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Snoozin Sunday Feed Updates 8/7

I wonder if it’s uncomfortable to flex your abs all day

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house which means plenty of doing nothing!  Look, as a Big Brother blogger, it shouldn’t sound like I’m calling the house boring a lot, but if you’re into gameplay and drama, it is. The non blogger side of me actually likes having the feeds on when there are interesting people in the house, because some of their conversations are interesting. Frank was very witty and funny, Nicole can be funny, and as annoying as he is, even Paul is pretty funny. They have a thing going this season where whenever Victor tells people something, Paul replies “You don’t know that!”. Victor starts getting pissy because he’s the type of guy who likes to be right, so he’ll get all worked up trying to find proof that he’s right. One time Victor told Paul the food was burnt, and Paul replied “You don’t know that” and Victor went on a long rant about how it is charred, overcooked, etc (note, it was Victor’s cooking. He wasn’t bashing someone’s food). This season may be boring as hell when it comes to drama, but I will give them credit about casting interesting personalities.


Now, on to the actual game. I covered what happened to James last night and why the house was pissed at him, but I didn’t have a chance to segue that into Paulie being a dick.  Let me quickly cover what else happened yesterday, from the other spectrum of the house. Zakiyah is obviously nominated, but hasn’t worried too much because she has been told Michelle is the target. In reality, the guys are still trying to figure out who to send home, but that is behind her back.  While picking players for veto, Z got ‘houseguests choice’ and naturally picked the person who has had his hands all over (and possibly in) her body. When people get picked like that, it’s kind of an unwritten rule it is so that person can help the person on the block. It’s a much more clear rule when that person is involved in a ‘showmance’ with the other.

Skip ahead to the end of the veto competition, and sure enough, Paulie won. Simple enough, their plan for Z is thwarted this week and they’ll just get her out next week, right? Nope. Doing his best to lose jury vote after jury vote, Paulie is considering actually not using the veto and leaving the noms the same. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand Paulie’s reasoning for wanting someone to get Z out of the house. She puts a target on his back, and they fight a lot over stupid things. They’re a terrible couple and there is 0 chance of them lasting outside of the house. Zakiyah is far too good for him, but being in the house makes you forget stuff like that, so as soon as she gets all the attention outside again, she’ll forget about him. With all that said, when your ‘ally’ or ‘showmance’ is on the block and you have veto, you pull them down. It’s a no-brainer. The guys would understand, Michelle would understand, and America would expect it to happen.

Paulie already floated that idea by Z last night, and I expect he’ll try again today. Expect there to be pointless fighting over a pointless situation that really shouldn’t be considered. Really dumb move by Paulie here, and that’s what makes me hope he actually goes through with it.


Enough rambling, here are some updates:

  • 2:00pm – A few people are outside getting some sun, while most of the house sleeps.
  • And while it’s on my mind, I’m not even going to mention the Care Package vote because I am protesting the stupidity of how it is done. How does it make sense to give us options to help people we don’t even know may be in trouble?  Those two votes removed could have been a game changer for Da’Vonne, but they go to James for some weird reason. Dumb
    • Paulie comes outside to talk to Paul.  Paulie confirms noms will stay the same, and his excuse to Z is that he doesn’t want to piss off the HoH
    • Paul says she will get chopped and can mull over the anger in the jury house because Paulie can play dumb.  Oh boy
    • The guys say that Bridgette has to go soon because she’s been leaking information
  • 2:30pm – Guys still talking
    • Paul is talking about how Z has said she feels alone, and has been saying that since day 4
    • Paul feels by getting Z out will kickstart the other guys to kick out their girls
  • 3:30pm – Paul is ready for the pool
    • paul-ducky
  • 5:00pm – Corey asks Victor why he wants to get Z out, and he didn’t really give a good reason.  ‘She’s a stronger player, she lasted longer’ (in that one competition).  This basically means he doesn’t know why he wants Z out because it’s Paulie’s decision.
    • Going to watch the CBS episode since the house is super slow

Back from watching the show.  Let’s talk about that for a minute.  I’m not even going to point out the constant crying by Michelle, as that has been covered by the updates here. I want to say first, the James that pointed out the pizza in the puke is the James America likes  (this is in reference to my earlier post). Also, what was up with Natalie clearly breaking the rules during the HoH competition?  People on twitter were complaining about Victor pushing off on the board to keep stable, but that wasn’t against the rules. Natalie’s ass hit the seat quite a few times, and probably should have been eliminated much earlier because of it. Finally, the nomination speech. Pretty weird. Although, the reactions from people like Nicole were great. Someone has to have a screenshot of that because I need it.

