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Thursday Feed Updates – BBOTT



Good afternoon, everyone!  It was a crazy night in the BBOTT house last night, and I covered it quite a bit here. Honestly, that one night alone was worth the entire two month subscription to this season. Again, I’m not trying to sell people on the feeds because I’m not a salesman, but they’re worth it.

Today is a bit of a hangover day in the house.  Both sides are still split. The girls are in one of the bedrooms, and the LNJ is back to protecting the couch outside.

Voting has opened for the Care Package, and this one is big. The winner gets to remove 3 eviction votes which basically gives them the power to evict someone. There are only 6 eligible people to receive the CP, and it’s 3 for each side (Shelby, Morgan, Whitney / Justin, Jason, Danielle). In order to prevent splitting votes, I hear a lot of people are voting Shelby if you’re Team Plastic, and I think Jason if you’re Team LNJ (though not 100% certain on the LNJ part and don’t want to give false information).


Don’t forget, transcripts of the show can be found here

New poll out….

Time for some updates:

  • 11:50am – As mentioned, the two sides are split up talking to their groups
  • 2:50pm – Jason is outside talking to Dani while Alex and Shelby are in the kitchen eating. Defintely a hangover day in the house
  • 4:00pm – Julie pops in for a live Q&A with the house.
    • Danielle – Asks about her and Scott.  Danielle says that she has no plans to speak to him in or out of the house
    • danielle
    • Scott – She asks him if he regrets saying the things he did now that Dani is in power. Scott says no
    • Morgan – Mentions how tense the house was, and how things are now. Morgan says things have calmed down, though not many are speaking
    • Whitney – Julie talks about how close she was to winning, and breaking down after.  Whitney says how she didn’t care about the power, but she wanted the letter and feels like she let herself down. She begins to break down again. Kind of a sad moment
    • Jason – Which America’s Nomination surprised him the most.  Jason says Neeley’s nom probably surprised him the most.
    • Kryssie – What was the best thing Alex did for you when she was a servant
    • Shelby – Halloween, why did she choose the Day of the Dead costume. Shelby says basically because nobody else was doing it, and since they’re paying for it, she’ll take it
    • Alex – What news are you missing most from the outside world. She says she wants to know about Brad and Angelina and pop culture
    • Justin – She shows him the pizza song they created. Everyone cracks up
  • Note – Voting for the care package reset at some point today because Alex was still up there, so they had to reset. I am not sure if previous cast votes were wiped, or just votes for Alex. Double check to make sure
  • 5:30pm – The house is getting along today. It’s so weird.
  • 8:15pm – Slow night, the LNJ is up in the HoH room talking about how Neeley was a ‘back seat driver’ with Kryssie’s HoH (yes, it’s called helping).
    • Kryssie is talking about how the LNJ can no longer trust the Plastics moving forward since they lied to her about Neeley.
    • They’re praising Whitney because she went on the block and couldn’t break her word to them.
    • Kryssie doesn’t want to make it to the end next to someone who sucks.  Dani praising Cody for picking Derrick and losing
    • Danielle clenches her teeth a lot
      Danielle clenches her teeth a lot
    • The funny part is both sides think the same thing, except they word it differently.  Dani and Kryssie each feel that they’re taking the ‘best’ to the end by taking their friends. Dani doesn’t want to take a ‘shitty player’ to the end, but their definition of a good player is basically their friend who was honest to them. Definitely would be bitter jury members if there was a jury. Cornbread, Shane, and Neeley all left without saying goodbye to the whole house. Monte I believe is the only one who said goodbye to everyone.
  • 8:30pm – Now they are deciding who from the plastics are going to keep in touch with each other. They think Shelby isn’t going to talk to any of them, but the LNJ is going to all keep in contact with each other.
    • While Kryssie is right that the LNJ will probably be acquaintances, I do think Morgan/Whitney and Alex/Shelby seem to have pretty geniune friendships going on.  I do agree with Kryssie/Dani that they probably won’t keep up with Scott, though he’ll try
  • 9:05pm – The Plastics are talking about similar to what the LNJ was, which is keeping in touch after the show.  Alex says she’s going to add everyone.
    • They say next summer they’ll probably start a group chat and joke how shortly after it starts, they’ll see ‘Shelby has left the group’
  • 9:27pm – Now the girls are talking about their intros to the show.
    • Morgan is saying how she was shaking pom poms and Shelby jokes how she wouldn’t be friends with Morgan if she saw that intro first

