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Post Nomination Feed Updates



The last post was getting a bit long, and I have a feeling this will be the meat and potatoes of the night, so I decided to start a new thread on it.

If you’re wondering, Victor put Paulie and Corey on the block, and Paulie is not taking it very well. For the rest of the day, check out my previous thread


  • 6:40pm – Paulie asks Victor what happens if a guy does pull himself off. Is the other one going home. Victor says he hasn’t gotten that far yet
    • Paulie dickishly says “I wasn’t asking that to you, I was asking it to him and him (Paul and James)”
    • Paul says he doesn’t know what is going on
    • James says if someone is acting like a dick all week, he’s getting his vote that week.  Paulie says he can respect that and it feels that was aimed toward him, so he’ll act cool
    • Victor – “Let’s just eat some tacos”. Well said, Victor. Let’s eat some tacos
    • Nicole pulls Corey into the safari room. Nicole says she went off on the girls and said that it was rude of them to laugh (you mean like Paulie and crew laugh while Michelle was crying last week?)
    • nicole-suit2
    • Nicole blames James for all of this.  She stared him down in the kitchen for 2 minutes
  • 6:55pm – Paulie is still venting, this time to Paul in the bedroom
    • Paul is still playing dumb about it
    • Now Paulie is talking about how Corey and Nicole really do like each other. I’m not sure if that is supposed to make a difference
    • Paul says he shouldn’t hold any animosity towards Victor. Paulie says he won’t
    • Note – I took a nap earlier, and I woke up in a panic thinking I missed the nominations because this is definitely one of the bigger moves in the past few seasons. Putting two strong guys, and allies, against each other with no bullshit reason other than ‘it’s strategy’ is amazing
    • Paulie is upset because Michelle already started taunting him. She allegedly said “So I guess I did blow up your game, hahaha”. Victor says that’s not what he wanted
    • Paulie – “Kicking people while they’re down is not cool in my book” …. Paulie, you were f’in practicing a speech today directed toward Michelle after you thought she was going to be nominated, you damn hypocrite.
  • 7:05pm – Michelle is in the bedroom upset because Paulie made her feel like shit.
    • michelle-upset
    • Michelle said she just wanted to expose Paulie before she left, but now he is pinning this entire thing on her
    • Meanwhile, Paulie and Corey are in the bathroom and Paulie is saying if he wins veto, he’s going to use it on Corey (sure he will)
    • Paulie is really playing it up for the cameras. I am not buying it, but maybe I’m cynical
      Corey, I love you buddy. I’m saving you… Can the cameras see my tears?
    • Victor is up in the HoH room now chatting with Paul.  They are talking about how Nicole’s dumb comment that Corey could have backdoored one of them yesterday then walked away
    • Paul says Paulie is boiling because he knows that Paul knows.  Victor goes to grab a beer to relax. Paul is worried about the guys seeing them together drinking.
    • Victor says they are going to tell Michelle to ease up on the comments
    • Paul is retelling his conversation with Paulie.  Here is what happened, Paulie was talking about the 5 person alliance in front of her. So, Paul later asks why he did that and why he thinks Nicole would be just cool with finishing 6th place.  Paulie apparently said she was fine with that and is happy just to be here or some shit. Plus she trusts Corey (ok?)
  • 7:30pm – Michelle is in the bedroom telling Natalie what “FT” means.  (fake tits)  Natalie wants to walk into the kitchen jokingly say “Who has FT’s??”
    • Meanwhile, Nicole is chatting with Victor in the safari room.  She is telling him that she’s not mad at him at all
    • He is telling her about all the little alliances Paulie is in
    • Victor once again talking about how he was screwed over and not even given a chance to play in the veto.
    • Nicole says as a gameplayer, she understands what he is saying.  She is also happy she wouldn’t have gone up if she wasn’t safe this week
    • Victor – I hope our conversation stays between us, though it probably won’t (it won’t)
  • 8:00pm – The group minus the noms were in the bedroom chatting.
    • Nicole leaves to get water, and they say Victor should make Corey a havenot if he can
    • Paulie comes into the room from the DR and everyone leaves but Paul
    • paul-paulie2
    • Meanwhile, Victor is still trying to clear things up with Corey in the HoH room.
    • Corey tells him ‘good move, seriously’.  He says he isn’t mad at all (he’s mad)
    • corey-smiling
    • I am a bit sad they told Michelle to ease up on Paulie. Let’s hope she doesn’t listen
  • 8:15pm – Victor is now chatting with Paulie in the bedroom while Paul listens in
    • They are going on and on and on how if Paulie wins, he’s not coming after Victor.
    • He calls back to Derrick/Cody a few times, like expected.
    • Paulie talks about how he wanted to go to the 5 and battle it out. Of course Paulie doesn’t actually mean that and probably would have just brought his ride or die Corey to the f2, but everyone lies in the house
  • 8:40pm – Conversation breaks up. Paulie goes into the room with Corey and Nicole and tells them he (Paulie) is indeed the target, but he won’t campaign against Corey if they’re still on the block
  • 9:10pm – Paulie is freakin exhausting. He is now chatting with Natalie privately, mostly about how things went
    • Natalie asked about the FT comment, and Paulie said everyone else joked about it. She asked ‘Even James?’ and he said ‘James knew what it meant’
    • He keeps slamming Michelle how mean she was early in the season
    • Need to pause and stretch.
    • They talk awhile. Paulie goes on and on about how he’s not a bad guy, how he feels bad for this and that, and is trying to be friendly with Natalie. Paulie is acting as fake as Nat’s chest (his line, not mine)
  • 9:35pm – Natalie joins James in the HN room to retell the conversation
    • Natalie says how Paulie talks in circles and was confusing her a lot. She thinks he’s losing his mind in here
    • natalie-talking
    • Natalie camtalks and tells America that she was being very nice to him but he was still lying to her face
    • He kept pinning stuff on her and how she created chaos
    • She tells James how she had to keep talking to him like a child and tell him what he wants to hear because he’ll always insist he’s right
    • She then gives him crap about the guys alliance. James called it a ‘mutual respect’. She tells him the name (the execs), and he blows it off.
    • James pulls the ‘You can go in my DR to see’ and she shuts that down ‘You know I can’t go in your DR’
    • Side note – Natalie plays ditzy, and she is in certain regards, but I said early on she was the only one who was aware there were other possibilities going on in the house when the noobs thought they had it on lock.  She is a strange person because she even says she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is certainly far more aware of her surroundings than say Victoria who literally floated along
    • Natalie mentions how Paulie talked about wearing a mask all season and it’s not the real him. She tells James that he (Paulie) is a huge hypocrite for calling her fake when he admits to being fake
    • Nat then talks about her relationship with Nicole. She tried to talk to Nicole all season, but Nic leaves the room when she enters, she never talks to her, and she’s very passive aggressive.
    • Then the FT (fake tits) comes up.  James says he didn’t know, but Natalie tells him that Paulie said he did.
    • Paulie told Natalie that everyone just wanted her to admit that she has fake boobs. She is about to do some camtalking about the joke of the house (FT) then Paulie enters
  • 9:50pm – Paulie gives James a hug and tells him he and Corey had James’ back ride or die.
    • I don’t know how much more Paulie I can type tonight.
    • Random thought, doesn’t Paulie in this angle look like the guy from Limitless?
    • Paulie could have certainly used a few of those smart pills this season. Now he just needs a Xanax
    • Paulie talks to James for a solid 20 minutes repeating how they’re all boys and how even if he comes down, he’s still going after the girls. He’ll do it again and again because he’s loyal to the boys
  • 10:35pm – Jumped ahead. James is talking to Nat and Michelle in the bedroom
    • Natalie is upset for being called fake just because she’s peppy.
    • She puts her head under the blanket and cries about the “fake tits” comment hurts the most.
    • Note – Natalie may or may not be fake, but if she is fake, she is a good actor. She really does seem like a nice person
    • Natalie mentions again how Paulie said 15 people were making fun of her this season.
    • James – “Well who is the one who hasn’t?”…. umm, herself??  lol  Damn, James
  • 10:45pm – Victor enters the room and asks how the conversation with Paulie went
    • He talks about how Paulie mentioned loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.
    • They all compare notes on the conversations with Paulie, while Victor tells them with Corey said (Good game, good move) and that’s all they had to say
  • 11:45pm –  I’ve been sitting listening to Victor chat with Michelle and Natalie for the better part of the hour.
    • It was general game conversation, how he did in comps, how he didn’t throw the racing one even though it looked like it
    • Natalie asks him to throw the HoH to her again, and he says she has to win the HoH. It’s so much better of a feeling to win a comp rather than having it handed to you.  He tells her to compete her hardest, win the comp and feel proud about your accomplishment.

