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The Lying Game; Tuesday Feed Updates



Early in every season, there is usually a fairly large people who get along, and then there are the boat rockers. The large group bands together to get rid of those troublemakers, so they can have a fun summer together and everyone wins a billion dollars! The problem comes when those ‘troublemakers’ are gone, and the house realizes there is still like 2 months to go, and a new person still has to be evicted every week. That is when the “get along gang” has to turn on each other, which is also when the drama starts to really unfold.

With Frank about to go this week, that means the house has to turn on someone new. While Bridgette is an obvious choice, and will probably go next, the reality is that she’s on an island now and is a vote that some people will badly need when the showmances start taking full control of the house. During the HoH competition last Thursday, Frank was able to warn Da’Vonne that her ally Nicole may not be as trustworthy as originally thought. Because it’s Frank, she decided to believe Nicole and things went along like normal, until yesterday. That is when things started clicking that Nicole has indeed been acting a bit shady, and Frank may actually be right. It’s strange because despite completely overplaying every aspect of the game this season, Frank has been relatively honest compared to the rest. Once people realize that, it will be too late and Paul, Paulie, Corey and Nicole will end up ruling the house before Nicole becomes another Britney Haynes.

On another note, if you missed yesterday, Big Brother gave the house a clue that there were still secrets in the house (because they were never going to figure it out on their own, and BB didn’t want the twist to go to waste). Paul ran around like a crazy person trying to solve it, and to his credit, he actually did. It wasn’t too difficult considering one of the planes near the phone booth literally had ‘Call Paris’ written on it, but it still took hints from production for people to finally solve it.  The reward? Luck. Inside the room, there were 12 cards placed there with absolutely no advantage to the first person who found the room (other than keeping it a secret, which was impossible when production dropped the hint). Everyone ended up getting a card, and for the next 4 weeks, they will bring their card out with them and open it on stage with Julie.  One of the Twelve contain a ’round trip’ pass which will allow the person to get up and re-enter the house.


There is only a 33% chance the round trip ticket will come into play during the next 4 weeks, and every person currently has an 8% chance of holding the winning card (though that number increases to about 11% chance by the 4th attempt).

Enough rambling today, time for the updates…

  • 12:30pm – It is HoH picture day in the house, so most are outside taking pics while Frank is talking movies with Bridgette in the living room
  • 1:00pm – Same stuff going on. Stil chatting in living room, others still tanning outside.
  • 2:00pm – People inside eating, while Frank has migrated outside with Bridgette. She is going to be so lonely on Friday
  • 3:00pm – Off to run some more errands, I will be blogging as much as the show is entertaining tonight. Sorry for the lack of updates this afternoon
  • 5:00pm – Ok, back. Frank is still chatting with Bridgette and Nicole is chatting with Corey
    • Michelle called to DR. She yells she can’t because she has a Nike symbol on her face. Hmm
  • 5:24pm – Frank and Bridgette are outside now on the hammock.  Frank is talking about how dislikes this cast more than his last season
    • Listening to him talk to Bridgette, it is insane how gullible Bridgette is. He lies to her literally maybe every 5 minutes about something completely absurd, but she believes it every time.
    • To be fair, her stories are so boring, making up lies would spice it up
    • Listening to Bridgette's stories
      Listening to Bridgette’s stories
    • She tells him that her aunt works for LucasFilms and took for for a Star Wars tour. He’s like “What’s Star Wars? I’ve only heard LucasFilms for Indiana Jones”.  Oh Bridgette, how many times will you fall for this stuff
  • 5:50pm – Frank, Corey, Nicole and Paul are all we’re forced to watch. I guess Frank (likely jokingly) flipped off Nicole from across the yard and she got all worked up and the group has been talking about how they can’t wait for him to go home
    • The group has moved inside.  Yes, it is a very, very slow night
    • Victor is talking to Paul in the storage room and says he thinks if it came down to it, Nicole and Corey would vote for each other. Paul sounds skeptical. Not sure if he’s serious, or playing dumb
  • 6:40pm – It’s apparently beard hour. Paul is in the safari room talking to the camera about beards and has been for about 20 minutes. The camera gives us a nice closeup
    • beard
    • And here is Corey rocking Nicole’s glasses
    • corey-glasses
  • 8:30pm – Da’Vonne gets some alone time with James. Let’s see how this conversation goes….
    • Day says the house is sensitive. I guess Zaki got a little butthurt over some mac and cheese comment.  Oh boy
    • She says if Frank gets the ticket back, they’re screwed
    • 3 minutes later, conversation is over.  Great
    • Da’Vonne goes downstairs and heads into the London room. Paul joins and spreads some gossip. He said Frank told Bridgette she had some chunk to take off. He started calling her ‘hulk’, but then skinny.
    • Here is Da’Vonne’s face from Paul’s story…
    • davonne
    • Paul said that Frank was practically begging to stay in the game.  Time for a flashback to see exactly what Frank said…
  • 8:20pm (flashing back to when Paul said) –
    • Frank said ‘workd off that chunk’. Bridgette said “that’s mean, Frank. You should stop saying that”. Frank said “I’m your friend, I’m just being honest (laughing), then jokes You’re fat!”
    • He jokes that she has a big-ass head
    • A few minutes later he gives her a high five “What’s up, fatty boom balatty”
    • Ok, after listening to it, Frank was definitely ‘dickish’ there. He was clearly trying to be ‘on’ and funny in front of the guys, and probably forgets that Bridgette isn’t one of the guys.
    • I can certainly see how obnoxious it is living with Frank for so long.  Sad because he was one of the least annoying people in a house full of annoying people
  • 8:45pm – Frank is still trying to rally votes (so much for not campaigning against Bridgette). Paulie is saying he’d vote for him, and Corey said he may be able to get Nicole on board, but Frank has to make things up with her. She’s still really pissed he threw her under the bus
    • Meanwhile, Paul is in the Longdon room telling Day he plans on calling Frank out tomorrow (sure he will)
    • Day is talking to him and saying he should have ripped open the other cards in the Paris room to sabotage everyone