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  1. Avatar

    Just an FYI, Jason and Shelby are neck and neck! If you are pulling for the girls, VOTE SHELBY! A vote for anyone but Shelby is a vote for Jason! I personally would have rather gave this one to Whitney or Morgan, but for the CP to go to our side, we have to vote Shelby! Let’s stick together! Thanks y’all!

  2. Avatar

    I don’t get the feeds but can usually guess when Steve doesn’t label the pics. Is it Morgan or Alex in the pic with Shelby?

  3. Shivani33

    BB Network poll: Shelby 40.94%, Jason 26.44%, Danielle 12.21%, Morgan 10.23%.

  4. caRyn

    I voted Shelby for Care Package. Ball Smashers want America to nom Kryssie.

  5. Avatar

    Ball Smashers didnt even smash a ball last night … like?!

  6. Avatar

    If anyone didn’t get to see the bold and beautiful with Vic, Davonne, and Ya Boy. It’s well worth the time. They are on several times in the episode so stick with it. It’s available on all access, and was the episode from 10-25. The puns from the three of them are cheesy but funny!

  7. Mell

    For each side to save the entire alliance, BS has to have care pkg and veto. LNC only has to have the veto. The care pkg isn’t enough. Without the veto, BS just get to pick for themselves who out of their group goes home.

    • BBBonbon62

      If LNC gets the veto it will get very interesting to see who from the BS is sacrificed. I’m kind of hoping for that to happen….makes great entertainment for the viewers.

      • Mell

        If she’s on the block and an option my guess is Whitney. Alex got the ball rolling regarding Whitney last week and some of that talk has continued a little. They know she’s in good standing with both sides and Alex and Morgan think they can beat Shelby. Scott is a puppet at this point so what Alex wants Alex gets. That’s why I’m guessing it would be Whitney to go.

      • Helen

        Would not hurt my feelings to see either Whitney or Morgan go …….hate to see any right now but if one has got to go I would probably choose whitney

    • Avatar

      The plastics need to have Jason/Kryssie on the block too.

    • caRyn

      Whitney positioned herself just right last week and when she did she put her hg alliance at an even larger risk. Whitney didn’t tell her alliance she was going to do that – ask to be put OTB. She told them after the fact.

  8. Avatar

    I guess Shelby it is, as i do not want to split the votes and vote for Whitney. If the worst happens it will probably be Alex and ??? they will have to choose between, unless Danielle does try to backdoor her and someone from their side is OTB.

  9. caRyn

    They wee talking about Whitney and Morgan going OTB.

  10. Avatar

    Seeing the back yard group coming to the realization that America may not like them as much as their inflated ego’s led them to believe is great. The moping and whining is awesome! Welcome to the game LNJ, the shoe fits both ways !

  11. Avatar

    For some reason there was a vote reset or something! I’m not sure what happened! If you have voted today, GO VOTE SHELBY AGAIN!! Idk what happened or if the first votes will count, but go vote again! Please do this so we can help the girls and get Krissy out! Thanks Guys! If I get more info, I’ll let y’all know! If y’all hear what happened, let me know! Right now all I know is we need to vote again for today!

  12. Avatar

    @Caryn (Ryn) thanks so very much for all of your hard work on doing the daily updates!

  13. BBBonbon62

    Scott reminds me of the kid from the movie The Breakfast Club. The nerdy character played by Anthony Michael Hall poses the question to Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevez characters(the plastics) will you say hi to me in the hall Monday morning and Molly’s character flat out says no because it would look bad in front of her friends. These girls would not give Scott the time of day if they passed him in the HS hallway. Very sad but true. JMO.