Here are some final thoughts of the night…

Other than that shitty speech he gave to the girls when he nominated them last week, Victor has been a completely different person since re-joining the house. Even though Natalie said she’ll try to clear it up for him if/when she gets out, I still can’t believe out of all the guys, all the comments, all the ego, that Victor was the one singled out as someone who needs to treat women better (on national TV).

You have Paulie’s dickery with the way he treated Z, and was the most vocal about Natalie’s boob job. You have Corey and his inner struggle / battle with homosexuality, and other bullshit like laughing while telling a story about his friend trying to light a goat on fire (This link goes into all the Corey crap – Take note at Paul who instantly calls him out on that. Good guy, Paul). You have Frank, as funny as he is, was slapping girls on the asses, and another guy who compared himself to Jesus. Yet they air Natalie’s humiliating goodbye message in front of millions of people.

Speaking of manipulation – Going back to the Corey thing. I understand he is as dumb as a rock, and generally contributes nothing to the season, why has production gone out of the way to not once, but twice give him “aww, shucks” moments during the episodes?  The thing about Christmas and the thing about his dog were clearly trying to make him look like a good ole’ boy, while on the feeds he’s laughing about his dickhead friend trying to light a goat on fire.  If they edit Paulie’s clearly empty gesture of using the veto on Corey as a touching moment between two good guys, I’m going to lose my lunch.