  • 7:00pm – Back to the feeds. I didn’t mention it earlier because I thought it was a passing conversation, but Nicole and Corey are still going on about who is better about competitions.
    • Meanwhile, it’s a good thing James didn’t openly cheer on Natalie at the HoH competition, because he doesn’t want to let the house know they’re a couple…
    • james-nat
    • Natalie is saying how unfair it is that James, Paulie, etc were coached by great players. If Natalie wanted fair, she should have signed up to a reality show she actually heard about prior to two months ago
  • 7:50pm – Nicole and Paul are starting a friendship meeting.  Fun
    • On the other feeds, Nat and James are still chatting
    • Natalie says one of her dreams is to make a living for the rest of her life cheerleading.   Good luck with that
  • 8:30pm – Paul, James and Nicole are still trying to decide who should go out between Michelle and Z.  Paul’s theory is that Michelle breaks down at the drop of a hat and is very weak
  • 9:00pm – The three are still talking in the safari room, but goofing off now that Natalie joined
    • Upstairs, Corey is just casual chatting with Victor
  • 9:20pm – Nicole and Z having a chat on the hammock. Sounds like some interesting gossip, so I’ll keep you informed
    • Z – “Everyone that has been on the block has gone home” … good observation (sorry, had to)
  • 9:40pm – Nicole and Paul are in the storage room. Nicole starts retelling the conversation with Z when she enters. Nicole stumbles on her transition into something else and Paul has to save her. Jeez
    • They then spend 5 minutes trying to figure out what to tell Z about being caught.  Such bad liars.
  • 10:00pm – Nicole is ranting to Corey now about how Natalie is being malicious with her flirting. Fun times
    • Z finally comes over and Nicole tells her the storage thing awkwardness was random and was about Michelle
  • 10:30pm – Nicole and Corey are chatting. They want Michelle to go home.
    • It’s been a super slow day, time to get off the PC


Overnight in the morning


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  1. Shivani33

    Victor and Paul have been less active in socializing with everyone for a couple of days. They’ve been up in Victor’s HoH room a lot, and are often hanging out by themselves. Paulie knows this and has asked Paul to keep an eye on Victor. But I hope that Paul and Victor have been putting their heads together and making plans to help Paulie out…of the house.

  2. Avatar

    Man Paulie can be a real dick and man,he just keeps on doing it and I feel bad for Z and it’s sucks that Bridgette will be either the next target and she will have to win HOH(I hope she does)during Double Eviction so she can stay again but she will have to win it again to stay in he house more so yeah I hope that happens but it looks like the guys(Paulie,Vicot,Paul)aree going to get rid of either Nicole or Corey or Bridgette or Michelle or Nat I mean they go back and forth with who should go next week and the week after that I mean Paulie is playing good but he is being a asshole doing it I mean if I was in a showmance I would save my showmance if I have the veto instead Paulie doesn’t use it d he becomes a asshole to the whole house and to america but the whole house doesn’t care and they will listen to King Paulie and they will obey is every command ughhhhhh I hate this guy so much I mean I hate the house expect Bridgette and Frank who I like more in the house than the house and I hope Bridgette stays safe during Double Eviction

    • Avatar
      Shawn Watson (38 comments)

      Period. Lol

    • Avatar
      tammy (17 comments)

      unfortunately everyone in the house is giving Gotti.. err I mean Paulie all the power. Not really sure why no one in the house can think game. I agree that Paulie is acting like a dbag but Z can walk away from this “showmance” as well… She just keeps going back to Paulie even when she figured it out that Paulie lost the HoH comp on purpose and he’s not using the veto in her. She’s still all over him.

      This season’s cast is just horrible! Seems like everyone is crying, getting mad when others talk game, or when people don’t tell them things. Its like tgey forgot they’re playing a game called Big Brother and not an episode of The Real World!

    • Avatar

      I have to say that I agree with you about Paul and Victor putting their heads together. Somebody needs to show Paulie that he can’t run everybody’s HOH for them. He has done that to almost everybody that gets it. I think it would be a Huge Shock and would be extremely funny to see.

  3. katheryn
    katheryn (94 comments)

    I dislike Paulie’s game so mucof Derrivk h. Is this from advice of Derrick and his brother?

