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Friday Updates; Care Package and Nominations



Good afternoon, everyone. It is Friday, so that means not only nominations, but we get to see who wins the care package. If you’re a fan of Nicole, well you’re in luck. In addition to a week of safety, she also gets to wear some special suit. Let’s just hope it is a t-shirt that says “I’m with stupid -> ” which will be very fitting when sitting next to Corey.  Congrats to her, but it sounds like it will help make Victor’s decision that much easier – assuming he goes the route he plans to. Last night, he pretended he was all about his boys, but after Paul got in his head throughout the night, he realized “his boys” will certainly not take him to the finals, and will probably cut him sooner rather than later. This gives me hope it is not just a boring week with something stupid like Michelle and Natalie on the block. We will find out later on, #butfirst, Big Brother had to give the last of the remaining vets a treat.

At least we won’t see Nicole walking around pouting this week because she didn’t get the reward (like the last 2 weeks). However, she’ll hopefully be pouting for other reasons.


  • 11:45am – Feeds return after being down for about 15 minutes to see Nicole opening up the care package this week.
    • She is thankful, while everyone else looks on probably a bit frustrated that they had America vote on game changing twists when there were veterans in the house.
    • It’s similar to Rachel’s sister winning America’s Favorite despite doing next to nothing all season long. I seriously can’t even think of her name, that is how insignificant she was (Eliza?) – And yes, I blogged that season and still can’t remember her name. Shit, I remember the girl who got evicted before spending a night in the house (Jodi), but can’t remember the sister’s name.  Oh well
    • Feeds down again
  • 12:30pm – People sitting around now waiting for Nicole to get out of the DR with her outfit. They are guessing some sort of superhero crap. Not fun.
    • This is boring, I want noms to happen.
  • 12:50pm – Feeds switch to upstairs with Paulie practicing his nomination speech.  Oh wait, he’s not HoH.
    • The fact that Paulie is even trying to give Victor a speech makes me hope even more that Paulie’s face is on the screen today. If it’s two women, I’m going to lose any respect I have gained in Victor over the past few weeks