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  • 9:00pm – Victor is still wearing pigtails from when Nicole did it to him earlier.
    • victor
    • Paulie is talking to Victor, and they’re talking about next week. Paulie likes the idea of Vic putting Day up against Zaki rather than pushing to get Bridgette out.
  • 9:35pm – Meanwhile, Frank and Bridgette are working out their sexual tension
    • frank-bridg
  • 10:00pm – On one cam, James and Natalie are cuddling outside, and on the other, it’s Nicole and Corey.  Not a fan of this
    • James calls over Michelle and asks who she is voting for
    • James mentions how Frank is campaigning despite saying he wouldn’t
    • Michelle says he’s not throwing her under the bus in doing so
    • James asks if she would vote for Bridgette if the votes came. She says ‘maybe’, because she wants Bridgette out
    • But at the end of the day, she won’t screw over James.
  • 10:25pm – Many people are outside working out. Occasional whisper of panic from James about making sure Frank gets out this week.
    • With that, I’m done for the day

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  1. Avatar

    I feel like they are in LA LA land and think everything is great for now. They plan to evict frank and their “problems” are over. Wrong! Something tells me that this next hoh game will be a mental one…and that pretty much gives everyone a shot at it besides Corey. Haha. I believe that if any of the mean people win (Paulie,Paul,Corey,Nicole,victor) I believe their target will be davonne. But I think if anyone else gets it …Corey and Nicole are on the block. For some reason people are afraid to take a shot at Paulie. Hopefully things start to get interesting. I’d love to see Bridgette (frank would be preferred but looks like hrs going) davonne Paul Natalie and Michelle make a run at going after the others. If they don’t get them out soon it will be a problem.

    On another.note….I don’t see a gym or workout set in the backyard on the TV episodes in this season compared to others. Is there other changes to actual set this year?

  2. AIO_7

    Poor Frank and Bridgette, they might as well be stranded on a deserted island.

    • Colby

      Yes and no. They are kind of isolating themselves by not going to hang where everyone else is. Are they waiting for someone to beg them to join them?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Isolating yourself when you’re on the block might be some kind of trait. I noticed when V2 and Da were on the block, they did the same thing. Also others in past seasons seem to go off alone when on the block. Maybe it’s depression because they think they’re going home.

    • Colby

      Or did you just mean they are alone game wise?