Alright, that is my little rant for the night. What a night. This season went from 2 to 10 real freakin quick. Here I was thinking Tiffany’s dictator and cabbage patch comments were going to be the highlights of the season. You have Michelle suddenly realizing she’s in the game and calling people out left and right on live TV. Having a meltdown with Julie calming her down half hour later. A huge shocking vote that turned the direction of the season around, and then Victor making one of the bigger moves over the last few seasons. All in roughly a 24 hour span.  My only disappointment is that I’m not going to be able to blog this next week because I have a feeling hothead Paulie is not just going to let this go. Especially if the nominations remain the same.

I will likely be reading the updates throughout the day and possibly posting my quick thoughts on the direction of the house each night. Maybe do a video or two since that was pretty well received.  I am posting this like it’s my last night blogging before vacation, but I’ll still be around over the weekend. It’s just on my mind as I wrap up this thread.

Amy won’t be doing the overnight tomorrow, and Sunday will be her last one of the year as she gets ready to go back to school. Pamela will be taking over for her there moving forward (including tomorrow), so make sure you’re nice to her. Brianna will be doing a lot of the filling in for me over the next week during the day/evening, so I want to give both of them, and especially Amy a huge thank you for the help this season. Their contributions have actually helped me blog more, and in more detail because I get more time off, so I am more charged up to go when I do blog.

Enough of that for tonight. Overnight in the morning


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  1. Avatar

    Way to go Vic …yippy skippy this week will be fun.

  2. JD

    Nicole laughed and smirked with her boys. Someone is acting like a kettle

    • NKogNeeTow

      The Rat our right laughed when Da was evicted. And she sat at the table and laughed at Victor’s nomination speech to Zit and Michelle. And now because her little girl…errr…boyfriend and the object of HIS affection are nominated, she’s mad?


      • Avatar

        Lol and she got care package because of how populR she is in America!! And she wasn’t laughing when day went out, she has quick smile on face and she was smiling at what Paul was doing at the time. You need to pay more attention to jokers and feeds. She wasn’t even looking at day she was looking at Paul!!

  3. caRyn

    Paulie is venting. Victor asks Paulie: “Did I do this to you when you put me up?” (No.) Victor to Paulie: “Okay then, don’t do this to me”.

  4. Jannie

    Wow…way to go Vic!
    Watching the Godfather lose his marbles this week is gonna be great! Hope Vic or Michelle can win the Veto, too, and keep norms the same. Really stick it to him. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he had the round trip ticket…CBS is shady.
    I do feel sorry for Day, though. Could you imagine being stuck in the jury house with Paulie and Zzzz?

    • Avatar

      I would feel thrilled to watch P in the jury house …Z will tell Day P could have taken her down …and all the stuff the girls told her …hopefully she said that stuff to Julie to try and save face for being used so badly , unless of course she really is that pitiful…..

      • Jannie

        I think she is that pitiful.
        If Paulie walks into the jury house she will jump into his arms.
        Paulie will “bone” her for the rest of the summer and she will never see or hear from him again.
        That girl needs help.

      • Avatar

        She sat her silly ass up there & told Julie she hopes Paulie wants to see her outside of the house. Paulie really played with that girl’s mind. I think she knows good & damn well he’s not going to be with her ass after the show. If she had any sense at all she would have caught on when he said he didn’t want to be kissing on tv because his family was watching but he didn’t have a problem goosing her on national tv. What about her family? He obviously don’t give a fat rat’s ass about what her family thinks while watching him treat her like a 2 dollar whore on dime night. She sure as hell didn’t care about what her family thinks or how she made herself look on tv being a teacher too. She’s as dumb as a box of rocks & he’s a sorry excuse for a man.

      • Avatar

        I think Z is aware on some level but, if they do shaggy each other with Paulie being so, selfish probably will not be that get of lover and she will get over him. I think she will not care if he never calls her. Especially after she witnesses the clips. I think he started a train wreck he could not stop. He did not want her to go home. He should have said I changed my mind let’s give her a week because I promised the veto and I won. He made his word look feeble.

      • Avatar

        I agree that Z is not too bright and definitely lacks self-esteem, but I actually felt just a teensy bit sorry for her when she was talking to Julie about how she hopes P wants to see her after the show. She just seemed in way over her head. And then I remembered how she still boned him AFTER he didn’t take her off the block and after all the stuff Nat told her…

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think I might have to get the live feeds just to watch this train wreck this entire weekend Jannie…lol.

      • Jannie

        If you do, then we will all be expecting a full recap from you every night!
        I get enough info from stevebeans and Joker”s.
        C’mon now, even though things are heating up…I still hate them all!! 😉

    • Avatar

      Victor only doing that now that he is on top and there is nothing Corey and Paulie can do. Wouldn’t have the guts otherwise. And Paulie so bad because he can’t handle telling the truth. Sure has no trouble talking behind ppl back but doesn’t have the nerve or guts to tell it to their face. Guess he’s lying for jury votes Watch either Paulie or Corey get pov and take himself off and the other one gets return ticket!!! Chances of person going out and having round trip are much higher now.

