Good afternoon, everyone!  It was a crazy night in the BBOTT house last night, and I covered it quite a bit here. Honestly, that one night alone was worth the entire two month subscription to this season. Again, I’m not trying to sell people on the feeds because I’m not a salesman, but they’re worth it.

Today is a bit of a hangover day in the house.  Both sides are still split. The girls are in one of the bedrooms, and the LNJ is back to protecting the couch outside.


Voting has opened for the Care Package, and this one is big. The winner gets to remove 3 eviction votes which basically gives them the power to evict someone. There are only 6 eligible people to receive the CP, and it’s 3 for each side (Shelby, Morgan, Whitney / Justin, Jason, Danielle). In order to prevent splitting votes, I hear a lot of people are voting Shelby if you’re Team Plastic, and I think Jason if you’re Team LNJ (though not 100% certain on the LNJ part and don’t want to give false information).

Don’t forget, transcripts of the show can be found here

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Time for some updates:

  • 11:50am – As mentioned, the two sides are split up talking to their groups
  • 2:50pm – Jason is outside talking to Dani while Alex and Shelby are in the kitchen eating. Defintely a hangover day in the house
  • 4:00pm – Julie pops in for a live Q&A with the house.
    • Danielle – Asks about her and Scott.  Danielle says that she has no plans to speak to him in or out of the house
    • danielle
    • Scott – She asks him if he regrets saying the things he did now that Dani is in power. Scott says no
    • Morgan – Mentions how tense the house was, and how things are now. Morgan says things have calmed down, though not many are speaking
    • Whitney – Julie talks about how close she was to winning, and breaking down after.  Whitney says how she didn’t care about the power, but she wanted the letter and feels like she let herself down. She begins to break down again. Kind of a sad moment
    • Jason – Which America’s Nomination surprised him the most.  Jason says Neeley’s nom probably surprised him the most.
    • Kryssie – What was the best thing Alex did for you when she was a servant
    • Shelby – Halloween, why did she choose the Day of the Dead costume. Shelby says basically because nobody else was doing it, and since they’re paying for it, she’ll take it
    • Alex – What news are you missing most from the outside world. She says she wants to know about Brad and Angelina and pop culture
    • Justin – She shows him the pizza song they created. Everyone cracks up
  • Note – Voting for the care package reset at some point today because Alex was still up there, so they had to reset. I am not sure if previous cast votes were wiped, or just votes for Alex. Double check to make sure
  • 5:30pm – The house is getting along today. It’s so weird.
  • 8:15pm – Slow night, the LNJ is up in the HoH room talking about how Neeley was a ‘back seat driver’ with Kryssie’s HoH (yes, it’s called helping).
    • Kryssie is talking about how the LNJ can no longer trust the Plastics moving forward since they lied to her about Neeley.
    • They’re praising Whitney because she went on the block and couldn’t break her word to them.
    • Kryssie doesn’t want to make it to the end next to someone who sucks.  Dani praising Cody for picking Derrick and losing
    • Danielle clenches her teeth a lot

      Danielle clenches her teeth a lot

    • The funny part is both sides think the same thing, except they word it differently.  Dani and Kryssie each feel that they’re taking the ‘best’ to the end by taking their friends. Dani doesn’t want to take a ‘shitty player’ to the end, but their definition of a good player is basically their friend who was honest to them. Definitely would be bitter jury members if there was a jury. Cornbread, Shane, and Neeley all left without saying goodbye to the whole house. Monte I believe is the only one who said goodbye to everyone.
  • 8:30pm – Now they are deciding who from the plastics are going to keep in touch with each other. They think Shelby isn’t going to talk to any of them, but the LNJ is going to all keep in contact with each other.
    • While Kryssie is right that the LNJ will probably be acquaintances, I do think Morgan/Whitney and Alex/Shelby seem to have pretty geniune friendships going on.  I do agree with Kryssie/Dani that they probably won’t keep up with Scott, though he’ll try
  • 9:05pm – The Plastics are talking about similar to what the LNJ was, which is keeping in touch after the show.  Alex says she’s going to add everyone.
    • They say next summer they’ll probably start a group chat and joke how shortly after it starts, they’ll see ‘Shelby has left the group’
  • 9:27pm – Now the girls are talking about their intros to the show.
    • Morgan is saying how she was shaking pom poms and Shelby jokes how she wouldn’t be friends with Morgan if she saw that intro first