    • Elaine

      Bridge should be out there mending fences with folks, since Frank is slated to go home. I have seen him chillin’ with the men folk on a few occasions. I thought at some point Frank would try to convince them to keep him over Bridge. He seems resigned to his fate. Bridge is the one who will really be alone, since she has made little to no attempts to re-introduce herself to the others who are in the house.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I for one, am glad she’s isolated. She’s one nasty piece of work. I was never fooled by that cutesy ingenue act. I still say she’s cutthroat, just does it with an innocent smile. *blech*

      • Avatar

        Yeah shes cutthroat but thats BB. Thats why I love Frank bc of a dick he was in BB16, but he was a dick for the game. You got Paul whose just a outright asshole. Praying for a miracle Frank stays, or Bridge wins HoH (Or Frank wins of he stays)

  3. danmtruth

    This is BIG BROTHER who dose not lie during the season . In fact in what reality show dont people need to lie during the game
    This twist feels so rush . Seems so fitting that Paul Bunyan ” won ” that seeing it gave him no real power . Of course Paulie the godfather wants everyone to open the envelope to null the chance of Frank coming back. They need to make it so the HG need to make a tuff decision Have there be prizes Either open it now to get it But if its the reenter you lose it because you are not out of the house. All need to agree That could be fun 12 envelop The big come back for 1 Than 4 big prizes Cash , trip around the world, acting gig on a CBS show some good tempting prizes 4 punishments 3 with nothing Than its majority rule

    • kneeless

      At least there are some twists. Was it last year, at the beginning of the season, we were promised twists & got nothing. I remember the good old days when they had to play for food. In one of the early seasons I think they even had a garden to tend & chickens to care for. Now, they are busy from Thursday’s live show through the weekend & that’s it, the rest of the time they’re sleeping or lying around all day. I too wish they’d have to make some decisions & those decisions could be game changing. BB has gotten too easy for the HG.

      • Elaine

        I agree knee. No wonder they get recruits. They have time to tan and get their face out to America so producers will be tweeting for them as soon as they get home. LOL. And now that there are so many house votes as to who is on the block and who goes home, there is really no campaigning anymore between veto and elimination night. I liked the comps for food/luxuries/have nots. Now the “have not” situation is no big deal and most of the time I don’t even know who they are.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Last year and year before last, some of the cast of BB got minor parts on The Bold and The Beautiful for a week. They were Donnie, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and a few others.

  4. Avatar

    I hope that Nicole get booted soon. She’s driving me crazy with her two face and whiny voice. Can’t believe Corey is putting up with her. Cant believe that the HG couldnt tell she was lying at the last HOH comp when she was callef out.

    • Elaine

      After listening to Nic whine and whine to Corey last nite about the dumb secret room, she is now on my list of who to avoid listening to. I am still peeved that Nic is even back. Technically this is her third time since she won the jury comp in her season to go back in the house. The only thing she has learned is how to whine louder and more!

    • Avatar

      A person would have to be either blind or just plain flat out crazy & a special kind of stupid to not know that Nicole was lying. If they’re gonna have to tell a lie, then dammit be smart enough to not get caught at it as soon as it comes out of your freakin mouth. Corey probably is sick of Nicole but he needs her to further his so called game. Common sense should’ve told told her he’s not that into her when he didn’t tell her whatever it was she needed to know about the new game twist. He knows she’s putting a big target on her back every time she opens her whinny mouth, therefore keeping himself safe longer. I’ll bet every time he hears Coorrreeeeyyy, he’s thinking in the back of his mind “shut the f**k up you squawking chicken.” Betcha he wishes he had ear plugs.

  5. Avatar

    This is my fave BB blog. Thank you both for all your hard work and hilarious commentary.
    I wonder if Paul will regret helping the others find the secret room, especially if someone who returns evicts him.
    Also wondering when does Zing Bot usually show up? He has a lot of material to work with this season.

    • Avatar

      I’m trying to remember…I think zingbot usually comes around final 6/7/8…

      • Jenny M

        am I the only one who can’t stand Zingbot’s voice? It’s like nails on a chalkboard!!!! Worse than Nicole and Bronte combined, and I hate their voices!!! I actually have to mute the TV and use CC to read what is said because I can’t deal with Zingbot’s voice.

