, she’s going to be pissed.  I can’t wait for after noms tonight
  • 4:50pm – Victor called to DR. This could be time for noms.
  • 5:20pm – Feeds down for noms!
  • 6:20pm – Feeds back
    • Victor meets up with Paulie in the bathroom. Paulie says “we’re good”… “I gotcha, I put you up. Did I expect you to go home, no”
    • paulie-victor
    • Victor tells him if he plays in veto and comes after him, it’s understood and fair game.  Paulie says he won’t
    • Yes, Corey and Paulie nominated. Victor making the big moves.  Wow
    • Paulie is sitting at the table in silence. Probably realizing that Michelle did indeed blow his game.
    • Nicole is also sitting in silence, clearly upset
    • nicole-nothappy
    • Paulie asks Victor where he heard that Paulie wanted to backdoor him.  Victor tells him it was in a meeting with Da’
    • Victor tells him he didn’t even get to play to stay. You both have the chance to play to stay.  There are a lot of strong guys in the house and this is part of his strategy.
    • Victor says standing in silence and making it awkward isn’t cool.  Paulie says ‘well, all 5 of us had it a certain way (referring to his guys alliance, and execs)
    • Nicole jumps in “Corey could have backdoored anyone yesterday”
    • Corey – “What did I do to you, brother?”  Victor says he felt the two of them have been close since the first day.  And the pair is stronger than James and Nat
    • Get the live feeds here
    • Paulie – “I literally told you what I was going to say in a speech (referring to him practicing earlier)”
    • Paulie brings Paul into it by asking if it was him who threw Victor the lone vote. Paul says he did.
  • 6:30pm – Timestamp update. Paul is trying to play dumb, saying he doesn’t know why the two are up.
    • Paulie is saying he felt everyone was close. All the boys were close.
    • Paulie says if you guys want to play, and a guy wins and pulls someone down and a girl goes up, we’ll see where the loyalty goes
    • victor-cooking
    • The two are going back and forth about their feelings for getting Z out.
    • Victor is blunt – His girl (Natalie) gets to stay because she’s a bad competitor. Zakiyah had to go because she’s a good one.
    • Paulie tries to play the ‘what did she win’ card, but Victor points out that she has outlasted all the girls in almost every comp, besides that last one
    • Victor says it wasn’t in his game to send Bridgette home
    • Victor asks Paulie straight up – “Are you, outside this alliance, in any other alliances” Paulie says no (Umm, PP?  I wish Paul jumped in there)
    • Meanwhile, James is sitting there with a straight face but loving this. He just bumped up his finishing place a few positions
    • Victor asks if he did this to him when Paulie put him on the block.. no, so don’t do it back to him.
    • Paul – “Let’s talk real for a minute. All 5 of us aren’t going to win this game. It had to happen at some point. It happened”
    • Paulie is still pushing his loyalty shit, but see above. How did Paulie plan on handling 5 people in the final 2?

Seeing as this post is getting long, I am starting a new one for the post-nominations here



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