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Live Eviction Show – Here We Go!



It’s the end of another week in the Big Brother house, and this one couldn’t come fast enough. I mean that. The house dragged ass this week with the big stories being Corey finally using the care package on Victor, and Michelle refusing to campaign because that’s for ‘ass kissers’.  There were a few pretty funny moments on the feeds, like when Corey, Paul, and Victor went on for about 10 minutes cracking jokes about schools with only 1-2 kids per grade (like in Nicole’s home town). Looking back at that post, I probably should have posted more of the jokes on the blog, but I was folding laundry while listening to them. If you have the feeds, it’s worth the flashback (8/27 7:50pm).

Also, more information about the next season of Big Brother was announced, it is called “Over the Top” and will begin on September 28th. You can read more about it on this post here.

Because I am about to do a little skit, here are the updates for tonight (so you don’t have to scroll down each time)

  • 8:00pm – Still an hour to go!
  • 9:00pm – Here we go!
    • Quick flashback to the last few episodes
    • Julie tries to hype up the past few days by bringing up the bribe
    • Michelle wants Nicole to come down from the HoH room.  I guess she can’t go up there
    • Now some care package clips. The DR was bugging Corey a lot yesterday, so I guess they wanted to squeeze the clip in
    • They’re showing all the clips of the Nicole paranoia this week.  I understand why she did, it was weird how almost nobody from Michelle’s side campaigned.
  • 9:15pm – Showing Corey offer the care package to Victor
  • Commercial break
  • 9:20pm – Julie tells the house no double eviction.
    • No double eviction for the rest of the season
    • Julie then gives the house small clips from their families
    • Paul is in tears after seeing his mom, dad and cat
    • Victor is as well.  Can’t even talk
  • 9:25pm – Commercial break, then a segment on Victor
    • Showing Victor and his family. Victor’s mother says he needs to watch out for James
    • Sorry for the delay, my computer decided to reboot. I think the battery is dead in laptop
  • 9:35pm – Commercial break
    • Voting time in a few moments
    • Speeches….
    • Paul gives a little speech and then says they need to end it with a kiss of death. Michelle stands up and kisses her (a fake kiss)
    • Michelle says if they vote her out, she is going to leave the house crying.  She says she is going after Victor if she stays
    • Most Michelle has campaigned all week
  • Votes
    • Victor – Michelle
    • Natalie – Paul
    • Corey – Michelle
    • James – Paul
    • Tiebreaker – Nicole eliminates: Michelle
  • Michelle tries to ‘blow up’ Nicole’s game by taking shots at her saying they need to get her out
    • Julie calls out Michelle. She quoted Michelle how she said Nicole was boring as HoH. Then said Michelle didn’t campaign at all.  Michelle replies that she did in the last 2 hours
    • They show her goodbye messages, but leaves Natalie’s out. Michelle cries and asks to see Natalies
    • Michelle tells the audience they’re lucky because she tried forever to get a ticket. Julie says she did better than that, she was in the house
  • 9:50pm – HoH competition.
    • It is the egg competition where they need to slowly bring an egg around chicken wire.
    • This should take an hour or so. Not sure if they’ll have it on the feeds or not
    • In order to not be a havenot, you have to get an egg in the ‘have’ slot as well. The first 3 won’t be havenots.
    • Hard to say who has an advantage with this one.
  • 9:55pm – Commercial break
    • I am going to end this here.  Read my soap opera thing below, then check back to see when I post a new thread covering the HoH competition


I think I’m going to spice up the recap a little, and turn the next segment into SNL soap opera form…

As The Big Brother Watches

Previously on ‘As The Big Brother Watches’ – NaCorey and JaNat finally had their moment when they gazed into each other’s eyes and realized they were the ones for each other. After two months of furious foreplay, flirting, and side lovers, they embraced and declared their love for each other until the very end.  However, just before the episode ended, a mysterious stranger rolled into town – a Puerto Rican model with flowing dark hair, sweaty muscles that glistened in the sun, and a long, glorious beard that gave him the rugged look. Pictor had arrived, and the entire place shook up.


Pictor instantly set his eyes on NaCorey, and spent the better part of the week seducing her, until it finally happened. NaCorey began cheating on JaNat with Pictor, and the house never turned back to normal. JaNat had been in denial about the affair, despite catching them together on many occasions. He told himself that it was merely harmless flirting, and Pictor was desperate as he was new to town and was looking for companionship. His denial bled into his gameplay, even when his side piece, Michelle, started receiving nasty threats from NaCorey in the form of a nomination. Concerned about her safety, Michelle approached JaNat, and pleaded for help, but he reassured her that everything would be ok.