    • Mello_One

      @ katheryn
      Idk…But I kind of think that Paulie is following Derrick’s Game Plan in order to win game, and to basically to Avenge his Brother Cody. Remember Cody Calafiore, the House Guess who won the final Competitions on Big Brother, but Brought Derrick to the Final 2….And LOST!!!

      Evel Dick, as Many others are “always” on Cody for being a SUCKER for bringing Derrick to the F-2, when he could have brought Victoria, and Won!!! This is Paulie stepping over everybody to Win the Game for the Calafiore Family.

      And while I did not like Derrick’s game at all…Dude basically sat back, directed other HG to do his dirty work, and was Never On the Block, until the Final Comp…Derrick was NOT a Dirty Player, or a Dick to people like Paulie is!

  4. Shivani33

    Nicole was just asking if olive oil is really made from olives. Calling Jessica Simpson to consult with her and find out if tuna is really chicken.

  5. Avatar
    Cinna Moore (2 comments)

    It’s that time of the season where your just over the season. Cus none of your favs are winning nd they going home left to right nd ery one friends so no more drama.

  6. Ingodog
    Ingodog (119 comments)

    What did everyone think of tonight’s show?

    • Avatar
      Cynthia (91 comments)

      The Olympics were more exciting.

    • Avatar
      Tamdon (17 comments)

      I was entertained by the way they broke down “The Executives.” I thought that was cute. Otherwise the episode was kinda sad between Natalie’s begging to win HOH, Michelle’s crying & puking, and Paulie’s continued abuse of Zakiyah. It was hard to watch.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Tam, I was so disgusted with Natalie. I’m no Slick fan but her begging alone should have disqualified her. What made her thing he doesn’t love his mom as much as she loves hers. I’m on his side on this one. If she wanted the HOH, she should have earned it. That’s the problem with this group…throwing Comps…praying that they won’t be picked for Comps….This is one sad group.

      • NKogNeeTow

        correction:*what made her *think*

    • Avatar
      Cinna Moore (2 comments)

      I’m bored kinda wish they can reset nd bring ery body back or just start a new season

    • Avatar

      My take on tonight’s show is Victor has shit for brains. This idiot is clearly not thinking about the end game. Those women that he just degraded in front of everyone are the very same women who will be on the jury picking a winner. He sure as hell won’t be getting those 2 votes if he makes it to the end (which he won’t).
      Z has a hollow head. After Paulie sat there & laughed after Victor humiliated her in front of the house should’ve been a wake-up call for her but Oooh nooo. She would rather be his winch while she’s in the house.
      Michelle is a big ass, fake ass cry-baby. Ain’t nobody falling for that shit.
      James has mush for brains. America, myself included wasted our votes giving him that care package because he won’t use it wisely. He’ll let Paulie tell him what to do with it.
      Paul is not as dumb as his housemates think he is. He’s thinking about the finals, how not to piss the jury members off by trying to stay on their good sides. Paul actually has a shot.
      I won’t be wasting my time on that care package crap anymore because I wouldn’t give any of them a damn thing.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Ann, you said EXACTLY what I was thinking. I went to the Care Package website and after reading the packages and looking at who was left to receive them, I decided not to vote to give anything to ANY of them.

    • NKogNeeTow

      It went pretty much as expected. No surprises there.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think any of those chicken-shit for brains peope have the guts to go against The Godfather. BB might as well sign that $500,000 check over to Paulie Calafiore & be done with it.
        I’m at the point now where I don’t care if I miss BBAD anymore because there’s nothing to miss. If I think I did miss a little something all I have to do is go to Junkies or Jokers website & read anything that may have been interesting.

      • Avatar

        NKogNeeTow, I have question. When they have the nomination ceremony, after the 2 people are chosen to go on the block, do they have to sit there & let the HOH talk to them like Victor did Z & Meech tonight? I would’ve had to walk away & walk fast because I couldn’t have sat there quiet. I would’ve had to tell that wannabe smartass off.

      • Mello_One

        @ Ann
        Me too. I stopped watching BBAD, its too boring! I was reading on Jokers where Nat Nat was telling James who is connected with who, and who is running the house…and James told her her She had it right!

        I think Nat Nat said Paulie, Nicole, & Paul are running the house, and Victor, Paul, & Bridgette, & Corey were Paulie’s Puppets (James is also.) All of the HG has been going back & forth about who should leave this week, Zaki, or Meech.

        James asked Nat Nat who should go, Natalie said that Zakiyah isn’t playing the game, she is too busy running after Paulie. Nat Nat also said that it wasn’t cool when Paulie dropped immediately after Zaki did during the HOH. This she went on to say that I don’t foresee them dating when they get out of the BB house at all.