  14. caRyn

    I don’t mind that Scott applauded/clapped at all. These hg put labels on each other and the labels carry over to their real life. Like Scott said, he would have only had 10 seconds to leave the BB house had he been evicted. That doesn’t allow him to truly set the record straight. It doesn’t matter if he interviews with Julie to clear it up. I still haven’t seen Shane’s exit interview.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Exactly, Danielle compared the situation with Scott and Neeley last night to her hugging Monte when he got evicted. The BIG difference is, Monte left with class and didn’t slander someone on his way out the door (although I kinda wish he would have now). Neeley better be glad that all she got was that clap, she would’ve gotten a lot worse from me.

      Also, @caryn I too have not seen Shane’s interview nor do I have even a modicum of interest in watching it. I doubt anyone who hates Scott would’ve watched his interview if he had been evicted last night, and thus he would’ve had no chance to rebut Neeley’s lies.

      • Avatar

        I’ll just tell y’all, you aren’t missing much not watching Shane’s interview! He made himself look so dumb! Doesn’t know the game at all!

  15. Avatar

    Shelby 47% Jason 27%, & Danielle 11% as of now on jokers. Lets hope it holds.

  16. Avatar

    Julie’s interview with Danielle showed her lack of class again attacking Scott was a trash move. Scott stayed above it all while being as polite as possible!!

    • Avatar

      Totall agree, raider!! Scott is always polite and well mannered no matter what the situation is. The LNC have made themselves look ridiculous! Looks like they would see how we are voting and take a step back and think. I think Jason has somewhat done that just a little. Seems like if they are talking it’s always about trashing someone. Love how Scott stays calm and collected!

  17. Avatar

    Pizza is passion, Passion is pizza

  18. BBBonbon62

    Can someone explain why they are sleeping during wake hours. I’m sure I missed something or all my clocks in the house are wrong and it’s really the middle of the night. Hee hee

  19. Helen

    Much as I hate to say this I think Scott is damaging Alex and her game more than helping

  20. Avatar

    So who are we nominating for HN this week besides Kryssie now that Danielle is off the table? Justin & Whitney? I know some don’t want those together. After last night i think Justin will remain loyal to Kryssie and Whitney to the girls.

  21. Mell

    My Have Nots: Krissi, Alex, Justin
    I’ll probably change my mind 5 times before voting starts though!

  22. Avatar

    Has Neeley had her exit interview yet? Im hoping Julie throws them bullying Scott back at her when she says Scotts a bully. Scott wanted to antagonize not bully. They don’t seem to know the difference.

  23. Avatar

    I hate to put Whitney in the Have not room with Justin & Krissay, they will try every thing to get her to vote their way. I think Morgan would be a better choice. Once she sees the care package she will know she is safe, even if she goes on the block Alex would do everything she can to protect her. I voted for Shelby to get the care package twice today. If you voted once go vote again just in case.

  24. Mell

    This whole season has me crazy! I want so many contradicting things. Shelby is one of my favorite players but unlike the majority (at least with today’s comments) I don’t want Shelby to get the care package. I know it could change but I think Whitney and Shelby are at the bottom of the list for targets this week. If a BS goes, the odds are decent it won’t be her. The BS is my favorite alliance in the house, Shelby and Justin are my favorite players in the house and I voted for Jason to get the care package. Those seem contradictory. Before my BBJ family starts cussing me, hear me out. I don’t have a problem losing a member of the BS and Scott group this week. It may not be the one I want but that’s the gamble. The reason for that is numbers. I like the ball smashers but I like big brother more. I want to see a game. LNC have gotten on my last nerve but if one side of the house is wiped out in succession, I may as well turn off the feeds and come back when there’s only a week or two left to see which one of the BS we are giving the money to. For me, that isn’t big brother. If LNC is our nom and I’m guessing it will be, they only have 2 votes this week. Next week it could be 1 vote. Why bother to watch? They won the hoh and have to win the veto to stay in tact this week. (Assuming Krissi is the 3rd) I dont like them but if they can take the hoh and veto back to back, they deserve to be there. Although I voted for Jason, I’m not pulling for Jason to win. This is more of a team care package. (like Scotts) It takes him out of the running for the others if he’s still there near the end. That also levels the playing field for the best care pkgs later since he has fans already. I don’t necessarily want anyone from LNC to get to the end, except maybe Justin but I want a game to watch with 2 sides even if I can’t stand them. I think Shelby has this thing in the bag anyway. I’ll share my thoughts whether I’m going with the flow or not because I think you guys are great and I love to chat with all of you! Ok, let the thumbs down begin! Lol

    • LindsayB

      No thumbs down from me. I guess where I disagree is with the idea that all the LNC will be out at once and there won’t be sides after. This past week we saw fractures on both sides. Once Krusti and Douchielle are out I can see things really switching up. J&J will pull Whitney and Morgan, which will leave ASS left. Once we are there we could see the sisters either be each other’s ride or die OR be cutthroat and ruthless. Either way, alliances will shift and game will be played.