  5. Avatar

    Nicole stares down James. Immediately the 80’s song “the safety dance” starts playing. “If your friends don’t dance, then there no friends of mine.” James immediately switches sides and the rest of the week is fucked.

  6. Avatar

    what a crazy week! so sooo glad i hung on this season coz its finally starting to get good. I think im starting to like PAUL?!?!? I mean if that can happen anything can lol, I’m on the edge of my seat.

    I do wish Victor had chosen to backdoor paulie though rather then nominate him straight up. huuuuge chance still that he will win veto now and pull himself off… I dont think he deserved that chance and he didnt give Victor that chance either.

    • Avatar

      If they tried to backdoor Paulie then he could have won veto (higher chance of him playing because less people in the house), pulled Corey off the block and Nicole would have been safe. James, Nat, Paul or Michelle would have gone home instead. This way, at least Corey or Paulie will go home.

    • Avatar

      But it’ll be solo much fun watching psycho Paulie go crazy all week!

  7. Quwana

    awww sukkie sukkie now lol (not sure if that is the correct spelling) but the shit just hit the fan ctfu….King Paulie is upset and talking about loyalty but he was just saying in the DR that he is playing the game for himself NEWS FLASH PAULIE: finally they are too!!!! YES this is great!!! Kinda feel they should of backdoored him but hey you get in where you fit in no matter what one of the big guns are going to the Jury House…lol wasn’t a fan of anyone but kinda leaning towards Big Meech for waking up these snoozers and letting them know “Hey Paulie is running the house you dweebs” lol now its beginning to look like Big Brother…and America really???? Nicole???? come on smh

  8. Avatar

    oh also anyone else like me that is outside us or cant watch the feeds, search HOHKING on youtube they are putting up all the good stuff from the feeds. the whole nataile/paulie fight is on there and heaps of clips from today as well

  9. caRyn

    Paulie is throwing a fit – again. Crying and everything.

  10. Jannie

    Paulie and Corey sitting at the table and Paulie is bawling(meanwhile, Michelle is not) and telling Corey that he will use the Veto on him if he wins. Corey says he “will kill himself ” if Paulie does that. Then they exchange ” I love you’s” and hug it out
    Is it just me or did Corey just show more affection to Paulie just now than he has shown to Nicole all season?

    • Colby

      Oh sure, he’s going to use the veto on Corey.
      He just thinks is is good enough to manipulate Corey into using it on him if Corey wins it. There is no end to his ego.

      • Avatar

        Corey’s big doofus ass is just stupid enough to believe him. Nicole is gonna be doing some sad singing, snot slinging & slow walking if Corey leaves.

    • caRyn

      The tears and saying he will use the veto on Corey is all for the primetime show.

    • Avatar

      Corey just wants to get boned like Zakiah did.

    • Avatar

      Paulie is a great manipulator, that’s for sure. He knows how to individualize his bullshit to each person’s unique weaknesses. In Corey’s case, he knows Corey is not very bright and in love with him, so this was an easy trick to pull off.

      • Avatar

        Paulie is pulling this sad ass act, feeling sorry for himself bullshit on Nat right now. I hope like hell she’s not falling for it.

      • Avatar

        Nope, she’s talking to James now and she didn’t buy a single word of Paulie’s bullshit! LOVE Natalie!

      • caRyn

        Natalie won’t fall for it. She gathers information. It’s been her game since the beginning.

      • NKogNeeTow

        The Godfather has spent the better part of the night going form person to person trying to manipulate them. He sat there in the Nairobi room or Safari room or whatever room it is, holding court. Was really funny when he sent Natalie to “fetch” James, then James didn’t show up…lol. He had to go to him. But he’s trying his best to keep his cool tonight. I wish Vic and Paul hadn’t told Mich to ease up on him. I think that the madder they keep him, the more his game will be off when he plays for the Veto.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Jannie: “Is it just me or did Corey just show more affection to Paulie just now than he has shown to Nicole all season?”

      Are you surprised? I’m not. I found the portions of the live feeds on youtube that BBTVJunkie had mentioned. They have quite a few of them and the comments are scandalous! Everything about The Godfather sending d*ck pics to women to Bambi wanting to get into Paulie’s pants. Some of them are funny as hell.

  11. caRyn

    Paulie is asking how James will vote and James is telling him – whoever I have to walk around eggshells is who I am voting for. Paulie – So basically me.

  12. caRyn

    Paulie is asking Paul if Paul wins the veto will he use it on him. Paul (lies) and says yes – after Paulie asked him the question a couple of times.

  13. Avatar

    I’m sooo glad I stuck the season out to watch this fantastic turn of events! BBAD should be good tonight. Thanks to all of you for keeping me informed during the day. I wish there was something like this for Survivor.

  14. Avatar

    Since my final 3 are all gone ….everybody gets a clean slate for my vote for AFP …and I LOVE the name “sitting ducks” that P n V came up with!