      • Avatar

        Jenny M, I mean no disrespect hon but if Bronte was still there squealing & squawking, I can almost guarantee u I would probably be bald by now. I have never heard a voice that drove me more insane than Bronte’s. Nicole’s whining has got me on the edge of my seat ready to snatch her by that beautiful blonde hair & wrap it around her neck but Bronte’s God awful voice is off the charts. Give me zing bot over her any day.

  6. Gerardo

    I’ve read a lot of comments saying that lying is just part of the Big Brother game, and that certainly is true. However, one of the biggest objectives of Big Brother (at least in the earlier seasons) has been to NOT GET CAUGHT in your lies. In order to accomplish that, you have to be smart and strategic with your lies (which I like to think of more as “bluffs”). That’s the part of the game that seems to be missing from the recent seasons.

    I think what I find annoying as a long time BB fan is that house guests in the later seasons seem to think the objective of Big Brother is to just lie to everyone about everything. None of these house guests would have made it past the first few weeks of the game if they had played in one of the first 10 seasons. Fortunately for them, the house is now filled with people who are pretty terrible strategists and constantly lie to each other about everything, so there aren’t usually any consequences for being exposed as untrustworthy. But I miss the days when playing BB was kind of like playing poker: you can’t bluff on every hand (and of course you have to be good at bluffing, unlike Nicole).

    On another note, I know a lot of people find Paul annoying (which is understandable since is a bit obnoxious), but I personally think that he’s currently playing one of the best games in the house right now. He went from being one of the biggest targets, to being aligned with virtually all of the most powerful people in the house. He doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar right now (in fact, everyone seems to trust and like him very much) and if he plays his cards right I could definitely see him making a run for the money. But I think his best bet will be to stay on Paulie’s good side for now, but work with Victor to go after Paulie in the next few weeks. There’s no way anyone will win the $500K if they’re sitting next to Paulie in the end. He is steamrolling the game right now.

    • Elaine

      I agree about Paulie. These ding dongs are letting him run everything, even when he is not in power. The other day he was telling James who “they” (meaning Paulie) plan to put on the block next week and when to “cut the girls loose”. Though I think Paul is good with him for now, Paul needs to be careful. If Paulie gets the scent that there is another male trying to be Top Dog, he will work to send him packing. Paulie probably wouldn’t bother me so much if he wasn’t Cody’s brother. To me, along with his own self-imposed narcissism is an additional air of “better than everyone else” because of Cody. He acts like he deserves the winnings because of that. Makes me want to send him packing to jury.

      • kneeless

        Paulie came in with a holier than thou attitude (because of Cody) & acts like this game is his to win. Because of Cody’s 2nd place finish Paulie seems to think he will automatically run this house. If this was a house of real players he’d be eaten alive. ‘Real’ players would have cut him out early on. Plus, he’s in a showmance & we know with ‘real’ players, showmances get axed early on as well.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Did you notice how he has told everyone how close he is with Derrick and that Derrick told him what to do and not to do.

      • Elaine

        There was a time when Paulie was HOH bragging about how great Cody played. That he was so kind and noble to take Derrick to the end, rather than Victoria, who Cody would have won against. Actually Derrick found a patsy (Cody) who he knew in the end would be loyal to him and Derrick played him out of 450K.

  7. Jannie

    I called CBS yesterday(finally)to cancel my live feeds. I was asked the reason for doing so and let them know that I was very disappointed in this season; that I felt the show has gone downhill in the last few years, and that I thought that the casting longer included any fans of the show that were over 30. I said that CBS needs to remember that many of their original fans are probably now over 40, and that I read a lot of blogs with other people saying the same things. I said I just wish they would go back to their original formula from earlier seasons. The guy I talked to said that they do pass along comments when people cancel their feeds.
    Not sure if it will do any good, but it felt good to get it out of my system. ?

  8. Avatar

    I’m sorry guys for not Thanking you for your well wishes, I do have manners most of the time but when I started reading you guys comments from last night I laughed so much that my grandson was ready to call 911 & tell them his Nana needed that straight jacket I’ve talking about & I all but forgot about everything except for getting back to raising hell. Thank you guys so much. Im feeling much better.

  9. Avatar

    Hey guys, how do I get one of them avitar things?
    Oh, by the way, I’ll be on here raising hell when BBAD comes on so im looking forward to talking yall tonight.