      • Avatar

        This is exactly what I want too, Lindsay!!!

      • Mell

        Lindsay, I think that would be great and I certainly wouldn’t need LNC to keep a game going. I just haven’t thought it would happen if one side is such easy pickings. If Douchielle hadn’t won hoh I probably wouldn’t have thought that it was heading that direction. We can’t evict her this week and J&J are 2 votes if Krissi’s otb. If she come down, BS can still cancel all 3 of their votes. Let’s say Krissi does leave this week and even if we gave LNC the next care pkg, (co-hoh) they have 1 or 2 votes depending on the 3rd nom. (possibly none if all three of them are otb) BS would control the vote again. This is assuming no one did anything crazy and switches sides yet.

      • LindsayB

        Unfortunately there’s really no way to predict the future or what the HG will decide to do. America having so much power has made this very stressful. We go round and round on stuff trying to decide what the best thing to do is. Could you imagine how crazy we would make ourselves if we were in the house?

      • Mell

        Lindsay, I said earlier that if I was in that I would end up making Scott look like the most socially well adjusted person on the planet. I’d probably lose my mind.

      • Avatar

        Danielle may be unfavorable by many here but the girl is trying to play just to stay in the game. Based off the merits alone, I think she deserves to stay a little longer. There are definitely other players that haven’t won a thing and lack social skills for this game. Yes we may need a floater but taking players that are actually getting and have social skills will quickly bore the game. Just my thoughts!

    • Avatar

      Well Mell, where to begin.. haha! I do agree that an even back and forth game is much more entertaining to watch. That’s why season 6 is one of my favorites! I didn’t like Yvette, or her side but it was fun watching them fight Janelle’s side. And since you so politely asked here is your thumbs down LOL

      • Mell

        Raider34, I can always count on you! You’re the best! Lol. I’m thinking my vote isn’t going to matter. It looks like Shelby may run away with it. I won’t hate that either. It just isn’t my preference. I’ve accepted that I will be happy and miserable simultaneously this season. I like the BS but hate the sister twist. I like Shelby, Justin, Scott and don’t completely hating Jason as much as I should. These things don’t make for harmony in my mind. When Danielle and Krispiss are gone, I’ll have to pick a lane. There the only ones that make me ill. Jason does sometimes.

    • Shivani33

      Mel, I know what you mean and share a lot of the same thoughts with you. It’s a much more complicated game this time. Mixed preferences, viewers votes, liking players on both sides of the street. There are so many angles to keep in mind, and those angles change very fast. It’s quite a combination, getting the mind to try seeing it with an end goal before the next factor arises to switch those factors every which way. Add to that the responses of feeling this-and-that for and/or against the different players. I do love the whole experiment. At the same time, I experience so much more not-knowing as a kind of perpetual state. Hey! This is like real life. All access reality is really unreal. Or is it unreal how real it is?

      • Mell

        Exactly! I couldn’t be in that house if I get a headache just watching from mine. I would be a Scott doing weird warm up exercises, talking to myself and losing my mind. Lol

      • LindsayB

        Shiv you just made me dizzy!! Lol

  25. Avatar

    It will be a nightmare if America’s nom wins the veto.

  26. Avatar

    I was really pleased there’d be Big Brother to distract me from the election. Now I can’t stand to listen to these people either.

