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Over The Top Sunday Feed Updates



Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s the first Sunday from the Big Brother house, and I still can’t really get over that.  This is the first time seeing the opening week on feeds, and I still don’t know what to think about it. I know I definitely feel more engaged this season, as I really hate how the feeds typically come on after the first CBS episode. This makes me try to catch up on about 6 days worth of updates, and a good portion of that is the juicy stuff that occasionally slips out.

During a typical season, the cast knows they can open up more during that first week because they’re not on the feeds.  This is when a majority of the ‘getting to know you’ stuff is done, and also the fun part of their backgrounds. Like, I still don’t know which Disney Channel actress dated Paul.. well, I sort do, but it is because I found an article linking the pair in a few instagram snaps. There was probably more information on it, but I never heard it because stuff like that was said in the first week and rarely spoken of since  (btw, I’d say who it was, but I don’t know who she is, so I forgot her name. I only watch Disney for Star Wars Rebels).

Uh oh, I started rambling.  As far as BBOTT goes, it’s slowly moving along.  Last night, King Monte made 5 people ‘safe’, and we got to hear about it all night. He put WAY too much thought into it, and is clearly overplaying the game right now. Neeley was first because nobody thinks they’re working together (they’re not), but he wanted people to think they may be. A few plastics were in the middle (Morgan and Whit) with Cornbread before Shane went last. Monte then left the throne to explain to the house not to read into his first 5 picks… he likes everyone, blah blah blah… more blah blah blah and that went on for about 4-5 minutes. Seriously. Over 5 picks. He then took Shane upstairs and explained why he put him 5th, and it is because everyone knew they’re together, so he wasn’t going to be faking anyone out with that.


Dude… bro… Relax. It’s the first 5 picks. Nobody cared.  Those who are not close with you were not expecting to be picked the first day, so there was nothing surprising about it.  The buildup will come today when he has to pick 5 more and the remaining 2 automatically become nominated.  This is when people will start freaking out and you can analyze their reactions.