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  • 12:55pm – Nicole has her suit!
    • Super Safety Suit……
    • I kind of want to wear that outfit next week.
    • She said every time she pees, the entire thing has to come off. Damn that’s a lot of work
    • Bigger shot of the costume…
  • 1:05pm – Paul joins Victor in the HoH room and they’re talking about how the house is going to be blindsided
    • Victor mentions how Paulie was talking shit, but Paul said it’s also strategic. He said “Who would you rather be against them two (Corey/Paulie) or Natalie, Michelle, and James”.
    • Paul mentions how Natalie can’t win a comp to save her life, Michelle is also pretty bad.  That whole side is much easier to beat than Paulie, Corey and Nicole
    • Paul points out how Paulie was all cool with Z going home (to the boys), but freaked out when she actually left.  Plus, he’s been trying to keep Nicole safe ‘for their own benefit’. Paul calls him a liar
    • Victor said what Da’ whispered to him about the backdoor was true
    • victor-bed
    • I guess James confirmed that to Victor. During Da’Vonne’s eviction, if it was double, Victor was the target
    • Victor – “He evicted me before” (referring to Paulie)… good job finally realizing
  • 1:20pm – Paulie enters the room and the guys humor him on nominations.
    • Paulie was planning on standing up after the nominations and giving his own speech slamming Michelle, and they tell him to do it if he wants
    • Paul asks Paulie if Nicole is still pissed about what Michelle said, and he said yea. However, Nicole said this care package thing was a zing to her because America likes Nicole more
    • Talk breaks up, Paulie says he thinks he’s going to go back to bed. Sounds like we won’t have noms for a little while. I guess there is really no rush
  • 1:45pm – Natalie is still working the friendzone with James.
    • nat-james
    • He is asking to email her after the show and hope he gets her number.  She says he’ll get her number for sure
    • Random thought about the conversation earlier. Paulie was talking to the boys about how Michelle tried to blow up his game but failed. It’s going to be hilarious if he’s nominated because that means she really did blow up his game.  Big Meech for America’s Favorite?  Maybe, but James will win because the large majority of fans are casual viewers who just watch it on CBS. Not that James is a bad guy, but he’s clearly playing it up this season to win again.
    • James and Nat head into the bedroom and talk to Paul. Paul lets them know that the plan is indeed happening.  Paul also tells him how Paulie called James a ‘D-Hey’ if he wins and pulls off Natalie.
    • James says Nicole knows something is up because she hasn’t said a word to him all day. They just pass each other without saying anything.
    • Paul says how he is STILL talking about Michelle and how he can’t get over it.
    • I never thought I’d say it because she was annoying as hell early in the season, but I am totally on board with Michelle winning either the game or America’s Favorite. Her and Bridgette did something girls of many previous seasons refused to do – notice the power in the house and actually take a stand against it before it was too late. I’ve said many times that BB likes to cast weak female players (and they do), but I definitely endorse Michelle as a strong player (even though she cries every day).
    • Paulie walks into the bedroom and the conversation breaks up.  Time for me to step away for a few minutes.
  • 3:45pm – Feeds currently on James/Nat sleeping and Corey/Nicole playing chess.  Not a very exciting time in the house right now
  • 4:30pm – Still no noms. Right now Nicole and Corey are chatting together
    • Corey is saying how Paul and Victor need to go soon.  Oops, looks like they’ll beat you to the punch
    • nicole-corey
    • Corey – Guys alliances don’t last.  Nicole says they definitely work
    • Corey mentions how Corey may go up as a pawn. Nicole says if he goes up, she’s going to be pissed.  I can’t wait for after noms tonight
  • 4:50pm – Victor called to DR. This could be time for noms.
  • 5:20pm – Feeds down for noms!
  • 6:20pm – Feeds back
    • Victor meets up with Paulie in the bathroom. Paulie says “we’re good”… “I gotcha, I put you up. Did I expect you to go home, no”
    • paulie-victor
    • Victor tells him if he plays in veto and comes after him, it’s understood and fair game.  Paulie says he won’t
    • Yes, Corey and Paulie nominated. Victor making the big moves.  Wow
    • Paulie is sitting at the table in silence. Probably realizing that Michelle did indeed blow his game.
    • Nicole is also sitting in silence, clearly upset
    • nicole-nothappy
    • Paulie asks Victor where he heard that Paulie wanted to backdoor him.  Victor tells him it was in a meeting with Da’
    • Victor tells him he didn’t even get to play to stay. You both have the chance to play to stay.  There are a lot of strong guys in the house and this is part of his strategy.
    • Victor says standing in silence and making it awkward isn’t cool.  Paulie says ‘well, all 5 of us had it a certain way (referring to his guys alliance, and execs)
    • Nicole jumps in “Corey could have backdoored anyone yesterday”
    • Corey – “What did I do to you, brother?”  Victor says he felt the two of them have been close since the first day.  And the pair is stronger than James and Nat
    • Get the live feeds here
    • Paulie – “I literally told you what I was going to say in a speech (referring to him practicing earlier)”
    • Paulie brings Paul into it by asking if it was him who threw Victor the lone vote. Paul says he did.
  • 6:30pm – Timestamp update. Paul is trying to play dumb, saying he doesn’t know why the two are up.
    • Paulie is saying he felt everyone was close. All the boys were close.
    • Paulie says if you guys want to play, and a guy wins and pulls someone down and a girl goes up, we’ll see where the loyalty goes
    • victor-cooking
    • The two are going back and forth about their feelings for getting Z out.
    • Victor is blunt – His girl (Natalie) gets to stay because she’s a bad competitor. Zakiyah had to go because she’s a good one.
    • Paulie tries to play the ‘what did she win’ card, but Victor points out that she has outlasted all the girls in almost every comp, besides that last one
    • Victor says it wasn’t in his game to send Bridgette home
    • Victor asks Paulie straight up – “Are you, outside this alliance, in any other alliances” Paulie says no (Umm, PP?  I wish Paul jumped in there)
    • Meanwhile, James is sitting there with a straight face but loving this. He just bumped up his finishing place a few positions
    • Victor asks if he did this to him when Paulie put him on the block.. no, so don’t do it back to him.
    • Paul – “Let’s talk real for a minute. All 5 of us aren’t going to win this game. It had to happen at some point. It happened”
    • Paulie is still pushing his loyalty shit, but see above. How did Paulie plan on handling 5 people in the final 2?

Seeing as this post is getting long, I am starting a new one for the post-nominations here


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  1. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    Not a fan if Nicole but I don’t believe she was going this week either. Hopefully Corey or Paulie goes and Nicole is out next week.

    • Avatar
      Barbara (16 comments)

      Me too. Nicole is such a whinny talker..

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        It’s not the nasally whinny sounds it’s her inability to be real and act the innocent role when confronted. I don’t think she’s even tried to win a comp to be honest. She know she will remain protected.

  2. kneeless

    She got a snake costume, is that true? How fitting!