  27. Shivani33

    Listening to the LNC talking some strategy, there are only two who work to make some practical ideas and suggestions workable, Danielle and Jason. They don’t have an easy time with Krustie sitting around like a big, moody weight who doesn’t understand much of anything about the game. I understand that they make up a team with her but as numbers dwindle, what good is it doing to keep carrying her? Most of what she’s been “doing” is moaning and being an alienating force. Jason has seen it already that he needs to get out from under that vibe and play more with the rest of the house. Justin has charisma going for him but not strategic thinking. Danielle has strategy but is too unfriendly to mix it up, unless she decides to try and fix that. If they don’t win veto, this HoH will be a total bust. But it might just be a blessing in disguise to let crusty Krustie go. Then maybe some LNC could have a chance to realign.

    • LindsayB

      It’s really a shame that Danielle has to be the way she is. When she’s talking game or having a conversation that isn’t about somebody or something she doesn’t like she’s not horrible to watch. Same with Jason. They are each their own worst enemy.

      • Mell

        I agree. When they are having “normal” moments, they arn’t only intelligent, they are smart game players. It’s a shame and they bring out the worst in the other. It could have been interesting to see them aligned with different personalities early on.

    • BBBonbon62

      Shivani33 I feel your analysis is very on point. I think the best thing for that side of the house is for Krustie Krab to go home next Wednesday. I think she would be happier promoting her big debut album outside the house. More like we all would be happier!!!!

  28. Avatar

    For those of you that liked Scotts motivational preveto talk CBS has added music and words. I was looking on their app for Neeleys exit interview (which isn’t posted yet) and saw the clip. Its worth a look.

  29. GL

    To me Scott’s talking to the camera is close to Mr. Friendship. They both are using the camera to talk things out. I was not much of a Scott fan but with how he was treated early in the game I really started to cheer him on. His hole Alex fantasy is a little much however we have seen worse.

    • LindsayB

      The Alex fan club thing is getting obnoxious. I still am able to mostly find it endearing. I really don’t think his infatuation is coming from a sexual or perverted place. I think this is the first time he’s been befriended by someone like Alex. To feel accepted by someone who he probably sees as a “cool kid” is probably so special to him and he wants to show that by being the most loyal friend she will ever have. It’s sweet and sad all at the same time.

      • Avatar

        Exactly how I see Scott. He may be a little socially awkward but he is acting thus way towards Alex because he feels responsible for her Hoh not being fulfilled. He has wanted to be on the show for most of h in s life. I’ve never seen anyone who knows everything about every season except for maybe Jason. He has made big changes on how he had been playing as he at least recognizes the mistakes he’s made. I give him a lot of credit for really taking the abuse from the LNJ side. I am happy to see him really appear to grow socially. No matter what though he has been polite and generally a nice person even though others have been unnecessarily cruel. I mean all of the LNJ people except for Justin have expressed wanting to sock him up! That’s when it all went to far for me! He’s just been playing the game while you be all up under the covers having sex Danielle, and while you be giving up on your veto comp Kristie which sent your so-called bff home. And they have no clue why America seems to be bias? You are not all that and a bag of chips……..you are actually pretty rude, crude and mean-spirited people who want to now incite violence towards this kid! Grow up and at least try to set a good example . Their family and friends must be so proud! I do not know Scott but I am very proud of him for hanging in there and would love to see him in the final three.

    • caRyn

      It is as if Scott views Alex in the majors and he is in the minors. It is a BB idolize type thing.

  30. caRyn

    Ball Smashers should keep a constant eye on Whitney. Ball Smashers discuss, discuss, discuss before they do anything. Whitney didn’t discuss her convo with Kryssie to be put OTB. Whitney asking to be put OTB was wise but she excused herself from having to play the game. She knew she wasn’t going to be evicted. She knows she is well liked. I know the phrase – play your own game, but none of the Ball Smashers have and that is why they have stay so united. Whitney may regret that move because if I were a Ball Smasher she would be at the bottom.

  31. caRyn

    Imagine this game with Kryssie out of the BB house. Unfortunately she has been LNJ’s pack leader and LNJ has been playing the BB game to Kryssie’s standards. I don’t know why. She doesn’t know BB that well. Justin wants to venture out. Jason is so far up Kryssie’s behind playing her BB game. Kryssie tells Jason the plan and Jason tells Justin. Justin resist but goes with his alliance. If Kryssie were out of the house would Jason and Justin start playing or would they start listening to what Danielle tells them to do?