        I found out something else, most of the HG don’t like small Dogs! Paul hates Pomeranians, because they Yap at him?! Poms are really smart Dogs, they know people real well!…I have one…LOL!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ann: After the HOH nominates the 2 people, he/she is suppose to tell they why they were nominated. I don’t know if they are allowed to say anything back, although I don’t know why not. Since I’m someone who doesn’t like things thrown at them, I more than likely would have just picked the beads up and thrown then in his face. But that might have gotten them a trip to the DR for a non-violence scolding. I don’t remember any nominee ever responding to the HOH nom speech, but I don’t know whether they have a rule about it or not. Interesting question though.

      • Avatar

        I’ve seen people get up and leave the ceremony and I’ve seen people fuss back. I can’t remember exactly who, but I can remember it happening. Didn’t someone get up and walk out just last year, or maybe the year before?

      • Avatar

        Now that I’ve thought about it, seems like it may have been Liz. I think she got up crying and walked out when they nominated I think it was her and hairball man Austin.

    • Amberchelly

      My eight year old son (watching tonight’s episode): “Zakiya go back to Preschool!!” I think he is just used to Michelle crying at this point so hers isn’t a big deal.

    • Avatar

      I didn’t watch. I watched olympics and they were great

    • Avatar
      tammy (17 comments)

      i know this is mean but when Vic gave his (bad) speech for the noms… I laughed so hard watching Paulie and Corey trying not to laugh and Michelle crying (again!!!!)

  7. Avatar
    Eva (1 comments)

    Victor is disgusting, making that comment to Zakiyah during veto that she gives all affection to Paulie as if the women should be fawning over him. What a pig then the beads what was that about., like New Orleans they should take their tops off. JERK

  8. Avatar
    Trish (1 comments)

    I missed it, due to a phone call. What the hell happened tonight? Is Victor HoH? Who is on the block?

  9. Avatar
    Susan (1 comments)

    This is without a doubt the worse season yet. I hate Paulie’s, Paul and Victors’ game. This is probably it for me. Each season is just boring.

  10. NKogNeeTow

    James said he didn’t want to root for Nat to much during the HOH Comp because he didn’t want the house to know they are a power couple. When did that happen???

    After winning HOH, Vic said this is his chance to get out some one big….so he goes after Zzz and Meech, the 2 least likely to win anything.

    Even if The Godfather changed his mind and used the POV on either of them, Slick can’t nominate him as a replacement. In fact, as long as Paulie keeps winning either HOH or POV, he will never get put on the block. And even if by some chance he was, would any of them have enough the guts to vote him out?


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  12. Avatar
    Stephanie (6 comments)

    What did Vic day before throwing the beads across the table? Maybe I’m out of the loop but I didn’t understand the whole thing??

    • ingodog
      ingodog (119 comments)

      Me either

    • Avatar

      In New Orleans during Mardi Gras it means show your boobs and that what victor did and what it means and yeah pretty much a dick move from him and yeah I did get mad about it but still at least Victor will go but it will probably happen after or during Double Eviction so yeah don’t worry he will get what’s coming to him

      • Avatar

        Also it also means maybe if you show some boobs maybe you wouldn’t be in this position so yeah pretty dick move from a asshole like Victor

      • Avatar
        Kristy (51 comments)

        Okay Mardi Gras beads to New Orleanians does not mean show your boobs to anyone but stupid college kids and dumb ignorant people like Victor who still lives with mommy.

    • caRyn

      Victor claimed to be giving the necklaces in hopes that this eviction nominations wouldn’t ruin any friendships.

    • caRyn

      “I really hope that this doesn’t ruin any friendships, so I have some beads so you can cherish.”

  13. Boo

    I LOVE MICHELLE but i must admit,

    Way to put those stupid girls in their place!

    Boo Bitches

  14. Shivani33

    Corey and James had a private, fumbling attempt at a strategy talk. Corey came to James to say that he doesn’t want James to cancel Paulie’s eviction vote because it keeps Paulie looking good and forces other people to take the blame for who gets voted out. The two of them imagined James using his vote nullification on various people’s votes. They became more and more confused. Their conclusion? They decided to meet with the other Execs and to say that they feel lost about what to do. You can’t write this stuff. James and Corey are going to go ask Paulie what to do about Paulie.

  15. Painter1
    Painter1 (584 comments)

    If Corey gets next package wouldn’t it be funny to see his tall goofy butt in a costume he’s not going anywhere yet anyways lol.