  10. Jannie

    I was out of town on vacation last week and didn’t know you were under the weather…glad your feeling better! ?

      • Avatar

        Hey Ann, just wanted to add in my well wishes and express how glad I am to see you’re doing well and back on the boards. I always get a kick out of your hilarious posts!

      • Avatar

        Thank you Gerardo, I really appreciate it.

    • Avatar

      Jannie, how was your vacation? Hope you had a good time.

      • Jannie

        Thanks for asking, Ann! It was great! A week in the Black Hills of South Dakota with my hubby and two boys…not thinking about work, politics OR Big Brother.
        If any of you haven’t been out there…it’s gorgeous!

      • Avatar

        Jannie, Im glad for you& your family enjoying your vacation. It’s been a while since I’ve been on family vacation becausa I don’t want to ruin my family’s time trying to watch after me. Because I’ve woken up in the hospital several times not remenbering anything 3 sometimes 4 days later & even on life support after being on for 6, 8 & even 9 days, & to this day all I remember is waking up on life support. Thank God I made it.
        Did they decide to save Frank after all?

      • Jannie

        Omg Ann, that sounds scary…hope they figure out what’s going on and you can put it behind you ?
        I doubt they will keep Snakey Frank, I just hope he has the pass to get back in the house and wins HOH. Personally, I would love to see Nicole and Paulie on the block. I don’t get why Paulie is getting a free pass – everyone knows that he knows Derrick, and he is playing his(Derrick’s) game to a tee…right down to changing his appearance.
        Yeah, I know that Frank is a douchebag, but at least he is playing the game, and the house would be boring without him.

  11. Avatar

    Nicole deserves to be flipped off. She can think of it being from all the viewers who see her completely wasting her second chance at playing the game by lying (badly), whining every single time she opens her mouth, and basically being beholden to some showmance that will cost her $500k and probably end with her never talking to him again shortly after the season is over.

    • Avatar

      I love Nicole. None of you seem to realize she has gotten caught in her lies because she is not used to telling lies. If you saw her in her season you would know how genuine she is. She knew she didn’t go further that season because she couldn’t lie easily because it went against her grain. She said she would play differently this time and she has tried to. You all criticize her and she is not doing anything that everyone else is also doing. She just doesn’t lie as well because it’s not in her character and everyone down on her for that. Think of that– you don’t like her because she does not lie as well as everyone else. I actually like and respect her more because of that. We all have our own opinions and I respect all of ya’lls. Everyone in house has been in final 2 deals and most of them have been with frank!! Even day!frank ticked because he thinks she flipped house with Tiffany and also because he thinks she could have done same thing by getting pov used to save he and bri. That’s why he is selling her out. But he could have done the same with just about everyone else in house cause he had final 2 with them also. It’s just vindictiveness with frank. He wants to make sure he blows her game cause he thinks she’s the one responsible for him getting booted which is not the case..

      • Avatar

        I did like Nicole at first but she’s playing the game to keep Corey safe, she’s not looking out for herself. Nicole is glued to Corey like stink on shit & I hope they get her out soon along with Bridgette, Z’s floating ass, Da, Paulie & Corey. Hell get rid of them all. They have all tore their drawers with me.

      • Avatar

        Everyone has final 2 deals with each other, yes Frank has a bunch, so does Paulie, I believe Da’Vonne has them etc. It would be stupid to be in that house and not make a bunch of deals with a bunch of people to try and get yourself as far as you can.

        I have no issues with anyone lying in the game, it’s part of the game, if you want to win you’ll have to lie, go against an alliance and make an alliance that you have no intention of honouring, that’s nothing new, everyone who is successful in the game does it.

        However I’ll address two people in general: the first is Nicole, it’s not that she’s lying, it’s that she’s doing so much of it, it’s starting to add up. And I disagree that she can’t lie, she lied to Frank several times after they all turned on him, and she had him believing that she and Corey were still with him. So can do it, she’s just doing too much of it. And the fact that she’s so in lust with Corey, and she’s pretty much deferred her game to make that work. If she were using Corey to advance her game, I could be on board with it, but unfortunately that’s not what’s happening.

