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Let’s Talk About Jack For A Minute

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In hindsight, someone who has a tattoo of a nametag on his chest probably should have been a red flag to douchedom (made up word). So, was it any surprise that Jack has been stirring shit in the Big Brother house this season?


The feeds have literally been live for just over half a week now and there are twitter threads dedicated to Jack’s douchery as well as a petition to remove him from the game. This is really nothing new for the show because when you put 16 different personalities in the house, there are bound to be people who are going to rub fans the wrong way. The point of this thread is to break down if Jack has really become a threat/bad person or just annoying.

If anyone has followed this site for years, I’m not the type to quickly jump on bandwagons of trashing people. I understand that when you are being watched 24/7 for nearly 100 days, you’re going to say things that offend people. I try to play devil’s advocate just like I did with the potential racist perception of evicting Kemi this week.


There is one type of person that I cannot stand and that is those who dislike others solely because of race. I take that very seriously and have a very low tolerance for that shit. However, I do understand that people don’t like each other quite often and often times they’ll be different races. The key is to see why they dislike each other or why they make a certain action. This week was a great example of that. Christie was a day away from doing Jack’s dirty work and nominating Kemi for virtually no reason other than Jack not liking her. Christie had no issue with her and has stressed being all about the girls. It would have been a very bad look to boot Kemi despite being fairly confident that Christie isn’t even remotely racist.

However, when Christie switched to Ovi, race suddenly became less of a factor. Why? Because she actually had reasons to nominate him. She stuck with backing females by nominating a male, and Ovi just doesn’t have the allies to make him a threat. After Cliff, he was the obvious target regardless of what race he is. It sucks that Ovi has had a very bad social game so far, but that’s not Christie’s fault.

That leads us back to Jack’s beef with Kemi which is becoming the root of this entire controversy. Jack has made it no secret that he dislikes Kemi. Here are a few tweets to show this:

Then we have this:

The petitions are trying to say that Jack is literally going to get violent toward Kemi which is not something I am behind. I definitely believe he’s just talking tough around his friends and wouldn’t put a finger on her. It was a really shitty thing to say, there is no denying that. It’s certainly not wording I would ever use about a female in the house, so his douche factor is definitely up there. However, was it racially motivated? That’s currently to be determined.

We missed the first week of the feeds, but from the pieces that I have put together is that Kemi really hasn’t kissed Jack’s ass like the other girls in the house have. She has no interest in him and that appears to be a blow to his very high ego. Someone who says things like this:

Typically get butthurt when a girl doesn’t drool all over them. He gets defensive and tries to demean the person as much as possible to make themselves feel better about being rejected. It’s douchebag 101.  Does it make it racist? In a vacuum, no. It makes him an ass, but it doesn’t guarantee any racial motivation.

Now, I’m not saying that Jack isn’t racist, but I’m also not saying that he is. His strange dislike of Kemi and Ovi is something to keep an eye on.

So, my verdict:

  • Jack is indeed a douche
  • Jack being racist is currently undetermined and still under review
  • Should he be removed from the game over dumb comments he made to his friends? No. It was a very stupid and ill-advised comment, but not something that warrants removal.

What is your take on Jack so far? Curious to hear the opinion of the comment section.


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