  32. caRyn

    Danielle lectures Scott on his behavior. I am surprised he stands around and listens to what she has to say. It would be a thanks, but no thanks situation for me. Once I have lost respect for someone what they have to say falls on deaf ears.

  33. Avatar

    Does anyone know how to vote on CBS from their phone? I mostly watch feeds from my phone but I don’t see the vote button. Thanks

  34. GL

    I really laugh at how Dani is saying how honest she is and no one knows how to play except her and Krusti

  35. caRyn

    How many hg have your heard say Kryssie is their best friend in the house? Nelley did. Kryssie referred to herself as Danielle’s best friend last night. I am pretty sure Kryssie said it about Jason.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I guess it must be like living in a completely different world being inside the house, because I cannot fathom how anyone could ever want to be around that monster. I’d be repulsed if my name ever came out of Krustie’s mouth in any context, especially her referring to me as her “friend”. Everything about that Kreature is vomit-inducing.

      • caRyn

        I believe it is her strategy to keep her alliance tight with her. They will want to go to the end with their best friend Kryssie. Kryssie even said in her Live DR she has nothing in common with Danielle. When asked outside the BB house who will you be friends with Danielle was on the border.

  36. Avatar

    What are the votes looking like for the cp for those of you who go on other pages

  37. Shivani33

    Warning! No longer leaving any gender doubt, tonight Krustie announced that she is pre-menstrual. Please. Ring the cowbells a few times to thank her for oversharing. Have mercy on everyone and send her off to a spa in the Poconos. Asap.

    • Helen

      LMAO……Guess what? I gotta fever and the only prescription is……more cowbells!!!!!!

    • Renee

      Not so sure about that @Shivani33 I heard Krysisie last night when they were talking about Monte and she said he could SMD (meaning suck my dick). Then, as much as I’ve liked Justin, he lowered himself during this conversation and said “yeah, I’m gonna stick my dick up his ass”. I was in shock that he said that. I realize he was just trying to be shocking to them, but I was disappointed. I’ve typically seen him just kind of sit back and observe as they go into this mode.

  38. Helen

    This should make for some very interesting noms by Danielle if the care package does go to Shelby!

    • Avatar

      If she’s smart she won’t put up Whitney. If the plastics have to vote out one of their own I think Whitney or Scott would be the first to be clipped.

      • Helen

        She won’t put up Whitney. She wants Whitney on LNC side. Whitney told Justin last night she would like to go to F3 with him and Krustie. So BS would be very smart to cut her………

      • LindsayB

        Damn it Whitney!! I know she’s got to come up with a plan B to be protected in both sides but ew!!! That’s why I couldn’t get on board with giving her the CP. She’s worrying me. I really hope her true loyalty is to BS, and that Justin and swamp ass Krusti are just an insurance policy. Either way, she would definitely be my first choice if I had to cut a BS.

      • Avatar

        Whitney not only said she would like a finale three with Justin & Krissay, she told Justin see trusts Alex the most. By saying that she put a BIG target on Alex. If they get rid of Alex then they can get Whitney on their side. Whitney is not stupid, she knows exactly what she is doing. Whitney is on my hit list now. I don;t like traders.

      • LindsayB

        Yeah. Booooo Whitney!! I realize this is her playing the game and I can appreciate that. I’m totally against it since it goes against the people I’m rooting for. I was already going to vote for her to be a HN, but now I’m gonna click on that button extra hard. Lol

  39. Helen

    Yesterday Danielle said she was feeling pressured to go in a certain direction….not by any houseguests…..
    She also said “they” have an agenda
    Wonder what direction she is feeling pressured into going?

    • LindsayB

      Is she trying to play up the production fiasco from the other night?

      • Helen

        I’m not sure? I don’t think that is what she is alluding to? I know during regular BB housepets have said production tries to steer them in particular directions. Just am curious what direction they are trying to steer her?

      • LindsayB

        Gotcha. I wish we could see all DR sessions. Not just the live ones.