  15. danmtruth

    What a fun night Now you can see the true character of Paulie, Nichole, and Corey. Nichole was so hapy to get the care package. To her and Paulie this is proof America loves them. She whines about people laughing. Yet like @stevebeans pointed out She had no problem last week when the frat boys were laughing at Meech as she cried. Nichole ask why people keep calling her a snake. Could it be that you try to befriend people to gain there confidence. Then find out what they know than run to Paulie to tell him Just like ypu did with Frank early on in the season. You have turned into Christine without the pawing on Paulie/Cody
    Paulie is now complaining that Vic is not loyal yet he was looking for the first chance to send Vic out of the house Did Paulie forget how dirty they got Vic out of the house? Than Paulie insults him saying James and Paul are making the decisions. Funny just yesterday you were talking about how happy you were to be controlling the HoH again That you wanted to give the nom speeches . Even tho it was Vic noms Just argent
    Nice to see Vic standing up to Paulie and not backing down Telling him he is giving Paulie more of a chance than Paulie gave him
    No mater what happens in veto they should have the 3 votes to get either Paulie or Corey out

    • Avatar

      Not only did Paulie backdoor Vic the first time, but he’s talked about it multiple times since Vic has returned. He said a couple weeks ago, if Vic didn’t win HOH “F*** him” and said they could vote him out. He has a lot of nerve talking about loyalty, when he was trying to get his own showmance evicted just days ago.

      Paulie just can’t deal with the fact that he’s getting outplayed. He doesn’t know how to play this game if everyone isn’t bowing at his feet. I just hope Vic goes all out for the Veto, so they can send this jerk packing.

      • Avatar

        Did you hear Nicole telling Corey how he’s such a good guy & doesn’t deserve to be on the block? She told him if he goes then she would want to go right after him. What in the hell is wrong with these girls other than being young & dumb? I just don’t get it. Corey is not going to be with her after thexshow, he wants Paulie. Lol

        Paulie is full of shit like a Christmas turkey. He thinks he can turn things around on people like he did Z & make them believe they’re wrong & he’s right. I’m glad that crap he’s talking is not working. He’s letting everybody see how crazy he really is.

      • Avatar

        OMG are you serious? I didn’t catch that comment from Nicole! This is what I was talking about earlier about why she’s so much less popular among the live feeds followers vs. the broadcast-only fans. Here this girl is getting a SECOND chance to play a game that millions of people would kill to play even once, AND getting a gift of safety from America, and she is once again ready to throw it all away for a guy who isn’t even interested in her. Smh poor thing is so clueless.

      • Mell

        Ann,you’re right but do you really stuff your turkey with shit?

      • Avatar

        @Mell, I was referring to turkey’s being stuffed with all kinds of shit at Christmas. Different people use different kind of shit (stuffings) to stuff their turkeys at Christmas time. Lol
        But then Paulie is full of shit & I don’t mean stuffing.
        Oh, I don’t even eat turkey so therfore I don’t do the stuffing or dressing or whatever the hell it’s called but it’s shit in Paulie’s case.

    • Avatar

      My girl Nicole got the basket because most of America loves her!!! And every girl in the house was wanting a basket so now they are even more jealous of her than they were before.

    • NKogNeeTow

      The only thing I’m curious about is after those kind of nasty nom speeches he gave Zit and Bridget then throwing those beads at them, did he treat Bambi and The Godfather the same way when he nominated them?

      • Avatar

        Nkog. Come on girl I know you don’t like my Nicole but you have to be honest and admit that she got the safety pass because of her popularity!! Can’t figure out who will get next one cause rest of ppl in house are not popular or liked at all. I would think much more of these house guests esp James (who I used to really like as a person) and Vic and esp Paul, if they just had the guts and honesty to tell Paulie the truth now when it doesn’t matter. Paul is worst when asked what he’s going to do why does he lie. Just have some honor and tell the truth. James esp disappoints me about this as I always thought of him as an honorable person and you have to admit Nicole and Corey and Paulie trusted him to the max. They are hurt by him, not mad.

      • Avatar

        Gerardo. I don’t know why you would say such a thing about me. I have been on this site for many years and I am just voicing my opinion as I have been doing with many of these ppl for years. I have strong feeling and voice them just like a lot of others on here. What is your problem? Just because I don’t agree with you? Have I attacked you? I respect everyone’s opinion on here even when they disagree with me we all still disagree cordially.

  16. Avatar

    Paulie needs to get his ass somewhere & sit down & shut the fu*k up. He can dish it out all day long but he can’t take it. I’ll bet he didn’t sleep one wink last night without his porn queen to goose. Corey would be only too happy to go lay up with him tonight.

  17. caRyn

    Nicole always says – “I’m not mad at you.” – when she wants to make sure she is safe with that person. It is her signature (safety) comment/sentence.

    • Avatar

      Did anyone else see Zing Bot in the audience during eviction? Guarantee Production can’t wait to roast these fools. Especially if Paulie is crying, after he tried telling them what he would and would not do. Mad Max: Thunder Dome. This week should be good.

      • Avatar

        2 men enter 1 man leaves ….nice hat Aaron …yes I saw Zingbot dancing front row …it should be soon final 6 rmaybe 8…the round trip ticker is making me nervous .

  18. Avatar

    Pauli’s crying huh? He he he ha ha ha!!!!

    • Avatar

      Yes, after he made fun of Michelle crying and laughing at her… He’s clearly the biggest baby of all of them!