Anyway, I’ll get into the feeds…

  • 9:30am – Neeley is the only one up right now, so she decided to go up to the HoH room (which Monte keeps locked and has a key around his neck 24/7) and wake him up. She rang the bell twice, then knocked.. just to tell him ‘thank you’ for keeping her off the block.  Wow, weird social move.
    • I know they have to get up in 30 minutes anyway, but if he doesn’t answer with one ring, leave.  2 bell rings and a knock is auto-eviction in my book!
    • Updates will be scattered for the next 3 hours as it’s Sunday afternoon (Pats), but I’ll have my laptop open to do occasional updates
    • Also, the nomination will happen at 10pm est (7pm pst), so plenty of time before Monte gets another erection from his power trip
  • 11:30pm – Everyone is up and hanging out.
    • Shelby is hanging with Kryssie while Morgan is talking to Jason who is in the shower
    • morgan-bikini
    • Morgan goes into the bathroom “Don’t listen to me shit”
  • 12:40pm – Well, the Pats game didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Time to check in on the feeds
    • Part of the Jamboree are up near the chess board (Shel, Scot, Krys) chatting.
    • Some are in the kitchen making lunch
  • 12:50pm – Maybe I’m wrong.  Danielle is outside talking to Jason about Neeley trying to move to the other side of the house
    • She mentioned how during the lockdown, Neeley and Morgan were up in the HoH room with Monte, and now she was first saved. So, perhaps picking Neeley first was a good way to have people show their cards a little
  • 1:05pm – Scott and Alex are in the bedroom chatting.
    • It’s funny he started talking about yesterday how weird Cornbread was.  This was referring to the time when the four of them (those three + Shelby) were in the kitchen.  Cornbread was telling this great and interesting story, but as soon as Shelby left, Cornbread turned to the other two and started bashing Shelby. Scott mocks how CB was during that
    • scott-morgan2
    • I’m pretty sure if I was in this season, I’d be in an alliance with Scott and Alex guaranteed. They’re my nerds
    • Danielle comes in and breaks up the conversation
  • 1:40pm – That conversation breaks up and Scott heads outside to talk to Jason.  Tuning in to Shelby, Morgan and Monte in the HoH room.
    • Morgan, you’re spending too much time with Monte. Don’t scare us.
    • Monte is up in the HoH room because he thinks the nomination thing will be earlier today. He’s going to be waiting awhile.
    • Morgan leaves to get done up. Shelby half jokes to Monte “You don’t want to talk any game with me, do you?”
    • shelby-hohroom
    • Shelby is talking about the players in the game, and mentions how someone was pissed that they were told to make their social media private (probably because they have something to promote). I had a feeling BB made them do that for some reason this season because every profile I’ve found was private.  Speaking of, feel free to let me know official twitter profiles so I can add to their pages
  • 2:00pm – I am doing some heavy procrastinating because I need to clean up the house a bit, so I’d rather watch the house during a super boring period
    • Jason is doing some tweezing of his eyebrow, and a few people eating.
  • 2:30pm – Jason is upstairs talking to Monte.  He is trying to work the ‘leave a bigger threat’ angle in the house. Monte doesn’t seem to be listening. He just says things like he respects Jason for not kissing ass
  • 5:00pm – We’re already on ‘putting makeup on the boys’ level boredom in the house
    • scott-makeup
    • Don’t worry guys, 2 more hours until noms
    • Kryssie gets a call from production about not talking about her DR somewhere in the house.  Shelby is with Alex and Scott and says “It’s probably nothing we haven’t heard yet. Talking about her band, or how she can’t take her jacket off”  (she can’t because of her tattoos. She has a detailed Robocop tattoo which is copyright apparently. So, why cast her?
  • 6:15pm – Meeting of the plastics in the storage room
    • plastics
    • Morgan tells the girls that Monte is going to put Danielle up as a pawn. Alex celebrates and asks if she can vote her out
    • Whitney leaves and the sisters have a slight spat. Nothing major. Alex is telling Morgan to stop dressing down because they are looking too much alike. She needs to keep her fake lashes on.
    • Morgan gets upset that she has to do that, but understands. Alex jokes she is going to take out Morgan
    • Morgan leaves and Alex self-talks a little “Somehow I got stuck working with my sister”

Closing this thread and started a new one for nominations


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  1. Avatar

    Enjoy your Sunday Steve, thanks to Fidel Goodell, even us Raider fans are rooting for the pats to shove it up Goodell’s butt !!!!

  2. caRyn

    Last night Kryssie asked Shane if she was going OTB. Shane told her he knows one hg that is going OTB. He didn’t answer her question.

  3. caRyn

    10:40 am (EST) Shane, Cornbread and Monte are talking in the HOH room about putting Jason and Danielle OTB. Danielle is the pawn.

  4. Shivani33

    I feel like I’m sitting on a big workhorse who is waiting for the moment to calmly push Monte and his leadership out to the far pasture.

  5. caRyn

    Whitney talks as if the person she is talking to is slow, basic or 3 years old. It isn’t her accent. It is simply the way she speaks. I never second guess what she says. Lmao.

  6. Mel

    I would have liked this HOH comp more if it was a few weeks from now. I think more alliances would have been busted and it would have put people in more awkward situations. I like the idea of it. It was just too soon. I would have preferred when some of them have multiple F2 deals and they are down to 3 and have to choose who gets the HOH.
    I don’t understand what Monte thinks he’s learning about Justin by waiting for today to make him safe. What does he thinks the guy is going to do? I also don’t get a few of this casts obsession with predicting who’s going to flip out and when.
    I really hope he puts up Danielle and the girls vote her out instead of Jason.