  3. Avatar
    Chrissy (3 comments)

    I voted all week for Bridgette and she went home it’s got to be the reason the whiner won. She is playing an awful game and Corey is a moron. I voted for Meech but too late for this week, darn. Somebody please send Paulie home PULEESE

  4. Avatar
    Gerardo (2748 comments)

    Seeing Nicole get the ACP this week reminds me of what a big divide there is between the BB fans who watch/follow the live feeds, and those that only watch the CBS broadcast. Nicole is very unpopular on this site as well as all of the other major BB fan forum sites, but she seems to continue being popular among the broadcast-only viewers (which I would assume make up the majority). That means there are a lot of people out there who also think James made a bold game move this past week (because that’s how CBS’ edit made it appear), although we all know that that he damn near chickened out until Natalie pulled out the Ace up her sleeve (making him jealous about Paulie’s flirtation). That also means that there are probably a lot of BB fans who think Paulie is a nice guy who treats women with respect…. Kinda depressing to think about.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      Preach!!! It was also harder to vote with this one simply because of the double eviction. Was more of a gamble than normal

    • Amberchelly

      I don’t think that is true. I watch the feeds read this blow and follow on Twitter. I am just a Nicole fan. I don’t think there’s a ton of people like me but there are some. It’s not America being blinded. It’s just favoring someone over the others.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        Well of course there are SOME people who follow the feeds and like Nicole. I never said there weren’t. My point is that she is overall UNPOPULAR on most of the live feeds blogs, but popular among the broadcast-only fans. That’s the divide I’m referring to. And I’m not just referring to Nicole, I’m referring to all of the houseguests (she’s just one example). I think people who watch the live feeds have a much different perspective on a lot of the houseguests than those who don’t see the feeds.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        You are a well informed fan. Alot of the vibe of the house and subtleties are lost on the show. I know that can’t put everything in 42 minutes but they could have used a nat and bridgette DR figuring out Paulies game instead of making it look like james and Paul made it happen. I would rather see more game talk on the show each week instead of what cody and vanessa think of their siblings game. Many arn’t as informed as you are. They watch the show. We watch the game. That’s just the way it is but sometimes it’s still frustrating no mater who anyone is pulling for.

  5. Avatar
    Nicole (23 comments)

    I was hoping Michelle would get it to throw a wrench in their plans

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      Well I think Michelle should be safe this week, so maybe she or Paul will get the ACP next week *fingers crossed*

      • NKogNeeTow

        The next one is the shared HOH and the final one is the $5000 bribe. I think I’m going to vote for Paul for the shared HOH if he doesn’t win it himself and maybe Victor or James for the bribe…..not sure about the last one. Whichever one I vote for on the last one, I want to make sure they don’t go back to the “bad” side of the house.

      • Avatar

        NKog, remember James already got one so he isn’t eligible for any more. To keep it on that side it would have to be Vic, Meech or Paul.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks for the reminder Amber. I guess it would be Paul for the shared HOH and either Paul or Miche for the bribe. Still on the fence about the last 2 packages.

  6. Avatar

    Just glad Paulie didn’t get it. His celebrating would have been obnoxious.

  7. Avatar

    I wonder if a lot of the original votes went to Bridgette as played strong this week. And Nicole was in second.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      I was wondering the same thing. Bridgette really gained a lot of my respect this past week, and I especially loved how she told Paulie’s ass off on the way out the door. It’s about time someone stood up to that creep!

    • apopkedave
      apopkedave (57 comments)

      Your probable right.

    • Avatar
      Lisa (7 comments)

      I voted for Nicole all week but mainly to see her in the suit… I was hoping Bridgette would get the co-hoh next week but guess I gotta change my plan…

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        Yikes! I almost forgot that next week is the Co-HOH ACP. All the more reason they have to get Paulie out this week!

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      Yes I think so. all the sites I was on this week that has their own polls asking who do you want to win it, Bridge was first and Nicole was second on every single one of them I saw.

  8. Avatar
    Sammie (91 comments)

    hah. I’d love to see Victor nominate Corey and a pawn in order to backdoor Pualie, Paulie gets picked to play POV, wins and saves Corey and the pawn goes home. Haha

    Hopefully Victor puts Paulie and Corey on the block together.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      Nice idea in theory but if poly wins veto on post Corey down probably is also safe. My auto-correct keep saying poly instead of paulie
      so I just decided to leave it I’ve been correcting it for 2 days.

    • Avatar
      Dinba (1 comments)

      You would never get Natalie or Michelle to be a pawn. They are floaters. BTW those of you trashing Nicole go look at and see what a truly horrible person Michelle is

  9. caRyn

    Apparently Paulie plans to interrupt Victor’s nomination speech to make a speech of his own to Michelle. He thinks Michelle & Natalie are getting nominated.

    • caRyn

      Paulie speech is that the guys were in an alliance all along. That the Exec’s were real and that Paul and Paulie told Michelle the name of the alliance. The guys knew about the Fatal 5 and that he, Paul, Corey and James have been picking the girls off one by one, starting with Tiffany and DaVonne. When Victor came back, it worked out perfectly.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        I hope he does it soNicole hears it. I don’t think the other girls are going to give a crap

      • caRyn

        Nicole is trying to stop him from making a speech. She says the target is on Michelle and it isn’t good for him to put the target on himself.

  10. Avatar

    As of now I am voting for Paul to win co HOH spot. He is playing strategically not emotionally so I don’t think he would waste it.

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  12. Shivani33

    Compliments to the Conehead crossing guard attire or whatever it is. Now Niconehead can escort one of her allies through the door to visit with Julie.