      • Avatar

        Those fake ass tears don’t move me. Paulie knows that Corey will fall for whateve
        shit Paulie hurls his way because Corey is a few french fries short of a happy meal he most definitely is not the brightest crayon in the box. He has a crush on Paulie.

  19. Avatar

    I would rather Cory go home this week. See how Nicole handles being in the house without him. I don’t want Paulie to make final three but his inability to let anything go increases the drama.

    • Avatar

      I’m almost rooting for Corey to get evicted ONLY because I have a sick feeling that Paulie has that damn round trip ticket. Nothing would be more vomit-inducing than having to see the look on that Dee-hay’s face after he gets evicted and then gets to turn right back around and go back in the house.

      • Avatar

        Just makes me wonder that we never seen what happened to the cards after they found them. Been cool if they did a capture the flag type thing with them.

      • Avatar

        @Gerardo, please don’t say that because I might pass the hell out if that happens. That asshole does not deserve to have that ticket.

  20. Avatar

    Wow Paulie’s been in denial for over 24hours about being blindsided by Mr Friendship and friends. Now he’s crying and still in disbelief. This is damn near better than the fall of Rome…#yourassisgrass thanks for making up for 2months of unfiltered bullshit. Seeing you breakdown or fakedown after being a f’n derk(douchebag/jerk) is worth the $6.99 all access fee for three months. #letseattacos… Nicole and Corey have absolutely no plan and no damn clue what’s going on, your ass is grass too.

  21. kneeless

    Oh Paulie, when I grow up I want to be just like you. I so wish you could teach me everything you know because apparently you know it all!! I think if we open up the dictionary & look up pompous ass his picture will be right there. I can’t believe that when James & Nat we’re studying in the kitchen by covering up facial features Paulie gets high & mighty telling them that’s not how you study. James said that’s how they did it last season. Paulie said that Derrick & Cody didn’t do it that way basically telling James & Nat they were all wrong. But wait, it had to be wrong since Paulie said so. I am so afraid he will have the round trip ticket.

  22. Shivani33

    Paulie can’t understand how come people get up and leave the room when he enters. Has he forgotten how he acted the other night during his 3+ hours of scorn and raging? He has the same absence of grace as a nominee as he portrayed then as the aggressor. It’s as if he thinks he can fuss and fume his way off the block. His concept of morality is a one-way street. Everyone else is a whore, a fucking idiot and a jackass, unless they agree to let him dominate, and only he is the paragon of righteousness. Where is his self-reflective insight or empathy? He seems to be missing essential qualities, a lot like a classic narcissist. These types of people miss so much that life offers. He doesn’t see it that most of the others in the house have tried and tried with him and have just had more than enough.

  23. Avatar

    Ok, if BBAD is going to keep the feeds on Paulie whining and playing victim all night, I’m going to change the channel. I can’t listen to this crap anymore.

    • Avatar

      Im sick of his lying ass too. He knows damn well he’s sitting here lying through his fu*cking teeth to James & Nat.

      • Avatar

        As Natalie said, he is 100 percent full of s**t. He’s telling James that he won’t campaign against Corey, and he would never have campaigned against any of the 5 guys in the alliance. Seriously dude? You expect everyone to believe that you are so noble that you would’ve just fallen on your sword to save your alliance members?? Get the hell outta here!

      • Avatar

        He was even saying James and Nat were the next two to put up, when he thought he could control the HOH! It seems Nat, Michelle and Paul are the smartest ones in the house…I hope they’re the final 3!

    • Avatar

      I hear you …every time paulie comes on I switch to the Dr. Who marathon on BBC…

  24. JD

    By Paulie saying he’s not campaigning against Corey is him campaigning. Make Corey feel he’s got his back, guilt him and use Corey’s crush against him he’s trying to get Corey to throw himself out. Corey’s shobromance is going to get him evicted.

    I too have wondered who is holding on to the envelopes for round trip. CBS wants that big reveal and drama this is the last week. CBS isn’t going to let this twist get cancelled (see what I did there? Like a cancelled flight) after all the talk and effort. Using it before now would be too soon and CBS isn’t going to let their boy go home like that. I sometimes think CBS riggs the game. Don’t know if it’s true or not but it is a “TV” show and it is about the ratings. I think without full out cheating some cast members get a little help for a chance. Example look how many times it took to get Rachel out then she come back in again and wins the same competition she won just a few weeks before that no one else had a chance of winning. (Hanging on to the punching bag). Like her or love her she got people talking about BB. Same with Paulie. You either love him or hate him but we are all talking about him and that is ratings.

  25. kneeless

    Vic gained big points tonight. Not only in his noms but the way he handled Paulie.