        The second person I’ll address is James. Again the fact he went against his word isn’t the issue, all of the winners do that at some point. But it’s the way he did it, at the end of a 6 hour endurance competition, where you guaranteed you wouldn’t put the person up, in front of everyone, in order for them to give you HOH, and then again told them you wouldn’t put them up afterwards, only to put them right up, that’s weak. Especially when you didn’t need to put her up, because she’s not the target. And the fact he’s done the same thing twice in two seasons, everyone knows that. He just sealed his fate in having no chance of winning by doing that. He’s also done the same thing as Nicole, he’s completely wrapped his game up with Natalie, he no longer has a game, it’s “their” game, he’s made brutal mistakes.

        Neither of these two people are unlikeable, both seem like nice people. However neither were particularly strong in their first season, and based on how they’ve completely bungled their games this season, it’s fair to question whether CBS made a massive mistake in bringing these two back?

      • Colby

        I also love Nichole.
        Not so much the whinny, needy, demanding Nichole of Corey + Nichole.
        And I really don’t like Corey for all of the obvious reasons.
        People reference ‘all the crap she has done’, but really–what has she done that is so bad?
        Has she lied – yes. But no more than anyone else actually playing the game, and less than many.
        She figured out very early on that Da was dangerous and needed to go and that has been her main mission.
        She has felt out working with different players to see who may be on board to make that happen, but isn’t demanding or threatening, and has done what she needs to do to try to keep her game safe.
        She is not a mean girl, she is pretty nice to everybody.
        She hasn’t stirred up sh** between other players like Frank and Da and others have.
        And yes, Frank is being vindictive and blowing her game up. Last week he did it to Da.
        So, besides the whole Nichole + Corey thing being absolutely annoying, I don’t see what she has done that is so bad.
        I would love to see him go.
        And I don’t see her trying to get Da out as a bad thing.
        But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

      • Elaine

        This is BB and if you are not good at lying, it may come back to boot you out the door. Sorry, but this is technically Nic’s third chance (2 in her season and now), and she has learned nothing! I don’t reward that type of game play. Maybe she needs to go on the Bachelor franchise to find a man. When she is caught in a conversation or is paranoid, her whiny voice gets even higher-pitched. Nicole may be a fine person in real life…none of us know how any of these folks are. This is a game for a final grand prize, so I want to see players play the game. Nicole has had more than her fair share of chances and I am not rooting for her at all.

      • Jannie

        Nicole and Day were in an alliance…if I remember it right, Nicole was the first one to break trust between them, not Day. Not a fan of Day’s, but she is very perceptive and can see right through Nicole’s good girl act.
        And just the whole Corey thing, her whining, and her constant paranoia…that’s enough for me to want her out. I agree, she should have learned something from her past season, but I think she is actually playing even worse than she did the first time around.

    • Avatar

      Thank you, I appreciate it CLangley!!!

    • Avatar

      Colby you see it just as I do. Nicole is probably one of the nicest girls in the house. Natalie is also very good and nice person but isn’t playing the game at all. I think many ppl just jealous of Nicole. Pretty girl and very nice person. Mostly the only thing they can say about her is her whining but actually most of that is just her normal accent and the normal way she is talks. She isn’t a mean girl at all and you won’t hear her talks no personal and saying nasty gossip. Despite all the complaints about her she remains very high in the he opinion polls on most liked hg along with James. My favorites never win except for Jordan. Ppl complained about her voice all the time also and also about her showmance with Jeff!! I’m going with Nicole and James all the game because I think they are the guests with the most integrity in the game. When they are gone, I won’t have a favorite anymore like last year when James left and the year before when Donnie and then Nicole left..

      • NKogNeeTow

        Nicole has NO honesty at all. I’m sitting here watching BBAD and her dumb ass is still lying. Now she’s telling Corey that Frank told her that if she didn’t throw a contest for him, he was going to side with the boys and kick her out….which he did not (and I’m no Frank lover by any means).

  12. Avatar

    Watching Big Brother after Dark did James just say that “sometimes you have to make big moves like him” really?

    • Avatar

      Perhaps he considers listening to Paulie a big move?

      • Elaine

        Lol Good point. Putting up who the house wants out is not a big move. James is a legend in his own mind.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I said in an earlier post that all these guys in this house are suffering from Big D*ck Syndrome. James is becoming a legend in his own mind too. He thinks because everyone wanted Svengali out and he put him up, that constitutes a “big move”. NEWSFLASH! It’s not a big move when you do EXACTLY what they tell you to do.