  13. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    Next eviction will be the last time anyone can use the round trip ticket ….right?
    Then the rest expire …I think, anybody know for sure?

  14. Avatar

    Yuk. He should give a nomination speech during someone else’s HOH. Paulie needs to get over himself. I am sure he is popular in his hometown but out of it he is nothing special.

  15. Avatar

    I meant shouldn’t

  16. Avatar
    peanut (1 comments)

    Get rid of a big threat!! Paulie!!

  17. Mello_One

    I have kind of come to the conclusion that Big Brother is “Rigged” to a certain extent….Nicole getting a Care Package, when hardly no fan of BB likes her??? Even on the Jokers rating of the HG Ratings, Nicole is 4th from dead last?! Smdh….Rigged!

  18. Avatar

    Maybe she got pity votes after show last night since she looked dazed and disheveled.

  19. caRyn

    Paulie – “We can’t get Nicole this week but these two other girls are on the table.”

  20. Avatar

    Well guys, this is going to be another nerve racking week so get ready for another ride on the Big Bad Lunatic Paulie Roller Coaster. I can’t believe how different this guy is from Cody. Paulie is BAT-SHIT CRAZY, the guy thinks he is untouchable. It chaps his ass that the girls beat him at his own game & are standing up to him. I guess he thought they would cry & beg like Zakiyah. I hope Meech keeps needling him & getting under his skin to keep him off balance.
    I hate that Nicole got the care package but it’s better than Paulie getting it.
    Ok guys, I have a confession to make…Paul is starting to grow on me, I don’t hate him so much anymore. Eeewww, there, I said it. He’s finally playing his own game & not the God father’s. Meech is not so bad either even though I wanted so bad to wrap her whole damn head in duct tape when she started that damn fake ass crying last night. I was glad Paul told her to suck it up.

  21. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Big brother and the NBA are my two favorite spectator sports. For years I’ve listened to Charles Barkley say how NBA fans should not get to vote on who plays in the All Star game. That used to really make me mad. He would say fans vote for the wrong reasons and the wrong things. I love Charles Barkley and I need to apologize for all the angry thoughts I’ve had when I’ve heard him say that because now I understand it. I wish there was a way that only people who watch Big Brother “the social experiment” could vote and not people who watch Big Brother “the TV show.” My only consolation this week will be hoping that Nicole is very self-conscious and worried that Corey think she looks like a dumbass because it’s driving me nuts that she now thinks Big Brother fans love her.

  22. Avatar
    Adam L (3 comments)

    Paul is running the house and no one seems to know it at this point. He has Victor and James in his pocket, and is getting ready to evict the biggest threat in the house. He played it so well, such a reversal from week 3 when he was only still in the game due to Paulie’s mercy. His magic in avoiding any backlash from helping backdoor Victor, and getting James and the girls to do his dirty work all but seals it for him to be in the final 3. I see him winning it all.

  23. Avatar
    Angel (35 comments)

    Paulie is so shit face and still bitter. Michelle crazy ass took her stiletto heel and butchered his ego. Nat may have fake tits but she made a real fool out of him. But I think Paul gets much cred, he thought they were friends but Paulie wanted to bitch him. Paulie has been dethroned, doubt he will recover……#PaulieItscalledKarma

  24. Avatar

    I am going to have the unpopular opinion here. I know that Paulie got pissed and went after Natalie, but I think everyone is entitled to have a bad day or few days. All of the guys have talked about her boobs, he’s just the only one that said it to her. No defense, who care’s if someone has fake boobs? But still, he just said it to her face.
    That being said, does anyone have an issue with Michelle saying that Z didn’t care about him at all and that she didn’t want any contact with him after the show? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m thinking they are the next Jeff and Jordan, but, she seemed to actually really like him when talking to Julie. So, isn’t that just a personal attach, going after him, but also after Z? I mean, how did Z backstab Michelle? By not wanting to give up on the Grand Prize and go home? Seems like just as crappy of a move to flat out Lie, possibly damage any chance they had outside of the house, just to attack Paulie. To me, kind of like talking about someone’s boobs, just to hurt their feelings.
    I guess it’s just getting on my nerves that when the guys act like jerks, they get called D-Bags, say they are disrespecting women and so on, but the girls can get away with Murder when talking junk about the guys. We can’t expect to be treated like equals, if we don’t treat men they way we want them to treat us. If Paulie was using Z, she was using him as well, and it was much more to her benefit as she didn’t better his game at all, but he may have kept her safe longer then she would have been without him.
    Plus, I really didn’t like her crap towards Nicole during her speech. Michelle needs to go.

    • Avatar

      Side bar, which will probably gain me more thumbs down lol, Does anyone think Natalie trying to put James back into the “Friendzone” because she’s hoping to start something back up with Victor? Possibly not, but she sure seems to have slowed everything with him way down since Vic came back in.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        I actually think Nat dislikes Victor, he’s been pretty nasty to her since he returned to the house (not going to get into any of the gory details here). I think Nat is friend zoning James because she doesn’t really like him the same way he likes her, and she probably realizes it’s better to start the process of letting him down easy now.

