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Post Nomination Feed Updates

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The last post was getting a bit long, and I have a feeling this will be the meat and potatoes of the night, so I decided to start a new thread on it.

If you’re wondering, Victor put Paulie and Corey on the block, and Paulie is not taking it very well. For the rest of the day, check out my previous thread


  • 6:40pm – Paulie asks Victor what happens if a guy does pull himself off. Is the other one going home. Victor says he hasn’t gotten that far yet
    • Paulie dickishly says “I wasn’t asking that to you, I was asking it to him and him (Paul and James)”
    • Paul says he doesn’t know what is going on
    • James says if someone is acting like a dick all week, he’s getting his vote that week.  Paulie says he can respect that and it feels that was aimed toward him, so he’ll act cool
    • Victor – “Let’s just eat some tacos”. Well said, Victor. Let’s eat some tacos
    • Nicole pulls Corey into the safari room. Nicole says she went off on the girls and said that it was rude of them to laugh (you mean like Paulie and crew laugh while Michelle was crying last week?)
    • nicole-suit2
    • Nicole blames James for all of this.  She stared him down in the kitchen for 2 minutes
  • 6:55pm – Paulie is still venting, this time to Paul in the bedroom
    • Paul is still playing dumb about it
    • Now Paulie is talking about how Corey and Nicole really do like each other. I’m not sure if that is supposed to make a difference
    • Paul says he shouldn’t hold any animosity towards Victor. Paulie says he won’t
    • Note – I took a nap earlier, and I woke up in a panic thinking I missed the nominations because this is definitely one of the bigger moves in the past few seasons. Putting two strong guys, and allies, against each other with no bullshit reason other than ‘it’s strategy’ is amazing
    • Paulie is upset because Michelle already started taunting him. She allegedly said “So I guess I did blow up your game, hahaha”. Victor says that’s not what he wanted
    • Paulie – “Kicking people while they’re down is not cool in my book” …. Paulie, you were f’in practicing a speech today directed toward Michelle after you thought she was going to be nominated, you damn hypocrite.
  • 7:05pm – Michelle is in the bedroom upset because Paulie made her feel like shit.
    • michelle-upset
    • Michelle said she just wanted to expose Paulie before she left, but now he is pinning this entire thing on her
    • Meanwhile, Paulie and Corey are in the bathroom and Paulie is saying if he wins veto, he’s going to use it on Corey (sure he will)
    • Paulie is really playing it up for the cameras. I am not buying it, but maybe I’m cynical


      Corey, I love you buddy. I’m saving you… Can the cameras see my tears?

    • Victor is up in the HoH room now chatting with Paul.  They are talking about how Nicole’s dumb comment that Corey could have backdoored one of them yesterday then walked away
    • Paul says Paulie is boiling because he knows that Paul knows.  Victor goes to grab a beer to relax. Paul is worried about the guys seeing them together drinking.
    • Victor says they are going to tell Michelle to ease up on the comments
    • Paul is retelling his conversation with Paulie.  Here is what happened, Paulie was talking about the 5 person alliance in front of her. So, Paul later asks why he did that and why he thinks Nicole would be just cool with finishing 6th place.  Paulie apparently said she was fine with that and is happy just to be here or some shit. Plus she trusts Corey (ok?)
  • 7:30pm – Michelle is in the bedroom telling Natalie what “FT” means.  (fake tits)  Natalie wants to walk into the kitchen jokingly say “Who has FT’s??”
    • Meanwhile, Nicole is chatting with Victor in the safari room.  She is telling him that she’s not mad at him at all
    • He is telling her about all the little alliances Paulie is in
    • Victor once again talking about how he was screwed over and not even given a chance to play in the veto.
    • Nicole says as a gameplayer, she understands what he is saying.  She is also happy she wouldn’t have gone up if she wasn’t safe this week
    • Victor – I hope our conversation stays between us, though it probably won’t (it won’t)
  • 8:00pm – The group minus the noms were in the bedroom chatting.
    • Nicole leaves to get water, and they say Victor should make Corey a havenot if he can
    • Paulie comes into the room from the DR and everyone leaves but Paul
    • paul-paulie2
    • Meanwhile, Victor is still trying to clear things up with Corey in the HoH room.
    • Corey tells him ‘good move, seriously’.  He says he isn’t mad at all (he’s mad)
    • corey-smiling
    • I am a bit sad they told Michelle to ease up on Paulie. Let’s hope she doesn’t listen
  • 8:15pm – Victor is now chatting with Paulie in the bedroom while Paul listens in
    • They are going on and on and on how if Paulie wins, he’s not coming after Victor.
    • He calls back to Derrick/Cody a few times, like expected.
    • Paulie talks about how he wanted to go to the 5 and battle it out. Of course Paulie doesn’t actually mean that and probably would have just brought his ride or die Corey to the f2, but everyone lies in the house
  • 8:40pm – Conversation breaks up. Paulie goes into the room with Corey and Nicole and tells them he (Paulie) is indeed the target, but he won’t campaign against Corey if they’re still on the block
  • 9:10pm – Paulie is freakin exhausting. He is now chatting with Natalie privately, mostly about how things went
    • Natalie asked about the FT comment, and Paulie said everyone else joked about it. She asked ‘Even James?’ and he said ‘James knew what it meant’
    • He keeps slamming Michelle how mean she was early in the season
    • Need to pause and stretch.
    • They talk awhile. Paulie goes on and on about how he’s not a bad guy, how he feels bad for this and that, and is trying to be friendly with Natalie. Paulie is acting as fake as Nat’s chest (his line, not mine)
  • 9:35pm – Natalie joins James in the HN room to retell the conversation
    • Natalie says how Paulie talks in circles and was confusing her a lot. She thinks he’s losing his mind in here
    • natalie-talking
    • Natalie camtalks and tells America that she was being very nice to him but he was still lying to her face
    • He kept pinning stuff on her and how she created chaos
    • She tells James how she had to keep talking to him like a child and tell him what he wants to hear because he’ll always insist he’s right
    • She then gives him crap about the guys alliance. James called it a ‘mutual respect’. She tells him the name (the execs), and he blows it off.
    • James pulls the ‘You can go in my DR to see’ and she shuts that down ‘You know I can’t go in your DR’
    • Side note – Natalie plays ditzy, and she is in certain regards, but I said early on she was the only one who was aware there were other possibilities going on in the house when the noobs thought they had it on lock.  She is a strange person because she even says she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is certainly far more aware of her surroundings than say Victoria who literally floated along
    • Natalie mentions how Paulie talked about wearing a mask all season and it’s not the real him. She tells James that he (Paulie) is a huge hypocrite for calling her fake when he admits to being fake
    • Nat then talks about her relationship with Nicole. She tried to talk to Nicole all season, but Nic leaves the room when she enters, she never talks to her, and she’s very passive aggressive.
    • Then the FT (fake tits) comes up.  James says he didn’t know, but Natalie tells him that Paulie said he did.
    • Paulie told Natalie that everyone just wanted her to admit that she has fake boobs. She is about to do some camtalking about the joke of the house (FT) then Paulie enters
  • 9:50pm – Paulie gives James a hug and tells him he and Corey had James’ back ride or die.
    • I don’t know how much more Paulie I can type tonight.
    • Random thought, doesn’t Paulie in this angle look like the guy from Limitless?
    • Paulie could have certainly used a few of those smart pills this season. Now he just needs a Xanax
    • Paulie talks to James for a solid 20 minutes repeating how they’re all boys and how even if he comes down, he’s still going after the girls. He’ll do it again and again because he’s loyal to the boys
  • 10:35pm – Jumped ahead. James is talking to Nat and Michelle in the bedroom
    • Natalie is upset for being called fake just because she’s peppy.
    • She puts her head under the blanket and cries about the “fake tits” comment hurts the most.
    • Note – Natalie may or may not be fake, but if she is fake, she is a good actor. She really does seem like a nice person
    • Natalie mentions again how Paulie said 15 people were making fun of her this season.
    • James – “Well who is the one who hasn’t?”…. umm, herself??  lol  Damn, James
  • 10:45pm – Victor enters the room and asks how the conversation with Paulie went
    • He talks about how Paulie mentioned loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.
    • They all compare notes on the conversations with Paulie, while Victor tells them with Corey said (Good game, good move) and that’s all they had to say
  • 11:45pm –  I’ve been sitting listening to Victor chat with Michelle and Natalie for the better part of the hour.
    • It was general game conversation, how he did in comps, how he didn’t throw the racing one even though it looked like it
    • Natalie asks him to throw the HoH to her again, and he says she has to win the HoH. It’s so much better of a feeling to win a comp rather than having it handed to you.  He tells her to compete her hardest, win the comp and feel proud about your accomplishment.