      Corey came in to ask him if the plan was to still kick Frank out. James turns to Nat and ask her “What do you think?” She says yes. He tells Corey the plan is still the same. WTH?!? Can’t any of these people think for themselves? James can’t seem to make a move without consulting Nat first. If it comes down to the 2 of them, I hope they give her ALL the money and his ass gets ZILTCH! If he’s that dumb, he doesn’t deserve to win anything…not even 5th place.

  13. danmtruth

    There is talk that CBS has already started to cast a BB show for the fall. It might just be for the on line cntect .
    Intseed of ” casting ” a group Why not just put a call out for supperfans . Have a contest to find 12 or so house guest Young old gay straight . Never mind looking for beautiful people looking for showmances

    • Avatar

      I want the all-star season made up of all winners or runners up. Get 16 Big Brother sociopaths in the house, all whom are used to getting their way and none of whom are floaters and you’re going to see a great season. The winner would probably be the person who realizes quickly that in order to win that game you’ll need to defer to people and stroke some egos.

    • Avatar

      If I could I would give you 10 thumbs up.

  14. NKogNeeTow

    The Godfather and Bunyon finally figured out Nicole. They believe Da now.

    Svengali and Gidget finally figured out Bunyon. They also now hate James.

    Sunburn is trying to figure out a way to keep Svengali and boot Gidget.

    Nicole is so TERRIFIED that Frank’s campaigning might pay off that she told Bambi(Corey) that she’s going to stay up all night to make sure he’s not successful. She says he’s been lying on her to everyone all day. She forgets that she’s talking to Bambi, who was there when she said all the crap that she said. Silly little Nicole…she forgets a lot.

    James/Nat are just as sickening as Nic/Bambi. James has gone from America’s Favorite to a f*cking idiot. If he wins America’s Favorite this year, I’m going to pull a Donald Trump and build a 100′ wall around the whole CBS studio.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    James is telling Nat that they will get a place together. She says she’s allergic to cats. He says he’ll build his cat a house in the back yard and they can get a dog. I hope it’s a Doberman/Pitbull mix…that has a healthy appetite for small snack size people.

    Nic/Bambi laying in bed. She says she needs a chill pill and coffee because of her stress level. She’s still worried about Frank, but not enough to unwrap herself around Bambi, so she can go watch Frank like a hawk. She has reached her goal in life. She’s in heaven wrapped up in Bambi’s arms. Poor girl, in her case Heaven is an illusion.

    • Jannie

      So James would relegate his beloved kitty to the backyard to please someone he has known for 6 weeks? What a jerk. What if Nat Nat doesn’t get along with Bailey? Does she have to go too?
      The last thing Whiney Nicole needs is coffee. Good Lord that girl is embarrassing herself on national TV. The only reason she is so anxious is because she knows that everyone is figuring out her lies. She tried to play all sides of the house and she got busted. And she got busted because her head is not in the game…it’s clouded by her showmance with Bambi. A showmance that only exists in her own mind…I agree, he would rather be cuddling with Vic or Paulie.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Has anyone else noticed that sweet little Nat has been throwing the “F” bombs around a lot lately?

  17. NKogNeeTow

    James is giving Da a speech about Gidget wanting to go home. He said that if she didn’t want to play the game “she should have stayed her ass home”…..This coming from someone who hasn’t played since he got a whiff of Nat.

    Da is telling him that she is trying to keep her, James and Nat in the house as long as possible. She says that if Nic stays in the house, Nat will be in line to go up. She ask James if Nic/Nat were on the block together, who would he keep? He hesitates then says it shouldn’t even be a question but he still doesn’t answer. He looks extremely worried. He does tell Da that he’s made no deals though. They summize that Nic has been working with Frank/Gidget all along.