  26. danmtruth

    Fun to watch him talking to Nat . He is trying to run a bus over James . Telling her he was part of every thing Saying how he is just a fun flirtatious person That he was juat kidding with Nat about hitting on her. Than saying Nat was doing just as much as she was if not her even more. He did not know she was taking it seriously Nat just told James Paulie was ful of shit and just talk in circles Nice to see Nat is not buying into Paulies BS
    Paulie is now talking to James and Nat saying how hurt he is that James was not loyal to him That Paulie was ready to ride to the end with the guys All he did was protect each other He is not mad at anyone but it’s a gut shot Stop talking Paulie you counterdict yourself every other minute First you want everyone to be loyal to ypu Than it’s all just a game . Than he wasent going to take James girl out Than he was going to stay true to the final boys to the end than just let things fall and guys evict as it comes STOP Paulie you are not an honer person
    Now Paul is asking Nichole what she felt about the all boy alliance Funny she has no answer

  27. Avatar

    When he first came back in the house I listed Victor with Frank and Da’Vonne as people I thought could get Paulie out, I didn’t really believe it, but was hoping. Glad he proved that right! Well done Victor!

    And Rasputin is starting to grow on me a little bit, I don’t dislike him nearly as much as I did.

  28. Avatar

    so I saw on another site someone speculated that the special episode coming up on friday will be a jury buy back, any thoughts??

    • Mell

      I figured if the round trip was it used they would for sure have to do a jury buyback because they have the week planned out to have that extra house guest so I’m sure you’re right on the Friday episode plays into it or something.

  29. Mell

    I guess tonight is an et tu, brute type thing!

  30. Avatar

    Wow…This is some really Deep sh*t with Paulie, its like he has lived Vicariously through Cody & Derrick for this game. And has given his Whole Freaking Life to Playing & Winning Big Brother to prove something! I know one HG said that since his Brother Cody came in 2nd in the Big Brother Game, Paulie has largely lived his life in the shadow of Cody?!

    Paulie is literally begging for his Big Brother Life, Attacking someone in a moment, Arguing, Laughing, and saying he Loves someone all in the same minute?! Since Zakiyah has left the house he has not mentioned missing her not once! It has been ALL about Paulie Surviving in the BB House, & keeping his Big Brother Life. Paulie is like a little boy lost…Even Nat Nat said something is Mentally wrong with him..

    • Avatar

      I’ve said from the beginning of the season that I thought Big Brother actually tried to get both Vanessa and Cody to return. After all Cody was runner-up and Vanessa came in third. But my thought is that neither wanted to spend another summer in the BB house and so someone in production came up with the idea of getting their siblings (Tiffany & Paulie) as a “twist”. I have absolutely no proof of this but it just seems that bringing back 4 players as well as two relatives would be too much for one season (one or the other but not both) and wouldn’t have been the original plan.

  31. Avatar

    Lordt…Why in for Pete’s Sake did they cast Nicole for BB 18??? Paul didn’t even believe that she knew all along that there was a Boys Alliance, when Paulie, & Corey told him.

    He went directly to Nicole, & asked her did she know there was a Boys Alliance, and that she knew she was going to be evicted because of it? Girlfriend say YES, and that she was OK with it!!! Paul said “i can’t wrap my head around this,” and U were OK with this???” Nicole said Yeah, I’m just a Fan of the Show, meaning she doesn’t want to win?! Paul was amazed because everybody comes on the show to Win…Except Nicole, & Zikayah..

    Dear Big Brother, Please don’t recast Nicole, or Zakiyah again. Thank You

    • Avatar

      I’m seriously so over Nicole, and it irritates me to no end. I was excited to see her back because she was a sweetheart in her last season and I wanted her to come back to the show swinging and actually go far. She’s being an idiot and won’t pull her head out of her… Or rather, Corey’s ass. She’s also not at all the sweet girl she was last season. She turned into a coward and a snake. Who in their right mind is just ok laying down and surrendering to losing when you’re playing for that much money? Jesus. Such a waste.

      • Avatar

        Haven’t a clue why Nicole was chosen by production/CBS to return – there are far better players out there deserving of a second chance. However, after watching Nicole’s game (if you want to call it a game) I’ve come to the conclusion that she only agreed to return in hopes of finding another boyfriend and for a paid summer vacation. She certainly hasn’t provided much, if anything, in the way of game play having relied on Frank, Corey and Paulie to do all the heavy lifting and protect her.

  32. Colby

    I thought tonight would be more interesting.
    Paulie going from person to person and preaching his loyalty and crying is kind of reminding me of Vanessa. I wonder if he will go read the Bible next.
    When he realizes that the ‘feel sorry for me ‘ act isn’t working I’m pretty sure he will probably get mad and have another tantrum.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Just read the last of Steve’s comments. Had me cracking up at his analysis.

    I was going to sign up for the live feeds tonight, just so I could keep an eye on TGF, but since Vic and Paul told Mich to lay off of him, it’s been kind of dull tonight, so I guess I’ll save my money. Besides, I’ve not gotten into bed until 9:30am for the last 2 days, reading about these clowns on Jokers all night. I think I’ll treat myself and go to bed tonight. Especially if it will keep me from getting the stick eye from the family again tomorrow morning.

    On a side note: Does anyone know how to view Notifications here? It says I have one but I can’t view it because of the ads and stuff covering that side of the screen. Any help will be welcome 🙂

    Going to pop over to Jokers for the last 15-30 minutes, then I have a very important meeting with The Sandman.