      • caRyn

        I don’t know if Natalie likes or dislikes Victor – as a friend or otherwise. I am not clear on that. I think she has only liked James as a friend but the line gets blurry sometimes when Natalie uses certain words (showmance) or when she tells James she will give him a kiss if he makes a game move that she wants him to make.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Christina: I think she’s slowly pushing him into the friend zone to, but I don’t believe it’s to start up something with Victor. I think that ship has sailed.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      There is having a bad day and then there’s… where’s the strait jacket/ somebody grab some Valium bad day!! I agree with you though. Michelle has been horrible and so has Z. I don’t think many people like Michelle, she’s just a means to an end at the moment,. I’m only speaking for myself. I think that just goes to show how disgusting Polly has been fat people you think Michelle is a horrible person including myself would rather her stay in the house because it helps get rid of Polly. Even if Michelle or Z aren’t going to win 500,000 they have the potential to get something more valuable if they only do it. Only time will tell if Michelle has learned anything by Bridget and Natalie befriending her after her horrible treatment to them or if once this is over she just goes back to being a b****. Only time will tell if when Z watches everything that’s happened if she realizes her mistakes and bad decisions or if her next relationship she becomes a doormat. For me, z is harder to tell what’s going on. she could be somebody who’s been in some really unhealthy relationships in the past or she could just be an idiot he was really horny this summer. I think enough things that have came out about Michelle that it’s safe to say she’s just an a******.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        That was supposed to say “that people” not “fat people” I thought I should clarify since it was a comment about Michelle. I do not want to be lumped in with her and her weight issues

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        I’m loving that “Paulie” got replaced with “Polly”! We should all start calling him Polly now.

      • Avatar

        Again, not defending Paulie here, but they were using each other. That being said, Z may have been either just lonely, boy crazy, horney, or hell, have eyes, Paulie is gorgeous, I would stare at him all summer if I was in there, wouldn’t hook up with him, but he sure is great eye candy. But the way she got upset, clingy, jealous and very territorial, I have a bad feeling it’s a trend. She must not realize how drop dead gorgeous she is, or she wouldn’t put up with that crap from anyone.
        And I couldn’t agree more about Michelle. I wanted to like her so bad, as a fan of the show, I want a true fan to win, not someone cast on the show. And while I had seen signs, the way she started balling over the fact that she didn’t use the veto on Frank so he would go home, a big red light came on. She cries over everything. I will say, part of it may be being tenderhearted, she did seem genuinely upset when she thought she had hurt Paul by throwing whatever that was at him (an apple?), but she mostly just seems unbalanced. And boy crazy, are there any guys in the house she hasn’t had a crush on yet? As a North Carolina Girl, I’ll just say “Bless her little heart” lol

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Christina, i also hoped to root for a real fan of the show with Michelle. I still can’t like her yet but at least all her crappy comments seem to be game related finally. She has a lot of ground to make up before I could like her tho. I don’t know if you noticed but during the same time she was crying over Frank she had also just been crying over realizing that America might think she’s a mean girl and when she was crying over hitting Paul with the Apple she was crying becauae she thought she was going to get in troube in DR (penalty vote or something) I’m just curious to see how quickly she gets petty and mean again when things aren’t going her way. She talk to multiple people about the mean girl thing and not once did she ever say she felt bad for anything she had said or done to Bridget only that she felt bad American would see her as a mean girl. I also agree with you that Nicole is probably a really good person. I can’t stand her in this game but I do see that. I’m on board with the “bless her little heart” comment. I live in Missouri but I’m originally from Tennessee I’ve had my little heart blessed many times in my youth but my mom and my grandma while propably doing something stupid.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      I appreciate your perspective @christina and you make some valid points. I just want to clarify that the reason I detest Paulie is not just because of the way he’s been acting the past few days (although that’s reason enough). Paulie has been a pompous, egomaniacal, asshole the entire summer. He’s just really stepped his assholery game up the past week.

    • Colby

      Paulie was not having a bad day. Paulie was having a temper tantrum.

    • Colby

      I believe that Michelle said that the night before she left that Z said didn’t care about him at all and that she didn’t want any contact with him after the show? And she did say that after she and Natalie talked and was told all the stuff that was going on. But then she went and slept with him.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yep Colby, Zit did say that. She and Michelle were having a conversation in the bathroom.