  7. Shivani33

    Jason has a lot of love coming his way from BB fans, and I hope that he taps into it to stay. My vote for a third nominee has Shane written all over it, in case Zakiyah-Danielle can’t be cut first. Also, Scott is too much of an Andy Herren prototype for me to find even remotely interesting, so far. I’m fond of Jason, Shelby and Justin and am curious to see how Alex does. Cornholio is a disappointing token older person who seems to be navigating with a stunted maturity. Shelby is likey correct in her assessment of his bathroom habits. Her little jab-joke about him probably not flushing the toilet got right under his skin. America has the Roadkill position (hopefully) locked and loaded to put in a good target for the third eviction nominee. Kryssie had better lay off the boo-hooing nervous wreck schtick, or people will think she wants to go home. Come on, lady!

    • Mel

      Those are my faves too. I think the only thing that will save Jason is if those girls are willing to vote out Danielle or Shane. They may be scared to show their cards to Monte on the first week but I hope the will. Alex and Morgan seem more concerned with Shane but Whitney seems to deflect that and is only worried about Danielle. Whitney gives me hillbilly Nicole vibes for some reason.

  8. Avatar

    Talking to James??

  9. caRyn

    12:55 pm (PT) Danielle is talking to Jason telling him that she would vote Justin out before him if they end up OTB together.

  10. caRyn

    9:42 am (PT) Alex told Scott she wants to work with him.

  11. Sweet Bee

    Hi Steve Beans,
    Thank you so much for keeping me well updated on BBOTT. Unfortunately for me, I live in the country and can’t get internet where I live. The only internet access I have is thru my phone. 🙁
    So I was just wondering if there was any way you could post clips with audio. Just to hear their voices. If not it’s okay. I appreciate you.
    By the way, did you say Danielle and Shane have a showmance going? Like bb14

  12. AIO_7

    “Morgan goes into the bathroom “Don’t listen to me shit””

    Modesties like that doesn’t seem to bother Cornbread much.

  13. Helen

    So. ….just curious ….if Monte doesn’t change his mind AGAIN and puts up Jason and Danielle is there a general aye for us to vote to put up Shane?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m on board Helen. It’s not that I have anything against Danielle or Shane, but I just cannot deal with another showmance this season. Let’s split this crap up now and get this season off on the right foot!

      • Helen

        I think the showmance crap needs to just go away!! Go on the bachelor or bachelorette if that’s what your looking for or even bachelor in paradise or are you the one where the hook ups are a little looser. I’m not against Shane or Danielle I just think it will even out the playing field some. A little too top heavy for me this early in the show if you know what I mean.

      • caRyn

        The house is uterus heavy.

    • Mel

      Sounds good to me Helen. I want any possible shomance gone ASAP but I also think that’s the best chance to get those girls to keep Jason/Justin/Krissi/Shelby (whoever ends up there after veto) and weaken Monte. I don’t dislike Danielle or Shane yet either.

  14. caRyn

    Alliances/hg working together are on shaky grounds:
    With OTT Jamboree, Shelby initially said she would get in tight with the other girls in the house for the sake of the alliance. Shelby hasn’t mentioned the alliance to the girls, but she is saying things about her alliance hg that is jeopardizing their game and the alliance. Just now, 4:38 pm (PT), Kryssie is talking to Neeley and the two of them don’t get a good vibe from Shelby. Kryssie said she isn’t going to tell Shelby anything anymore. I haven’t seen the OTT Jamboree alliance talk as a group since the alliance was formed.
    With the 4 guys (Scott, Monte, Shane & Cornbread) Monte & Cornbread are concerned with Shane getting too close with Danielle.

  15. caRyn

    Shane told Monte he is going to act like he didn’t know Danielle was going OTB. Monte asked Shane if he wins POV will he pull Danielle OTB. Shane said no.

  16. caRyn

    Whitney, Alex & Morgan are in an alliance and thinking of a name. They want to add Shelby but they want to wait until after noms.

  17. Bonnie

    The Plastics, lmao. Steve you are hilarious.

  18. Avatar

    I was so appalled by Justin. I can laugh with the best of them but when he told his girlfriend that he wants her to sit on his face to the camera in the backyard I about puked. Also he seems like he’s trying to expose himself he keeps rearranging his private parts in front of women. They need to keep in the he’s getting ready to get crazy

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