  16. Avatar

    While Nasally Nicole is worried about NatNat flirting with Corey, hell, Nicole don’t have to worry because Corey does not want NatNat, shit, Corey dont want her either.,,hell Corey is gay.

  17. Avatar

    Aaaaawww daaaammnnn, did I just say that out loud????

  18. Avatar

    It was nice to FINALLY see tears fall from Michelle’s eyes when she was crying! It was the first time I’ve seen it happen.

    I find Vic to be a power-gorged jerk! His antics and speech at the nom was so very classless, but then, so is he!

    Nicole was one of my faves at the beginning of the season, but enough already! Get your head out of Corey’s butt! Play the game! And quit being such an insecure “girl”! He’s up your butt most hours of the day…. let the guy come up for air and breathe! Sheesh!

    Venting is now concluded, back to your regularly scheduled boring live feeds.

    • Avatar

      *engorged, not gorged

    • Painter1
      Painter1 (584 comments)

      To me Vic is like the kid who wants to be in the cool crowd, everything he does he’s like ” did you see me bro huh did you” . Tries way to hard to please Paulie,Paul,James. Corey is to busy with Nicole to notice anything.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Slick Vic will have plenty of time to be cool when they slide his slick ass out the door to the Jury house next week. Wonder if he’ll say “Did you see me bro, huh, did you?”. Also wonder what he’ll tell Da when she asked him about the info she gave him when she walked out the door? Think he’ll tell her “No, I didn’t believe you so I asked Paulie about it.”? Oh I DO hope BB shows us THAT conversation!

        For all those feeling sorry for Zzz, did you read on Jokers last night, where she and The Godfather were laying in the bed and he put her pillow over her head and his pillow over his head and the covers over both pillows and she ‘tented’ her legs under the covers? Ahh, such a delicate flower she is…so petite…so fresh…so innocent….NOT! That was pretty much the nail in the coffin for me. After all that DR talk about how she thinks he’s using her and how she thinks he talked Vic into putting her up….then to go and “tent” her legs. I hate when men use women, or women use men for that matter. But once you set yourself up like that, especially when you know your friends, family and the world is watching…well, just let me say, at this point, that chickenhead deserves any and everything he does to her. The only thing that can save her sorry ass from further embarrassment now IS to be evicted from the house. Last week the dry hump, this week the tented legs, what up for next week, spread eagle? JUST GO ALREADY!


  19. Avatar

    I’m changing my channel to The Walking Dead because I just can’t listen to Nicole whine anymore or Natalie squealing. I’m done for tonight.

  20. Avatar
    Amber (5 comments)

    I hope they make a game change. They were so convinced that the double eviction was last week, and it’s this week! That’s about the only good thing about him being HOH this week, is he cant play in the next HOH. Hope Paulie has a good game plan for that one! It would be a waste to send one of the girls home, they aren’t strong at all. But with our luck, Victor will have the round trip ticket and will get back in the house again! After his speech, I just find him to be an ignorant jerk. Big competitors need to make big game moves, another wasted HOH in my opinion.

  21. Avatar
    Julia (487 comments)

    Had hope for Vic until that speech and the beads last night. He has no class and deserves to go in the second eviction on Thursday night. I am sick of Vic, Z, Paulie and Nicole. Corey is just wallpaper and should be the 2nd Executive to go.

  22. Avatar

    Z is nothing to Paulie but a easy piece of ass & a for sure jury vote. She’s willing to do the things that should be done in private with & for a man on national television that she doesn’t even know. Paulie is playing her like a fiddle. She falls for anything he says & he knows it.
    I really hope season 19 is better because I hate to say it but BB is losing me slowly but surely. I used to be so excited to see the show but damn, not so much this season. We have the Porn Queen with her head up The Godfather’s ass, The Whinny Nasally Nurse running after The Gay Crazy Eyed Coach with ADD, The Check Bouncer who is lovesick for The Sweet MaryAnn, Paul Bunyon The Bearded Drunk, Slick Vic the Clueless Ass Kissing Moron, Big Meech The Crybaby & Dora The Explorer…I am so over it, I guess it is what it is.

  23. g8trgrl4life
    g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

    Do you think the plan is still to get Vic out on the second eviction this week since they now created this silly “executives”?