        Side note: Why do these people hold court…eat….hang out in the bathroom? Yuck!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Christina, it’s not that Zit didn’t want to give up the Grand Prize and go home. Hell, she never started playing for the Grand Prize. Her “Grand Prize” was The Godfather. She was sadder about leaving him than she was anything else. And it’s not so much that Michelle went after Zit herself, she went after her to him, to get under his skin, which it did. So mission accomplished! AND, it was The Godfather himself, who initially put it out there to get rid of Zit. He made a statement on Jokers one night that he “couldn’t breathe” and wanted her gone. He said he couldn’t go anywhere in the house to get away from her. The only reason he got so upset the other night is because her going wasn’t HIS choice, but the house. He also realized he lost a vote in the house.

      If you’ve read some of the previous threads, you’ll see where I’ve said that she(Z) also used him too. At first it was to latch onto someone to keep her safe, but somewhere along the line, she started to really fall for him. But that didn’t work because it kept her from even starting to play the game. She became more of his plaything. I think in the beginning he liked her too, until she started smothering him, which as I also said in previous post, it the kiss of death to a woman. Once a man starts to feel smothered, his first instinct is to flee.

  25. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    This question is not for Nicole/Paulie fans. I have an ACP strategy question to throw out there for voting. Once we know who the nominations are (assuming nothing crazy happens) it will be easier to narrow down who’s going home this week as opposed to last night with the DE.
    At first I wanted to vote for who I thought was the least likely to flip flop out of michelle, Vic and Paul. I know I keep harping on this but every week I have followed the popularity polls on sites like BB Network, online BB, BB Daly and a couple others I can’t remember right now. (sorry not trying to promote other sites here)
    All three times the package has been given in exactly the same order of popularity on these sites. Do you think it’s better to vote for the most level-headed of those three or do you think it’s better to vote who has the highest popularity ranking out of those 3 so that for example Michelle’s votes aren’t under cutting Paul’s if he was more popular? I’m going to keep checking to see if it changes but as of this morning Michelle’s numbers were Rising a lot faster than pauls or victors but she’s also a psycho so that scares me. I do think the Vivs will rise after nominations. These and people who only watch the show must be for all the votes are coming from. Please all thoughts welcome because I still don’t have a lot of faith in this cast and even though I’m happy at the moment… they need help!

    • Avatar

      I’d say it’s best to vote for who you think will need the power more. As a Nicole fan, I was hoping she’d get it, so she wouldn’t get sent out the door this week. I could see Vic or Paul winning the HOH (which they did) and then going back on what they told Corey and putting up Corey, Paul and or Nicole, replacing a veto win with the other. So I wanted her safe.
      So if you want them to either be safe, it should go to who you think is in the most jeopardy of getting in trouble, which it seems like would be Michelle, since she’s the most unstable, and most likely to tick someone off, and get put up. That being said, I don’t vote until I know what the power is.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        I guess that’s part of my problem I don’t really like any of the three. I just want nicole and Polly to lose. So if this new group thats formed sticks together, I’m viewing it more as a group power. Well I guess I can be happy for you today at least with Nicole I don’t think she was in as much danger as the men anyway though. I do think her getting the package will make her feel like America loves her and she will probably play with more confidence this week and play better. Good for you and bad for me LOL

      • Avatar

        I just think Nicole is actually a nice person. I love a good game player, even when they make me mad, but Nicole seems like a sweet girl. I would love to see the nice girl win again.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I occasionally look at the polls but don’t use them to vote. I just vote for whoever I like, think needs it the most or might make the most out of it. Not scientific at all…lol.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Me too… usually. The dumb timing of when they do it has me over thinking it like it’s a damn chemistry experiment…which I barely passed many many years ago by the way.

  26. Avatar
    Gerardo (2748 comments)

    I agree with you @stevebeans about Michelle. I’m very proud of her gameplay this week, and I wouldn’t mind if she won the game or AFP (although I doubt she’ll win either). I respect her as a player, and I’m trying hard to LIKE her… But it would be a lot easier if she’d quit all that damn fake ass crying. It’s so freaking annoying.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m loving the way she’s sticking it to The Godfather. She’s making him truly lose it. That’s all he can talk about. He’s obsessed with her (wanting to get rid of her), and that makes it even better watching him come unglued. I’m even toying with the idea to get the live feed (up until he goes), so I can watch his head explode. He’s getting his payback, slowly but surely. Hope that doesn’t change.

      • JD

        Karma is at work. Paulie messed with Z’s head the best way he could. Now Meesh is messing with Paulie’s head the best way she can. They are going to need a jury house therapist for these people.

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  28. kneeless

    Come on, let’s get to the nomination ceremony!

  29. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    I wish I could take credit for being clever with Polly but the truth is, credit goes to my auto-correct and my laziness since I’m tired of fixing it. Lol

  30. Avatar

    Is the nomination ceremony today?

  31. Avatar

    Just a random thought from last nights show. Didn’t see it in any comments, but that means people are finally excited about this season! Because theres to many to read ! After Paulie voted he tried kissing Nicole on the cheek(maybe) and she ran like a garbage pail kid just touched her lol. I know it was right after Meech’s speech. So maybe she was really pissed. But that’s the type of care package I wanna see. You and a friend get to see behind the scenes what everyone else is doing. Might not mean much as long as Victor goes through with the plan. But could definitely help in upcoming seasons.

