I wonder if it’s uncomfortable to flex your abs all day

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house which means plenty of doing nothing!  Look, as a Big Brother blogger, it shouldn’t sound like I’m calling the house boring a lot, but if you’re into gameplay and drama, it is. The non blogger side of me actually likes having the feeds on when there are interesting people in the house, because some of their conversations are interesting. Frank was very witty and funny, Nicole can be funny, and as annoying as he is, even Paul is pretty funny. They have a thing going this season where whenever Victor tells people something, Paul replies “You don’t know that!”. Victor starts getting pissy because he’s the type of guy who likes to be right, so he’ll get all worked up trying to find proof that he’s right. One time Victor told Paul the food was burnt, and Paul replied “You don’t know that” and Victor went on a long rant about how it is charred, overcooked, etc (note, it was Victor’s cooking. He wasn’t bashing someone’s food). This season may be boring as hell when it comes to drama, but I will give them credit about casting interesting personalities.

Now, on to the actual game. I covered what happened to James last night and why the house was pissed at him, but I didn’t have a chance to segue that into Paulie being a dick.  Let me quickly cover what else happened yesterday, from the other spectrum of the house. Zakiyah is obviously nominated, but hasn’t worried too much because she has been told Michelle is the target. In reality, the guys are still trying to figure out who to send home, but that is behind her back.  While picking players for veto, Z got ‘houseguests choice’ and naturally picked the person who has had his hands all over (and possibly in) her body. When people get picked like that, it’s kind of an unwritten rule it is so that person can help the person on the block. It’s a much more clear rule when that person is involved in a ‘showmance’ with the other.


Skip ahead to the end of the veto competition, and sure enough, Paulie won. Simple enough, their plan for Z is thwarted this week and they’ll just get her out next week, right? Nope. Doing his best to lose jury vote after jury vote, Paulie is considering actually not using the veto and leaving the noms the same. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand Paulie’s reasoning for wanting someone to get Z out of the house. She puts a target on his back, and they fight a lot over stupid things. They’re a terrible couple and there is 0 chance of them lasting outside of the house. Zakiyah is far too good for him, but being in the house makes you forget stuff like that, so as soon as she gets all the attention outside again, she’ll forget about him. With all that said, when your ‘ally’ or ‘showmance’ is on the block and you have veto, you pull them down. It’s a no-brainer. The guys would understand, Michelle would understand, and America would expect it to happen.

Paulie already floated that idea by Z last night, and I expect he’ll try again today. Expect there to be pointless fighting over a pointless situation that really shouldn’t be considered. Really dumb move by Paulie here, and that’s what makes me hope he actually goes through with it.

Enough rambling, here are some updates:

  • 2:00pm – A few people are outside getting some sun, while most of the house sleeps.
  • And while it’s on my mind, I’m not even going to mention the Care Package vote because I am protesting the stupidity of how it is done. How does it make sense to give us options to help people we don’t even know may be in trouble?  Those two votes removed could have been a game changer for Da’Vonne, but they go to James for some weird reason. Dumb
    • Paulie comes outside to talk to Paul.  Paulie confirms noms will stay the same, and his excuse to Z is that he doesn’t want to piss off the HoH
    • Paul says she will get chopped and can mull over the anger in the jury house because Paulie can play dumb.  Oh boy
    • The guys say that Bridgette has to go soon because she’s been leaking information
  • 2:30pm – Guys still talking
    • Paul is talking about how Z has said she feels alone, and has been saying that since day 4
    • Paul feels by getting Z out will kickstart the other guys to kick out their girls
  • 3:30pm – Paul is ready for the pool
    • paul-ducky
  • 5:00pm – Corey asks Victor why he wants to get Z out, and he didn’t really give a good reason.  ‘She’s a stronger player, she lasted longer’ (in that one competition).  This basically means he doesn’t know why he wants Z out because it’s Paulie’s decision.
    • Going to watch the CBS episode since the house is super slow

Back from watching the show.  Let’s talk about that for a minute.  I’m not even going to point out the constant crying by Michelle, as that has been covered by the updates here. I want to say first, the James that pointed out the pizza in the puke is the James America likes  (this is in reference to my earlier post). Also, what was up with Natalie clearly breaking the rules during the HoH competition?  People on twitter were complaining about Victor pushing off on the board to keep stable, but that wasn’t against the rules. Natalie’s ass hit the seat quite a few times, and probably should have been eliminated much earlier because of it. Finally, the nomination speech. Pretty weird. Although, the reactions from people like Nicole were great. Someone has to have a screenshot of that because I need it.

  • 7:00pm – Back to the feeds. I didn’t mention it earlier because I thought it was a passing conversation, but Nicole and Corey are still going on about who is better about competitions.
    • Meanwhile, it’s a good thing James didn’t openly cheer on Natalie at the HoH competition, because he doesn’t want to let the house know they’re a couple…
    • james-nat
    • Natalie is saying how unfair it is that James, Paulie, etc were coached by great players. If Natalie wanted fair, she should have signed up to a reality show she actually heard about prior to two months ago
  • 7:50pm – Nicole and Paul are starting a friendship meeting.  Fun
    • On the other feeds, Nat and James are still chatting
    • Natalie says one of her dreams is to make a living for the rest of her life cheerleading.   Good luck with that
  • 8:30pm – Paul, James and Nicole are still trying to decide who should go out between Michelle and Z.  Paul’s theory is that Michelle breaks down at the drop of a hat and is very weak
  • 9:00pm – The three are still talking in the safari room, but goofing off now that Natalie joined
    • Upstairs, Corey is just casual chatting with Victor
  • 9:20pm – Nicole and Z having a chat on the hammock. Sounds like some interesting gossip, so I’ll keep you informed
    • Z – “Everyone that has been on the block has gone home” … good observation (sorry, had to)
  • 9:40pm – Nicole and Paul are in the storage room. Nicole starts retelling the conversation with Z when she enters. Nicole stumbles on her transition into something else and Paul has to save her. Jeez
    • They then spend 5 minutes trying to figure out what to tell Z about being caught.  Such bad liars.
  • 10:00pm – Nicole is ranting to Corey now about how Natalie is being malicious with her flirting. Fun times
    • Z finally comes over and Nicole tells her the storage thing awkwardness was random and was about Michelle
  • 10:30pm – Nicole and Corey are chatting. They want Michelle to go home.
    • It’s been a super slow day, time to get off the PC


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