  18. Jannie

    Didn’t Frank say on day 1 that he has a girlfriend?
    If Gidget knows this, then she is a skank to be draping herself all over him – and if I were his girlfriend(ewwww)I would be running for the hills. Not only is he using Gidget and getting way too handsy, but he also makes a habit of being a grade A a$$hole when it comes to his treatment of the women in the house.
    But, because I hate them all, I want him to stay just to make the house miserable.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep. And he was talking about his girlfriend again tonight. Whenever he mentions her, Gidg just laughs (which she does at everything he says)…

      “Bridg, you’re a Fatty Boom Blatty”….”Oh Fraaaank”
      “You have a big ass head”…..”Fraaaank”
      “Your hair is on fire and I hate you”…….”Thanks Fraaaaank”

    • Avatar

      I have said that same thing…..I would absolutely loooove it!!!

      • Avatar

        That was in response to the comment made by SRP91 regarding casting the top all star players from past seasons.

  19. Jannie

    From Jokers:
    “James pretends to propose to Natalie. Natalie giggles and blushes, protesting.”

    Oh James, you have officially lost me. Excuse me while I go and throw up.

  20. Shivani33

    Da’Vonne told James tonight about the firmed-up interest in nominating Nicole. Paulie, Zakiyah, Paul and Day are on board. James and Day agree that Nicole is wasting her opportunity to play the game (and is all about her thing with Corey.) The conversation wasn’t mean or snide. The feeling was more, why carry her along anymore when her heart isn’t in it. It would be marvelous to nominate Nicole and Corey at the same time, like Frank and Bridgette. That wasn’t mentioned, and Corey has more clout with the guys, so maybe it’s unlikely. But I can dream, as Corey is totally not my cup of tea.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Da, The Godfather and Bunyon were in the kitchen eating. They are laughing and talking with each other. Frank is sitting at the counter eating but not in on the convo…and looking like odd man out. Da and Bunyon leave and in comes Zzz.

    Frank start asking Zzz if she will keep him. She tells him that she thought he wasn’t going to campaign against Gidget. He tells her that he’s not campaigning against her, he’s campaigning for himself. Then says “Nobody wants to go home girl”. Paulie never says a word during this convo. She tells him she has to see what the house wants, then laughs and says she’ll think about it. He keeps making comments about her voting to keep him.

    Zzz is sitting there wearing a scarf around her head. She looks like a Russian immigrant.

    Sunburn is in the BY with James and Da, pondering who she’s going to put up…(Does it count if you haven’t won HOH yet?).

    Nat and Gidget run in with ice cream and Cool Whip, but they yell they have alcohol. Bunyon says NEVER joke about at thing like that!

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Zzz told The Godfather and Frank that Slick Vic is really, really smart, he just has no common sense. Frank says he wouldn’t call him “really, really smart”.

    Zzz tells them her Mama said she has book smarts and her sister has street smarts…..This coming from a woman who said she wonders why Production does’t give them “strimp instead of fish” and who told someone in the house that she “trusses” them (like a turkey)? No wonder she teaches Pre-School, she talks just like them.

    Nat starts to do the Running Man Challenge Dance. She is very bad at it.

    Paulie tells Nat that they will have her making d*ck jokes in a week. She says she won’t. Bunyon says “Because d*cks are nothing to joke about, right”? She says “Your’s might be”…..OUCH! BURN! He tells her, that’s not what her Mom says. They all laugh, then tells James when he enters the room. He looks shocked.

    Okay, that’s it Boys and Girls. BBAD is over and so am I.

    Nighty-Night 🙂

  23. Avatar

    I thought I would be up watching BBAD & raising hell with you guys last night but my son was the one raising hell. He came in from work at 10:30 & tore me a new one. He wanted me to turn off my tablet & tv & get some rest. After he came in my room a few times I gave up & turned them off just to shut him up but the next thing I knew I opened my eyes & it’s 6 o’clock in the morning. I guess he was right, I did need to rest because obviously as soon I put head to pillow I must have passed right out. I’m grateful to have family that loves me & cares enough to watch over me but I feel guilty that they sometimes miss out on things because of not being able to leave me by myself. My older children are all grown & gone with families of their own but my 22yr old son & 21yr old daughter are afraid to go off & live their own lives because of me. These kids take me to every doctor’s appt, make sure I get my medicine 4 times a day like im supposed to & always make sure that one or the other is home with me so im not left alone. I wish that I could some day do something as wonderful for them as they do for me everyday. I Thank God for them everyday. I am truly blessed.

  24. Avatar

    I have to read you guys posts & see what I missed last night!!!

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