    • Avatar

      I would say Corey would be pissed seeing that footage, because I would be if I actually cared about the girl. But as many as you think already, he’d use that to try getting with Paulie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (another Seinfeld reference for you youngins)

  32. Avatar
    Kim (1 comments)

    So upset BB isn’t on for me tonight because of football. Does anyone know other ways to watch it?

  33. Avatar
    Hannah (2 comments)

    I know there is going to be hate for this but I am really hoping Paulie survives this week and Meech goes. She is sooooooooo annoying and literally throw stuff at the walls when ever she starts crying. I don’t like how Paulie treated Z but he is my favorite player.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      The first week the show was on I thought my favorites were going to be Paulie and Michelle boy was I wrong! Since so many people can’t stand him, myself included, what is it that you like about him? That’s not sarcasm I’m honestly curiou. If everyone liked the same people we wouldn’t have anything to debate over and it wouldn’t be as much fun!

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Curious…I obviously need to trim my nails.can’t type anything today!

      • Avatar
        Hannah (2 comments)

        Idk I just liked him from the beginning and I like his game play( very similar to derrick’s and I am a huge Derrick fan). The whole Nat thing annoyed me and I don’t like the way treated some people but still I like his game play

    • Avatar
      Angel (35 comments)

      Haha! Favorite player, your kidding right. Good one 🙂 almost believed you.

    • Avatar
      DeeDee (4 comments)

      I’m with you Hannah

  34. Avatar

    Applied for Bb19 last week and immediately got a email saying we can’t tell everyone if they didn’t make the cut. FWACK YOU CBS. I get paid because I’m crazy. And my tits are real. Ooooh Paulie in the house! But seriously I hate him.

  35. JD

    I was going to throw my vote away to Glenn for AFP because nobody else was worth it. I did start thinking if somebody actually makes a big move I would vote for them. Never Paulie controlling the house is not a move just boring game play. Flipping the house and making a power shift that is worth my vote.

    Seeing Paulie fans proves he’s getting good edits from CBS.

    • Avatar

      honestly ..he’s been devious but the Meech and even Bridgette a times have been as bad and not worse …Meech wouls sit like Jabbah the hutt (not saying she is fat by refernece lol) in the hoh room ranting mercilessly on whomever the guys were aginst constantly lol

  36. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    Nicole looked like she got hit by a bus on TV last night.I wonder why she didn’t even try and fix herself up for the show.Wonder how she’ll look once Corey’s up on the block.Also someone mentioned how good looking they think Paulie is eye candy.I would take Victor anyday over the Godfather.

  37. JD

    CBS has one more twist to play. The return envelope. Last week to use it. If Paulie gets out this week the odds are in his favor to have the round trip. He gets back in the house, CBS gets to have a big show about the round trip ticket twist. CBS is really going to want that twist reveled. I can’t see Julie saying no one picked the correct envelope. Sorry to be a downer but again have to see what happens before I get excited again. My hopes can’t take anymore crushing.

  38. Colby

    Wonder what took so long. Maybe they were waiting to get extra crew members there since it will undoubtedly be a very busy night.
    Or security cause they think Paulie might lose it. 🙂

  39. Avatar

    It would be great if they had a big brother: retirement addition. You know they wouldn’t hold back even on production. Have nots get prunes for a week. “I thrive on prunes you self righous little bastards!” Said the guy with a colostomy bag.

  40. Avatar
    DeeDee (4 comments)

    Meech is mean and she eats with her mouth open. I can’t stand her. I’m glad Bridgette was evicted. I am still rooting for Corey, Nicole and Paulie. I also like Victor and Paul.

  41. Avatar
    lazymessiah (14 comments)

    I hear all this praise for Michelle ..she is as bad if not worse than Paulie ..she better be concearned they think she is a mean gal ..cuz she is …would have prefered all this after she was gone!

  42. caRyn

    Nicole called Natalie “Christine” when Natalie walked by Nicole, Corey and Paulie. Yikes!

  43. caRyn

    Nicole asked Natalie – “Like where are you from? You were born in New Jersey or New York.”. Natalie – “‘I’m from Venezuela.”.

  44. caRyn

    Feeds are back up. We should know something soon.

  45. caRyn

    Paulie & Corey are on the block.

  46. Avatar
    Amber (5 comments)

    I’ve never wanted Victor to win a competition in my life. Come on comp beast.. Win the veto!

  47. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1323 comments)

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for BBAD tonight.

  48. kneeless

    Vic was definitely the best person to stand up to Paulie. Paulie is such a sore loser.