    Night All 🙂

  34. Avatar

    Y’know, at first I thought victor was going to be a real douche canoe, but I did pull for him to win the battle back (thought he was the strongest player of all of them, and he was). Then when he got down off the hashtag HoH comp and shielded Natalie from being hit, I instantly gained some respect for him. That was a pretty stand up thing to do. Now he’s making big moves and he isn’t hiding behind them. He’s straight forward, no nonsense. Not to mention, I like the fact that he’s encouraging Natalie to actually do her best and win rather than handing something to her. I’m really starting to like the guy. I wouldn’t be mad at all if he went on to win it all. At least his game play has more integrity than Paulie’s.

    I also have a newfound respect for Michelle, though she drives me insane. Would be pretty interesting to see her and victor in f2, or even f3 but she needs to start winning things.

  35. Avatar

    What happened with Julie and

  36. Avatar

    Maybe she wrote Michele off in the beginning of season when she was harassing Bridget out of jealousy. I read a brief interview Julie gave about Paulie’s behavior prior to Thursday night show and she did not speak well of him. Said he was throwing fbombs at James non stop because he refused to give in and keep Z.

  37. Avatar

    Just read on Jokers that Paulie asked Paul if he could sleep in his bed. He doesn’t like to sleep alone. What a sad 5’7″ little man. Someone get this guy a teddy bear.

  38. caRyn

    Paulie – “What would happen if I do go to the jury house and then I decide I don’t want to be there? How could they stop me from actually leaving?”

  39. kneeless

    Trust me, I haunted a fan of Michelle mostly because of her mean girl side. I do think, or want to think, that maybe she has learned a few things this summer & has grown up, a bit. She is owning some of the shitty stuff she’s said & done (Nic take note). She told Nat that after the way she treated Nat earlier on wasn’t fair & Meech said she doesn’t deserve Nat as a friend. I think Michelle has lead a pretty sheltered life. Hopefully, she will be a better person. I’d hate for people to judge me now, based on how I acted in my 20’s. I do have hope for Michelle.

  40. caRyn

    All the guys and Nicole are playing in the veto.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Damn, that gives The Rat a chance to help pull one down. But on the brighter side, at least if she wins, she will pull Bambi down and no matter who goes up in his place, TGF goes home. Now let’s all just pray to whatever God you serve, that TGF doesn’t win the Veto (which seems to be his specialty).

  41. NKogNeeTow

    @Steve: Yes Dad, we will be nice and behave for Pam and Brianna.

    @Pam and Brianna: WELCOME!

    @Amy: Good luck with school and your upcoming wedding. It was always fun reading your Updates and comments. You will be sorely missed, but I’m happy for you and really look forward to you Blogging again next year.

    Papa Steve and Mama Melinda, have a safe trip, enjoy your time off and make lots of memories. Also, post some pictures if you can.

    BB brothers and sisters, it’s still not to late to make a small donation towards Steve’s trip. I’m sure any amount, no matter how small, adds up and will be appreciated. He does a lot for us keeping this site up and running whether he’s here or not.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    On my last comment I got a “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” What’s that about? Never got a message like that before. Hmmmm

  43. NKogNeeTow

    @Steve: Is there anyway that the ads/donation thingys can be moved on the Profile page? It says I have notifications but they are on the right side of the screen under the donations/ads and I can’t get to them to read them.


  44. Avatar

    This is only my 2nd season to watch. I’m going to watch previous seasons. My 1st time to see blogs and etc. I’m not sure about the owner of the site being one sided. Guess I’ll figure it out.

    • Avatar

      Dee Dee Steve and other writers have their favorites too. It’s pretty obvious but it’s their site and most of time I agree with them but they are just like us bb fans. (We are not in agreement this year as he doesn’t like my girl Nicole. Lol)

  45. Mell

    Seems like Polly Cauliflower just can’t stop talking! I won’t mention all the stuff that just seems to be word vomit on repeat but a few of my personal favorites are: Polly telling Paul he didn’t want to sleep alone, telling the guys that he would have his cousin’s beat the s*** out of a couple of the girls, telling Nicole and Corey that he just may not stay at the jury house and BB can’t stop him from leaving and telling Michelle that Bridget is a piece of s*** for saying she’s a feminist and for telling Natalie to stick up for herself!
    I also enjoyed that moment last night when Nicole was trying to convince Paul that she really was dickmatized enough to be happy with a 5 guy alliance!

    • Avatar

      Wait, what?! Nic said she was happy w/that? She reminds me of girls who can’t be true friends w/other females, so yeh, I suppose she would be in heaven for a week w/5 boys. Then happy with 6th place and spending a month in that other house with all the losers. (<–sarcasm, Donald).

  46. Avatar

    Hi Steve! Thanks for the updates! Victor was called out because in the first few weeks, he DID make so many sexist, degrading statements about women. I can’t repeat them here verbatim, I just remember that every time the camera was on him, he was making male chauvinistic comments. It was ridiculous. I must say, however, that Paulie Squallie wins the Chauvinist Pig Prize & I hope nothing else – including no Jersey Girls & especially no Southern Girls (that includes YOU, Zakiyah!).

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