*dun dun dunnnnnn*
*dun dun dunnnnnn*

Our poor Michelle got wind about NaCorey taking their anger out on her, so she cried into her sheets….


What started off as an affair blossomed into a deadly partnership, with NaCorey paying Pictor $5,000 to sabotage Michelle and get rid of her from their lives, and then go after their former lover JaNat. Desperate for cash and affection, Pictor happily accepted the cash and set off to destroy Michelle, but not before the group had one more wild and passionate night in the HoH bedroom….



We will find out tonight just how Pictor plans to get rid of Michelle.  Will it be a cut brake line? A toaster ‘accidentally’ falling into the bathtub? Or will they simply vote her out of the house with Nicole sticking the final dagger in with the tiebreaking decision?  Find out all that and more, tonight on Big Brother! *

*-Check your scheduled programs, because the NFL may interrupt our broadcast with their football television programs

Oh, and fire Roger Goodell


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  1. Helen
    Helen (5156 comments)

    OMG!! I love the SNL soap opera!! You make me smile 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Lilli (1 comments)

    I only have the NFL please update.

  3. Avatar

    Funny update. Since Michelle refused to really play this week I am fine if she gets voted out.

  4. Avatar
    Edy B (1 comments)

    Stupid preseason football…

  5. Avatar
    mindyboo101 (379 comments)

    Wow I actually feel bad for her.

  6. Avatar
    Sarah Woods (2 comments)

    Michelle said someone (dan?) Was her cousin-in-law. Did someone hear that?

  7. kneeless

    And what will Pictor do now that Pablo has been kidnapped?

  8. Avatar

    For those who can’t watch…Michelle was evicted. She thought Paul was target and said she only stared pushing for votes 2 hours ago.

  9. Alda
    Alda (1849 comments)

    Meech acted like her normal bitchy self! So glad she is gone!!

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1321 comments)

      Her speech was awkward… she wants to be funny but she just isn’t clever. I am looking forward to seeing jury house footage of her ripping in to Paulie, though. For all her faults I still love her for blowing up Paulie’s game!

  10. caRyn

    Since Michelle took Pablo out the door with her, my vote is for Baldwin.

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  12. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    Glad Michelle is gone! She was a sorry player for being a “super fan”. I can rest well.

  13. Avatar
    mindyboo101 (379 comments)

    Oh no not Pablo!

  14. Avatar

    I bet we will hear Paul cussing all night about Meech taking Paublo out!

  15. Avatar
    mindyboo101 (379 comments)

    The message from Michelle’s family sounded forced. Almost as if they didn’t have a clue who the message was for. Maybe she’s always trying to get attention because she never got it as a child. Sorry it just sounded so forced and now I feel bad for her.

  16. Avatar

    Michelle comes off as petty when she picks on people, except w Paulie. Their arguments made me laugh.

  17. Shivani33

    Michelle still got in her digs after eviction, as she was leaving. Some of it was bleeped, mainly her Nicole remarks. She told people they were stupid keeping Paul and Victor who can win. She urged everyone to ditch Nicole right away. Nicole looked seriously unamused by Michelle’s pre-eviction speech. On breaking the tie to evict her, Nicole was very brief and said it was strategyThis is just for your all who had football. And one more thing. Send Pablo back into the house, please!

  18. Shivani33

    Sorry for typos.

  19. ingodog
    ingodog (119 comments)

    Who was that with James’s kid? He didn’t seem very excited about seeing his daughter, but that might how it looked to me.

  20. Helen
    Helen (5156 comments)

    I really don’t know that I can take another week of James and Natalie! And if she wins hoh you can be sure she will be unbearable. The ” power” went to her head the first time……..

  21. Shivani33

    Shoot! I forgot to add that Michelle said that she is going to blow up Nicole’s game to the whole jury.

  22. Avatar
    WTF? (21 comments)

    Not showing the egg competition on the live feeds doesn’t seem like a very good advertisement for their new BB format with only live feeds.

  23. LynnD
    LynnD (667 comments)

    THAT was really funny!

  24. Avatar
    Tracy Rubens (3 comments)

    The soap opera was hilarious and on point! Thanks for the creativity, Steve!

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