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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread


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Aaryn’s time in the Big Brother house is coming to an end – but not quite tonight.  I know this upsets many of you who are not fans of Aaryn (and believe me, there are many), but don’t worry, she is still a loner in the house and only being used as a number right now.  That probably doesn’t make you feel better, but it will make you feel better if your favorite person is smart enough to use her to their advantage.  Will they?  Only time will tell….

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This week, Elissa has managed to take a lot of the focus off of Aaryn, Kaitlin or anyone else and put it directly on herself.  I have covered her meltdown a few times, but if you’re reading this for the first time, here is a link to the detailed version. Needless to say, Elissa had a tough time dealing with the MVP twist, and the thought of going from America’s favorite to America’s most hated in one week wore on her.  While we all know that’s not the case, those in the fishbowl known as the Big Brother house are not aware of this.  Elissa was only nominated for the MVP vote because Aaryn and Kaitlin were already nominated, and many Elissa fans voted for her thinking they were voting her as MVP, and not MVP nom.  I’m going to guess they’re all just related to BB Canada’s Topez

Since the blowup, it’s been a relatively calm week with Amanda and Candice making amends, the house practicing for the HoH competition, and sitting around telling jokes.  As far as the current drama temperature in the house, right now it’s about medium, but this season that never lasts long.

On to the predictions…

Amanda – Kaitlin
Andy – Kaitlin
Candice – Kaitlin
Elissa – Kaitlin
Helen – Kaitlin
Howard – Kaitlin
Jessie – Kaitlin
McCrae – Kaitlin
Spencer – Kaitlin

In the first unanimous decision of the season, Kaitlin should be voted out 9-0-0.   It was gearing up to be a close vote, and almost went in favor of Kaitlin at times, but throughout the day the house pretty much convinced Howard and Spencer to vote with the house. Howard may try to pull a fast one and vote for Aaryn just to stir the pot, but that would be a pretty stupid decision as it would be completely obvious, unlike when he did it during Nick’s vote.

The reason is pretty clear, all three of the girls will be going home soon, but they are evicting the stronger one first.  Kaitlin has a bit more fight, a better personality, and has done well in challenges.  She is the most likely out of the three ‘mean girls’ to survive and go pretty deep into the game. I guess that’s a compliment to her?

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  1. Comments (13)

    wow is all i can say!!!! i didnt think they would get out aaryn or gm first but oh well

  2. Comments (78)

    Aaryn, I hope you win HOH… Lets gets these lazy people out. All they do is sit around and gossip. Helen is way over her head in thinking she is charge of everyone. And poor little Elissa, if she’s not in the spot light she’s moping around and makes her look ugly. She’s had no heart and thinks she can get by with her looks but her personality makes her look ugly on the outside to. Aaryn I know your a winner. Your the best player. :). Aaryn for president!!!!!

  3. Comments (231)

    I’m just along for the ride at this point. The next HOH needs to shake-up the house. I’m boooooored. Elissa tried but she is now considered certifiable. McC is lazy and Amanda is obnoxious not to mention the fact that she trashes all of her alliance. Oh well!! (Sigh)

    • Comments (231)

      Oh, the bashing on the chats of the decent HGs is terrible. They are Helen, Andy, Candice, Howard, Elissa and Jess. Short memories abound with Aaryan, Gm, Kaitlin and Spenser.

  4. Comments (12)

    Aaryn is a b!tch!!! I wish she was the one going home!!!

    • Comments (16)

      Me too … but her day is coming. She’s in for quite a surprise and rude awakening once she steps out of the BB House and back into reality!!

  5. Comments (1439)

    Let’s remember who started the “Kaitlin has to go” ball rolling – it was Amanda because she(of course) thinks she can control Aaryn. Although I don’t like Aaryn, it would be sweet justice if she won HOH, teamed up with GM (who doesn’t like Amanda) and the rest and put McCranda on the block. Amanda getting the boot from her own delusions of grandeur would be AWESOME!!!

    • Comments (6)

      I’m afraid she wouldn’t have the chance, if any one of her little pawns win Amanda will take it upon herself to take over the HOH like she has with Judd and McC

  6. Comments (316)

    Amanda reminds me of this actress Debra Winger. I don’t know if anyone will remember her.

  7. Comments (20)

    I so badly want Aaryn out due to the obvious reasons!! But, Kaitlin getting out is a big step for the house guests. As long as Aaryn gets out before jury, I think I’ll live.

    • Comments (78)

      Please be nice to Aaryn. She’s just playing the game. Everyone when they get mad say things that the regret later. Everyone. Why is she different? Lets all give her a chance. Everyone deserves it.

  8. Comments (16)

    AMANDA needs to be voted out ASAP … she is controlling everyone and every HOH!!! The next three out should be Amanda then Aaryn, then GM. C’mon HG’s play the game!!! Helen is a close 4th to be voted out IMHO.

  9. Comments (96)

    Why is everyone voting Kaitlin out? I thought Howard, Spencer, Candice, and Elissa were going to vote Aaryn out? Did something happen? And I hope Jessie wins HOH! She could turn the house upside down since everyone seems to forget about her.

  10. Comments (78)

    Can everyone just understand. I know each of you all have said something they have regret. If you say NO. Your lying. Just give her a chance. They all voted her only friend out of the house behind her back. And she lost trust in everyone. She was upset. Come on BB fans. Don’t you get it? She is really a nice and sincere person. Just give her a chance. :).

  11. Comments (78)

    Aarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaarynaaryn. 🙂

  12. Comments (12)

    Debdeb the comments that Aaryn has made goes beyond opps I made a silly mistake or it was in poor taste. Someone who has made a faux pas reacts very differently than your Aaryn did and does. They are shocked and regretful. They try to make amends.
    They don’t say I’m sorry you misunderstood me. That puts the blame back on the person who was the original target.
    Aaryn has been confronted several times. Right away it is everyone elses fault. Her comments about being back in high school on the loser side shows that she has had this type of superior attitude since at least then.
    Given the spelling of her name and how close it is to Aryan well… people are going to make some interesting conclusion.
    My fear is that we will see her PR team get her to spin it. She’ll do the shocked omg I never knew crap, go into some “sensitivity” training and turn this into a career where she pretends to be a spokesperson for tolerance. Until she pulls a Mel Gibson/Paula Deen blow up. Of course I’m going to guess your next post will be trying to explain her actions away and defend them as well….. I could be wrong though.

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