Here are some final thoughts of the night…

Other than that shitty speech he gave to the girls when he nominated them last week, Victor has been a completely different person since re-joining the house. Even though Natalie said she’ll try to clear it up for him if/when she gets out, I still can’t believe out of all the guys, all the comments, all the ego, that Victor was the one singled out as someone who needs to treat women better (on national TV).

You have Paulie’s dickery with the way he treated Z, and was the most vocal about Natalie’s boob job. You have Corey and his inner struggle / battle with homosexuality, and other bullshit like laughing while telling a story about his friend trying to light a goat on fire (This link goes into all the Corey crap – Take note at Paul who instantly calls him out on that. Good guy, Paul). You have Frank, as funny as he is, was slapping girls on the asses, and another guy who compared himself to Jesus. Yet they air Natalie’s humiliating goodbye message in front of millions of people.


Speaking of manipulation – Going back to the Corey thing. I understand he is as dumb as a rock, and generally contributes nothing to the season, why has production gone out of the way to not once, but twice give him “aww, shucks” moments during the episodes?  The thing about Christmas and the thing about his dog were clearly trying to make him look like a good ole’ boy, while on the feeds he’s laughing about his dickhead friend trying to light a goat on fire.  If they edit Paulie’s clearly empty gesture of using the veto on Corey as a touching moment between two good guys, I’m going to lose my lunch.

Alright, that is my little rant for the night. What a night. This season went from 2 to 10 real freakin quick. Here I was thinking Tiffany’s dictator and cabbage patch comments were going to be the highlights of the season. You have Michelle suddenly realizing she’s in the game and calling people out left and right on live TV. Having a meltdown with Julie calming her down half hour later. A huge shocking vote that turned the direction of the season around, and then Victor making one of the bigger moves over the last few seasons. All in roughly a 24 hour span.  My only disappointment is that I’m not going to be able to blog this next week because I have a feeling hothead Paulie is not just going to let this go. Especially if the nominations remain the same.

I will likely be reading the updates throughout the day and possibly posting my quick thoughts on the direction of the house each night. Maybe do a video or two since that was pretty well received.  I am posting this like it’s my last night blogging before vacation, but I’ll still be around over the weekend. It’s just on my mind as I wrap up this thread.

Amy won’t be doing the overnight tomorrow, and Sunday will be her last one of the year as she gets ready to go back to school. Pamela will be taking over for her there moving forward (including tomorrow), so make sure you’re nice to her. Brianna will be doing a lot of the filling in for me over the next week during the day/evening, so I want to give both of them, and especially Amy a huge thank you for the help this season. Their contributions have actually helped me blog more, and in more detail because I get more time off, so I am more charged up to go when I do blog.


Enough of that for tonight. Overnight in the morning


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