  24. Avatar
    Kristy (51 comments)

    if he is going to reference a 9-1 vote it should be to the person that was actually responsible for you being evicted and that would be Paulie because he put you dumb butt on the block to begin with. You can’t use a 9-1 vote reference to floaters. All he did was make himself look stupid and give them a reason not to vote for him to win. He will not be in that position to be in the final 2 anyway since his dumb butt has no idea who they are that Day was warning him about. It was his friends that he is in an alliance with so he thinks. He is still dumb and oblivious to what is actually going on.

  25. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    Am I the only one who found Victor’s speech disgusting? What about Pauli’s reaction putting his head down in his hands to laugh? The rest of the so called executives snickering like little boys. That was the most humiliating speech I’ve ever heard come from someone’s mouth on BB. I would’ve ripped his head off and put those beads down his throat. There’s never a reason to sit there and humiliate women. I don’t care if Michelle cries or if Z is making a fool out of herself because she likes Pauli. It was disgusting. I must have finally got too old for BB because I don’t understand the males of this house. I’m glad I’m married because if this is the caliber of guys in the world you can keep them. They wouldn’t last two seconds with me. I’m also glad one of them is not my child because I’d kick him in the butt for a week when he got home while I made him repeat ” Women have value” again and again. I’m not a prude if Z did what someone said with Pauli that’s her business. She obviously cares for him a lot even if he doesn’t return it. I’m extremely disappointed in Nichole’s game this year. She comes out saying no showmances and takes one look at Cory and falls into another one. I have thought that Cory was gay too the whole time. Who knows maybe he’s just one of those guys who appears to be. James did not tell Natalie that the guys were in an alliance last night by the way. He avoided all her questions by basically patting her on the head and telling her to be a good girl and if she was in trouble of going home that he wouldn’t outright tell her, but, he would tell her to go talk to so and so. That way he wouldn’t actually be spilling the beans but she’d know she was in trouble. I agree that Michelle’s crying is getting on my nerves but nobody deserves what Vic said to her last night. Boy he really did his mom proud didn’t he? As did everyone else at that table besides Z. I’m truly disgusted with BB. I want some actual adults on the show. Also this crap about streaming a season is just that. I’m not paying for squat just to watch another season. Why bother when this is the kind of caliber of people your going to have on? Nope, you can kiss my hiney CBS. Not doing it. Now my rant is over.

  26. Avatar
    sunshine (25 comments)

    He threw the beads at them like they were strippers on a stage and I couldn’t understand what he said as he threw them. I’m surprised the blogs haven’t lit up at that disgusting gesture of contempt. I went back with the closed captions on but it didn’t get what he said either.

    Michelle is a product of the educational system giving trophy prizes to show up. She collapses whenever she doesn’t get her way because she was never allowed to compete and win or lose on merit. Her maturity level is somewhere around sixth grade.

    This is the first season where I turned off the BBAD because I really don’t like or root for anyone this season. I think this may be the worst and most boring season ever. These people are just not cool kids and none of them ever were. Horrible casting.

    • Avatar

      Well now Sunshine, Z has acted like a 2 dollar wh*re doing the things that she does with, to & for Paulie while other people are right there in the next bed & they know that cameras are following their every move 24/7. Lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      When he threw the beads at them, he said something about in the name of friendship, or some asinine comment like that.

    • Mello_One

      @ sunshine
      It was an awful act for Victor to do…Victor is from New Orleans, & during Mardi Gras beads are thrown at Women who show their Breast…It was Very, Very Low Class, and then to see all of the Dudes laughing at the stunt was Pathetic!

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  28. Shivani33

    There might have been a big problem during the casting process this Season which created this group by default. Paulie was saying that he got the call to come on the show in June. That’s rather late, so I wonder if there was a different cast set-up in process which fell apart, forcing a last minute scramble to have something thrown together for the start date. This could be an explanation for why we’re watching so many lemons trying to play BB.

    Victor, Michelle, Z., and Corey all have earned their rotten tomatoes for a variety of reasons. They’re all about as lousy as side-acts in a cheap, ramshackle circus. Neither Nicole or James have brought a level of veteran competition. They seem to have shown up to repeat their showmance hunger. James is busy sticking to his rule of doing nothing. Nicole is mostly a sentimental, whining bore. What we have, so far, is a summer featuring Paulie and his Napoleon complex on full display amongst a “confederacy of dunces.” It’s bad when Paul, of all people, is my only hope.

  29. Avatar
    Christina (1 comments)

    I am sure that America’s vote for the care package just goes to the person who had the next highest number of votes if the person who really won it is evicted that week. I don’t think the way BB is doing the votes is stupid.

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