    • Mell

      I am guessing to go after Scott. Production would probably like to keep a strong female alliance and Danielle has said she wasn’t going after Scott. That’s my best guess. I don’t like Danielle but there are very few hg’s who haven’t and don’t fall for the persuasion. I don’t think they will be able to tell her what they would like to see and her care. Not only is she bossy, she knows the game.

  40. LindsayB

    Neely’s exit interview with Julie is up.

      • LindsayB

        On the CBS website. Instead of live feeds, go to full episodes then scroll down to evictions interviews. It’s episode 4.

      • LindsayB

        She’s delusional. Thinks America is voting against her side because they want to even things up and create drama. Has no clue who the siblings are.

      • LindsayB

        I wish Julie would’ve told her that America saw that Scott wasn’t clapping about Krusti’s life threatening injuries. I know she can look back and see it on her own when she gets home but I would’ve loved to see her face when she realized she was wrong.
        When Julie told her that Morgan and Alex were sisters she alluded to the fact that she can’t like Morgan now because of that. Smh. Julie told her that regardless of what happens in the house most people end up being friends outside of it. That bitch said that won’t happen with her cuz she can hold a grudge. So classy.

    • Avatar

      I think it’s sad she does not seem to want to be friends with the plastics or Scott. It is just a game. LNC plays too personal.

      • LindsayB

        Yeah. I realize that we are able to see things that they don’t so I can understand how they have turned their assumptions about the other side into reality. When you have a group of people all agreeing with each other’s opinions it can easily turn into fact for them. If that was all the LNC was doing I wouldn’t despise them so much. The problem is that all of them (some more than others tho) have used their assumptions as the motivation to top each other in the hate parade. If they were so insulted by what they think the BS represent, the right thing to do would be to rise above and try to play better. Instead, they have made complete hypocrites of themselves and have come up with the most vile things to say and do against the BS that I would never be able to like or root for any of them, including Justin. He isn’t the worst, although he has participated in the nastiness… but there is the saying of guilty by association and you are the company you keep.
        This started as a Neely rant and ended up as a LNC rant instead.

    • Avatar

      She said Scott is trying to be a baby evil Dick even though he couldn’t lick the sweat off his ankles. She thinks Whitney or Jason will win. Whitney is so sweet everyone loves her & Jason is everything. She kept line of communication open on the other side of the house with Morgan. She wanted to play a cool friendly fun game.

      • LindsayB

        She wanted to play a cool friendly game. Instead she was a vile, nasty witch. People can say she was only like that because of the company she kept, but we all have free will. She chose to say the things she said and she chose to laugh, watch, and encourage the farting and armpit crap. Good riddance!

      • Avatar

        The BITCH is delusional. After she takes her ass home & watches the show from the beginning she will still have her same dumbass opinion thinking she did nothing wrong & Jason or Whitney will win the game. That dry ass wig must be too tight on her head.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        “She wanted to play a cool friendly fun game.” So…then why didn’t she?

      • Avatar

        I’m right there with yall but she is old news now. HN discussion and americas nom are next. Who is going to be on our hit list for americas nom? Alex mentioned wanting Kryssie out next. A lot of people on here were saying Kryssie as well, but i would like to take a shot at Jason. I’m worried that the LNJ fan base will try and give him a CP that gets him into final 4 and into final 3. I know he talks better game than Kryssie but his mouth is more vile. She cant get another CP. It comes down to strategy as well, he wants to work with Alex and may potentially protect her if he gets HOH. I think Alex said his target was Whitney. I have not heard him say that but i cant watch the feeds all day. I don’t think Kryssie has a shot at winning over Jason.

  41. caRyn

    Care Package:
    46% Shelby
    30% Jason
    10% Danielle

  42. Shivani33

    The witch hat that Neeley used to wear was found behind the eviction couch. Justin didn’t need to vote her out – he used the special delivery method.

  43. Avatar

    I was excited to have another Big Brother this season but I really tired and bored by these people. Why do these girls think they are so much better than the other side?Scott is mentally unstable and being lead on by mean girls. I have watched the feeds and I just don’t see why everyone is on the girls side. Tired and bored by the constant whining and mean talk from both sides. How is it okay with someone trying to mentally abuse another roommate? I know this is a game but I don’t think I want to watch this anymore.

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