  49. Avatar

    If Paulie wins veto. He will go down as one of the greatest competitors. I don’t remember Derrick, but if he was never nominated. Let’s stop mentioning his name regardless how much these idiots idolize him. Obvisouly none of them belong in the same sentance , paragraph, or first chapter of big brother history. Paulie has gone off the deep end, but I’ll put 200 dollars in @stevebeans vacation account if he gets voted out and doesn’t have the roundtrip ticket. I’m guessing he will just so they can keep doing it next season. BOOK IT!

  50. caRyn

    Paulie warns Victor to not get worked up or he will too.

  51. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    Had to wait all day for the noms.Now watching the Olympics ans see if Michael Phelps gets another gold!Then on to BBAD.Long day and long night ahead.Oh yeah,thanks Victor!!! Now the BB season can begin!!

  52. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    Paulie is literally getting tears eyed when talking with Corey! He is in total disbelief. I thought Paulie played with zero emotions!

  53. kneeless

    Aww, how sweet, Paulie & Corey just had a moment in the bathroom. Polly has been going on & on about Meech kicking him while he’s down & that is so uncool. He tells Corey he’s going to throw everybody under the bus & if he’s still OTB Thursday that it isn’t going to be pretty. Apparently the world according to Paulie is the only way.

  54. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Paulie really doesn’t think clearly when he’s flustered at all. He kept wanting to know where Victor heard about the backdoor plan for double eviction and seem to forget that he had already back doored Vic once and then he wanted to know why Nicole didn’t get nominated. Really? No, he is nothing like Derrick. I wasn’t crazy about Derek (only because it got boring) but he was very smooth. He was never nominated, never really the target and where Polly forces his will at times to get his way, Derek not only got his way he had other people thinking it was their idea. No…not like Derek

  55. Avatar
    cherrub (1 comments)

    Someone explain to me what “D-Hey” is, please.

  56. Avatar

    Steve it was Elissa and of course she was also my favorite. As I said I always like the nice people and most nice ppl have very hard time in this game because they are not used to and don’t like lying and stabbing ppl in the back. But anyway, Yea yea yea. My girl Nicole won!!! So she will get to stay longer than she did her season. At least it will give all you Nicole haters someone to smear for another week!! I kept telling you that she was very popular with the fans except on this site. Less than a week ago James told Paulie he swore on everything he would never put Paulie up and would be loyal to him to the end. 2 days later he screws him. You ppl can give Michelle all the credit you want for this week but it was James who was responsible for it. he’s the one who changed the game because without the his two votes Paul the snake/rat (he’s so much like Andy that way)and victor would never had the balls to go against Paulie. They nor the nasty girls didn’t make big game plays as they would only go for a sure thing and James votes gave them sure thing. I know nasty girls are really hating Nicole got basket this week because they are so jealous of her before this and now it’s probably killing them that America likes her so much. Now sweet Natalie showing her real colors. Girl who said all season she didn’t talk about ppl and didn’t get into drama proving what a liar she is. So Paulie dead right about her when he calls her fake. Poor James will be hurt when he gets out of house and finds out what really went on with her. There is a reason she does not have a significant other in her life. most of ppl in this house are real losers. I don’t know ppl like them in the world I live in.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oh Trudy, Trudy, Trudy, there are no words…….

      Still love you though.

    • Avatar

      You go Trudy ! Nata-lie is so fake, I can,t believe that so many can,t see thru her ” I,m just a peppy little cheerleader that doesn,t even know the game ” crap ! And Meech ? Jeez her pinnochhio nose is so full of ” brown stuff ” I guess that,s why she cries so much – to make it drain ? I,ve never seen so much trash talk on a BB season… I hope Paulie or Corey has the round trip ticket ! Is this the last week it can be played ?

  57. Avatar
    Jamie Jones (1 comments)

    Hey, we all need to vote victor for the care package to protect him next week since he won’t be able to play!! He was the only one with enough guts to do what needed to be done – put up King Paulie!

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      Polly seems to be ahead of Paul on a lot of polls except jokers but hopefully after what he did tonight it’ll start to rise but I’m a little scared if we can’t get vic enough votes Polly could actually get it. He’s way ahead of vic. Maybe that’s changing. By tomorrow. Let’s hope tho

    • NKogNeeTow

      The Package next week is shared HOH. Not sure if he would qualify since he’s HOH this week, but who knows. Maybe because it’s a special package, he might be exempt.

  58. Avatar
    BBFan4Ever (12 comments)

    Finally a BIG move thank you BB18 power has shifted. I hope Vic wins veto. That will be a good comp. Can’t wait to see how this week plays out. Finally getting good and better than last season.

  59. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Last night was really boring but I did learn
    1-nat hopes the veto comp is sewing (thought that was hilarious)
    2- Polly wears shirts when hes sad (thank goodness)
    3- Nicole thinks Cory looks 12 when he shaves which is perfect because she acts like she’s 12
    4- Polly thinks it would be worth it to James to give up 500K in order to be in Pollys wedding. (James is not the smartest player but I don’t think even he would think that’s a good trade off.)

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